Chapter Two

Jack sighed, shifting his grip on the small girl, she was now cradled in his arms. She had fallen asleep, do to sheer exhaustion, both physically and mentally. He paused in his trudging through the snow, looking down at her small face, so sweet and innocent. The tear tracks that stained her skin did not belong there.

He frowned, grumbling in his mind about irresponsible adults, how could they lose their child? Let alone not look for her? He was no fool, they should have been yelling, screaming out her name and running through the forest. There hadn't been a peep all day, save for the small girl in his arms.

He was starting to think the small bundle in his arms was purposely lost. It was a dark thought, but he had seen many horrid things through his years, while he looked no older than fifteen he was much, much older.

He didn't age, not a single day since he had woken up in this very forest, so very long ago.

He had been alone, always alone. No one could see him, no one.

Until now that is.

"Mama..." He sighed as she whimpered in her sleep and held her closer, it was hard giving the fact he also had his staff but he would make due.

Determination filled his blue eyes as he began to trudge his way through the snow, glad that while he held the small girl in her arms she was not visible to anyone else...a sleeping child floating in the air would cause quite a stir.

A grin cracked on his face, now that would be a site to see!

He pushed the mischievous thoughts aside, for now was not the time, and spied a car parked over by the nearby road. He blinked as he slowly made his way towards it, yet paused. He didn't know these people and it wouldn't be very safe to approach them, unseen or not, with a sleeping child in his arms.

He glanced around looking for a place to hide her, once she left his arms she would be visible...out in the open and exposed. He frowned as he rocked from foot to foot. Yet grinned as he spotted a small clearing of snow hidden behind a bush, no doubt the sleeping spot of a deer from the night before.

He gently kneeled in the snow, not at all feeling its cold chill as he precautionary placed his precious cargo on the ground. She stirred slightly, small shivering hands clutching at his brown tunic. He gently pried her hands free of it and took it off to drape around her small form.

His eyes softened as he curled into it and let out a shuddering deep breath, slipping once again into a peaceful sleep. With a sigh he stood up and clutched his hand around his staff, it was time to be nosey.

Maybe those two adults were her parents or at least knew she was missing. He ignored the dread that filled him and made his ways towards the two who were sitting on the hood of their car, wrapped in warm thick jackets, their gazes on the very woods he came from.

"...She shouldn't be found by someone...right?" The woman asked the man next to her, eyes flickering to the forest.

The man shook his head, "No...she will most likely get too far in and end up freezing to death."

Jack stood straight, he had a feeling he knew who the two adults were talking about. These...horrible people were her parents.

Why? Why would parents do that to a child. To try to kill them.

Jack's eyes narrowed as he felt his temper rising as he looked at the two adults. He hated adults like these...they were horrible and shouldn't have the right to be parents.

It disgusted him.

The couple shivered as the wind filled with snow blew harder. "We should get going...we don't want to be found here...that and our flight is early in the morning and we should pack and leave as soon as possible." The man told the woman, as the woman nodded.

Jack sat and watched the exchange, the wind picking up and the snow blowing harder. He watched as the couple drove away, his temper still trying to break loose.

Taking a deep breath in, he turned heel and made his way back to the little girl he had decided he was going to keep.

If her parents didn't want her, he would keep her. She could see him...she was the only one that he knew that could see him. Jack would keep her safe.

He would make sure nothing happened to the girl, she would be his now. She would no longer belong to those humans.

Jack Frost had made his choice, the girl, Kagome was now his.

Kagome Frost would be her name from now on.

The girl who helped winter.

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