A/N – The original introduction of Aubé as Luke's wife to Leia and Han has been lost, and I realized that in all the years I have never gone back and addressed it – I'm sure it wasn't easy, and perhaps this is why the story has evaded me all this time… Of course, feedback is always welcome.

It had been the source of their first marital disagreement, but in hindsight, Luke was grateful for the extra time. Time to secure living quarters on Coruscant for not only himself, Aubé and Pem (as well as the new baby) without worrying about the security of even an upscale hotel. Time to make sure the new Healer's center would be prepared for the onslaught of new management and equipment that her family would be bringing – and most importantly, time to actually tell those closest to him about the new family.

"Go on, Luke," Aubé had admonished him gently. "It'll only be for a few weeks and besides, you owe it to your sister to tell her in person, not just over the holo-net! The baby and I will be fine here, and that way you can get everything prepared…"

He had given in, in the end, knowing she was right, but even as he had approached Han and Leia's apartment, he wondered (and not for the first time) that perhaps he should have stayed on Corellia after all…

"You What?" were the first words out of Leia's mouth when Luke casually made mention of the fact that he had been Bonded on Corellia, and that his new bride would be joining him there in three weeks time. Han, not having a gundark in this fight only looked at Luke, incredulous, while Chewbacca only raised his eyebrows questionaingly.

Luke set his jaw firmly, his usually calm demeanor already beginning to give way under his sisters unabashed disgust gaze.

"My wife, Aubé and my daughter Pembarian – "

"Daughter?" Leia echoed, shock now giving way to anger. "Luke, you were only there for six months –"

"She's nearly 8 now, Leia…" Luke said evenly, pulling a small holo out of his pocket. "Aubé was pregnant when… well, when we parted ways…"

Finding his voice, Han took the holo and held it up for a close look. "Well Kid, she's as cute as a button, and she's definitely got your eyes! Whadda ya think, Princess? Do you think our kids are going to look more like me or – "

"Don't change the subject, Fly-boy!" Leia snapped. "Luke, blue eyes aren't exclusive to boys from Tatooine –"

Luke rose from his chair. "She's my daughter, Leia," he said coldly. "I thought you'd understand…"

"Well, I don't know about you two," Han said with forced joviality "but I think Chewie and I could use a drink..."Chewbacca whuffed in agreement.

"Sit down, Han," Leia snapped. "We have to talk this out!"

"There's nothing to talk about, Leia."

"Of course there is! We need to get a blood scan, and have this farce of a marriage dissolved before the holo-net gets wind of it all…"

"I have to go," Luke said abruptly, heading for the door. "I'm have a meeting with a property manager this afternoon, and then I have to go to the Healer's center to brief them on the new arrivals." And without another word, he left, leaving his three best friends in an angry silence.

To be continued