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The first thing that Jacob noticed about the Commander was her shocking green eyes. Now he wasn't the kind of guy to gush about appearances and honestly they didn't matter that much to him but Shepard's eyes . . . wow. They were like spring leaves, flecked with gold and darker tints of green they crinkled mischievously at the corners, sharp and witty. The second thing that came to Jacob's mind when he thought about the Commander was how far out of his league she was. He never really bought into that kind of thing, leagues and all, but it was plainly obvious she was the embodiment of everything he wasn't capable of possessing. Okay, possessing wasn't a good word. It was more like he felt if she were to date him or whatever it would be a great disservice to her. It would be like caging a wild, powerful jaguar, watching it pace endless behind iron bars.

Maybe that was little extreme.

And it wasn't even like he had a crush on her or anything. Dear god he sounded like a fourteen year old boy! To put it bluntly he was so blown away by how amazing she is he couldn't help but want her.

Jacobs' hand jerked suddenly, knocking over his coffee; the brown steaming liquid pouring over the counter. Cursing at his own foolishness Jacob scrambled to wipe up the liquid with his forearm, successfully staining his clothing in the process.

After Jacob had mostly managed to wipe up the brown, sticky mess his brain wandered back to his previous train of thought; Shepard. Jacob was having an extremely hard time deciding how to put his feelings towards the Commander in words. Dammit! Feelings?! Now it sounded like he was proclaiming some mushy, heated love towards Shepard, which he wasn't.

No, Shepard was an incredible woman. Probably the most incredible woman he'd ever meet but what he felt toward her wasn't love. Jacob sighed, leaning against the work bench, crossing his arms over his chest.

Jacob wasn't sure why this mattered so much to him but it kind of felt like some oath that he had to cement, firmly telling himself that he should stop being as fickle as a pubescent girl. Jacob scoffed lightly to himself, eyes drifting toward the door leading out to the main deck. Shepard was probably out there, either that or in the mess.

Damn that woman could eat a lot.

Jacob's eyes drifted back to the work bench, brown eyes spotting a flash of pink. He smiled as he reached to pick up the card; it was Shepard Valentines Day card.

It had been Valentines day a few days ago and Shepard had made a big deal about it. Jacob thought it was kind of silly but Shepard had handed out every crew mate a small Valentines day card. They weren't hand made or anything extravagant, but each one had a different supremely cheesy pick up line on the front.

Jacob looked down at his, the gaudy pick letters read Do your legs hurt from running through my dreams all night? When he had first received it he almost swallowed his tongue, he had thought the Commander was coming on to him. But then she just smiled at him, winking devilishly, "I wonder what Jack's gonna think of hers. I'm expecting quite the reaction." Then with that she walked out, humming cheerfully.

Jacob had stared after her for a long time, even after she was long gone; unable to speak. Finally he just let out a roaring laugh, doubling over and cackling crazily with himself.

It was completely mad, Commander Shepard had the ability to completely blindside anyone over and over again. She was brash and unexpected, funny and tender. Jacob opened the card, fingering the raised paper where Shepard had signed her name in rich blue ink.

Rhia Shepard

Such a pretty name.


Jacob's head snapped up, surprised, hand clenching onto his Valentine tighter.

Shepard stood in the door way, hands on her hips, grinning widely. "Gabby, Ken, Tali and I are playing some Skyllian Five. Wanna join?"

Jacob blinked at her for a second, mind blanking, then a small smile tugged across his lips.

"I hope you're prepared to lose." He taunted, walking over to her.

Shepard laughed, tossing her head back. "Ha ha, you obviously don't know me very well Jacob. I'm a very sore loser."

Jacob laughed back, the two of them heading out of the armoury and toward the elevator. "Yeah, I can definitely see that."

As the two stood companionably in the elevator, a peaceful buzz ringing in his ears it hit him. He didn't want Shepard in the way a man wants a woman, he wanted her in the way a boy wants a hero. Bright and miraculous, like a dazzling star.

Jacob felt his skin heat up, sneaking a glance at Shepard he watched as her pink lips pulled back, revealing shiny teeth, her green eyes catching his. If it made him sound juvenile so be it, Shepard may be around his age but she was his hero.

In more ways than one.

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