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Why am I so weak? Why does everyone find it FUN to look down on me? Am I that useless? So useless that everyone has to compare me with someone else? That I cant be my own person?WHY? Even in the darkness of the night the tears on alabaster skin seemed to glow with an unholy light. The hair so black it looked purple in some lights gleamed in the moonlight. Such an angel, such a sad angel. Standing on a cliff in the middle of nowhere hinata hyuga sunk into her misery.

*FlashBack *

This is it. If I don't do this now, I'll never forgive myself. Hinata slowly closes her pale lavender eyes holding her breath and counting down numbers in her head. Her face as red as a tomato she crept out from the shadows towards a brightly haired man. Naruto was training and so focused on that never even noticed hinata. However on the side lines of naruto there was Kakashi, Sakura and saskue, all where huddling under a tree trying to cool down. They in their moment of bliss, did notice hinata.

"N-n-naruto-kun..." I can do this.

"N-naruto-kun." Why does he not notice me?

"NARUTO!" Startled and shocked hinata slowly turned around to find Sakura stalking towards naruto who still had his back turned towards hinata. Grabbing the back of his head and in a crushing grip pulled back with all the strength sakura learned, throw naruto at hinata's feet.

"When someone is trying to talk to you, you RESPECT! them and TURN! toward them and give ALL! your ATTENTION! to THEM!. GOT IT!" Shrieking like a banshee Sakura continued to repeatedly stomp on naruto's back with every exclamation.

"N-no Sakura (Sorry I got tired of writing san, kun, and whatever else. ) its fine I-I s-swear!" What am I going to do NOW!

"Hinata!? What are you doing here? I didn't even see you hehe your so quiet. You should be more like Sakura, but you know less...ear splitting..." Naruto had a huge smile on his face. Unknown to him the damage that was inflicted.

"WHAT WAS THAT! DUMBASS!" (Yes I swear sometimes again Sorry )

"Hehe anyway, what you want hinata i'm kinda busy right now"

"O-oh right, well y-you see n-naruto, i-i-i've been m-meaning to tell y-you this f-for a w-while b-b-b-b-bu-t-t ILIKEYOU!" Hinata was now on the verge of fainting but she would wait, Wait and see what naruto had to say because she did this she was strong now. And no matter what he said she would continue to be strong.

"...I'm sorry hinata, I really am. But I thought you knew I liked sakura. Your really not my type either. You shy, quiet and a little weird. Again i'm really sorry hinata." While explaining why he was sorry. Crystal tears gathered in the corner of her eyes. Threatening to fall over board. In that moment in that little tiny minute. Everything hinata hoped and wished for...It all shattered. All of it filled her up and left in the shape of tears. She had nothing.

"...But you know hinata, maybe if you where more like sakura I would like you. So I don't know haha this is awkward, but..yaa-" Slowly fading with his sentence naruto looked into the face of the saddened angel. It was like looking in a mirror. Bringing up the past with him. How everything he did always lead to disappointment. That was the exact face he made when he tried proving himself over and over and over till he collapsed and every time he showed it off people would just beat him down again. Why then why was she making this face. It wasn't like she had a monster inside her. It wasn't like she was all alone in her childhood, had no parents or friends. So why?

Inside hinata's mind it was completely different it was like a flood broke. Everything she thought of and nothing at all. It was hard to stop the silent tears from falling to the ground but it was needed. All of this showed her something. She was weak. Ha I even prepared for this. Worried hours on end and when it actually happened it was nothing what I was expecting. What was she to do. There was nothing she could say or she would faint and bawl in front of everyone. With the shattering of her first heart another took its place. For better or worse. It was her protection.

Wiping away all the tears that puffed her eyes and straightening her back she looked deep into naurto eyes hoping to see something that would never be there. It wasn't. And with that last hope the last string to the person everyone know hinata to be, Disappeared.

"Oh I see, it wasn't worth it. I wasn't worth it. It was all useless to even think it would happen, wasn't it? Was Everything I did for you with pein, was it all just something to laugh at and brush aside. I understand." With eyes has hard as steel and tears unstoppable, she looked like a broken doll still trying to piece herself back together all alone. And yet she was strong and would not falter in front of him. She would prove she was worth it. That everything she did, she would not just brush it off. Turning away from a wide eye naruto hinata stared deep within sakura's eyes. Although there was much hate in her heart toward this pink haired beauty, she couldn't bring herself to express her heart.

"I want you to understand what you have. Understand what I wanted and understand just how LUKCY you are. Because if you just ignore it, I WILL take my chance whenever I have it. I mean not to be rude sakura but please realize this, If not for me then for him." directing her eyes to naruto quickly, hinata turned towards kakashi and saskue who were now standing underneath the tree and looking on with bored eyes, bowed and ran leaving behind in her wake glittering tears hovering slightly in the air before the wind carried them over to land on naurto's cheek acting as tears of his own.

*End FlashBack*

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