/Guys this is my very first story, I hope to make many more, I hope you guys like it. Its Spiderman and Storm from the X-men

Eye of the Storm~

The Web-slinger smirked as he swung from building to building, taking in the morning scent of New York. Many people walking the street, taxi and other cars littering the street, the sound of the subway easily being heard. His ears picked up on an alarm, judging on how loud the alarm was, he easily knew what it was, a bank. He sprung or well swung into action, quickly getting to the location in no time. The police had showed up and were searching the area, the wall crawler looked around, trying to find the culprit.

"…Hmm….Where did that crook go…?"

He muttered to himself, then his eyes widened. 'Spidey-sense tingling.' Spiderman quickly jumped down, nearly avoiding the attack of The Vulture.

"Stop moving Spiderman, and I shall end you quick!" The winged man squaked.

"Yeah, I'd rather not being bird food!" Spidey yelled, as he quickly shot balls of web at the Vulture, the old man quickly flew up, then divebombed down toward the wall crawler, grabbing his shoulders with his talons, then smashed him through windows.

"Nn..Gotta get away.."

He thought himself, quickly shooting a line of web, to a building, gripping the ankle of the Vulture and pulled him with himself, smashing him into the window, cracking it. They fell onto the ground, grunting. The Vulture, unfortunately have a faster recovery speed, getting up and walked to the fallen Spider, planting his foot on Peter's chest.

"This is the end for you,Spiderman!"

Little did they know, the sky had darkened, as the Vulture, pulled up his arms to end his life, a bolt of lightning struck the man, he screamed out in pain then collapsed on the floor, twitching.

"W-What the…?"

The wall crawler, tried to move but slowly passed out, the last thing he saw was a flash of white. Nearly a few hours later, Peter slowly came to, he felt something on his chest. He reached and gripped it, blinking as he felt it was a hand. His eyes fluttered open, then quickly widened as he saw the white-haired goddess of Nature.

"I'm glad to see you are alright, Spiderman."

She said with the most beautiful smile, that he couldn't help himself from blushing, he felt his face, happy that his mask was still on.
"W-What happened….? Last thing I remember was Vulture being turned into fried chicken by lightning…"

Storm nodded, looking down at the Spider and explained.

"I struck him with lightning, he was about to kill you, Spiderman. You must be more careful, I wont always be close to save you."

"Heh, when does a beautiful goddess usually come and help a person?"

Her snow-white as widened as her dark cheeks seem to turn a hint of red, but the web crawler didn't even notice.

"W-Well, There are many legends were they do….Guess I'm your Athena….And you're my Percy."

"…Yeah I don't really remember that story.."

He said,laughing slightly as he sat up, then flinched. The goddess quickly pushed him back down.

"You are injured..You must rest…"

"N-No…I gotta go and help out….Someone might of attack the city by now…"

"That doesn't matter, Let Stark or The Fantastic Four handle that.."

He looked up at her, his soft brown eyes looking into her's, he took a deep breath.

"…I gotta help…"

"Why? Your injured, I'm sure the city can handle itself for one day. Why do you push yourself so hard?! Your gonna get yourself killed!"

Storm yelled, obviously getting angry and was worried about the man, he only sighed and looked away.

"…Because…I don't want others to go through the same thing I went through when I lost my Uncle…"

The man said, guilt flooding his mind, Storm could easily see this, instantly regretting saying anything.


"No its fine…"

He said slowly putting on that fake smile of his, the Goddess saw straight through this, softly gripping the man's suit and pulled him close, pressing her lips against his. The wall crawler was caught off guard, his guilt filled eyes widening with surprise. But after a few moments, he slowly closed his eyes, returning the woman's passion.

The kiss continued for several minutes, turning from a normal kiss into a French one, tilting his head, Peter softly rubbed his tongue against the goddess', then sucked on it slightly. Storm gripped Spiderman's mask, pulling it off and ran her dark hand through his soft brown hair. She slowly pulled away, looking at the man's face, softly cupping Peter's cheek in her palm, smiling.

Peter smiled as he looked back at her, then asked the question on his mind. "…Do this mean you like me?" He asked, blushing a soft red as he looked into her eyes.

Her white orbs widened as she softly bit her lip. "…..Y-Yes Peter…I do like you…."

"…Storm….Your a Queen…I'm not fit for have your love…."

He muttered, but his bickering was silenced by the woman's finger, as she smiled.

"None of that, Peter….My love is for you to enjoy….As long as that Love is returned back…"

Peter looked at the Goddess, taking a deep breath then slowly took off his costume, feeling slightly awkward as he only in his boxers now, then turned back just to see Storm's outfit fall to the ground, revealing her perfect form….