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Last time on Broken Angel

Blood rushed to her cheeks and neck as she saw his eyes rake over her legs. She knew now why she never wore these type of clothing!

"Mhmm mm hmm." Remembering that she still had her hand over her mouth she fought to remove it, taking a deep breath she opened her mouth for a much needed oxygen to keep from fainting. When sure the world wouldn't spin she looked in the dark abyss of that which was Saskue but she wasn't able to hold his gaze for long, and which a quick lurch she fast walked back to her room with a face as red as a tomato. But before entering her room she yelled back for him to hear.

"Dinner is done."

And there stood Saskue alone, with his head bowed and his shoulders shaking. Trying and failing at keeping a chuckle from rising deep within.


It was not hard for hi sat to get hungry as soon as she laid down on her bed, it wasn't like she just made her favorite supper time food just for her not to eat it. But she was not going back out there, not with him prowling around. At moments like this where she found herself along with her thoughts she wondered why he brought her in like this. Yes it was because he said he was going to train her but it's been 2 days already! Grated that he had to explain her death to the Hokage...shaking her head Hinata places a head upon her stomach to stop the growls that imitated from it. Your going to be hungry for a while stomach.

Rolling over on her side she stared out the window watching as moonlight filtered through the glass. The moonlight always made her calm, maybe because it reminded her of her mothers eyes. Bright, beautiful, and comforting. She missed her mother terribly. Sitting up and throwing her legs over the side she slowly glided to the window almost in a daze. Opening it Hinata stepped through the aperture. She didn't really know what exactly she was doing but all the fear of the other man in the house and someone from Konoha disappeared.

She jumped down to the ledge of the pond clear mirror like image. Everything was illuminated with her eyes and it was beautiful. Hinata was a night child, she thrived in the darkness while her herself was a bright speck of light in it. Slipping out of her flats she dipped her small feet into the silver liquid disturbing it with ripples. The shock of the coldness brought Hinata out of whatever trance she had been in. Dimly looking at her image in the water she was like a nymph to anyone who stumbled upon her.

And who better to stumble on this moment then the avenger himself.

A dark voice filtered through the clearing shocking the girl/woman. "Why is it whenever I find you your out of your room, when your not allowed to be."

Turning her head to see who had snuck up behind her she was shocked again when what she saw was Saskue flying towards her, his red eyes filling her vision the closer he got. However her body had a mind of its own and her hand reached up faster then normal. Water threads as thin as hair slithered up wrapping around the attacking shinobi. Closing one finger at a time the water began to freeze over holding him in his place.

Though the water threads were thin as heck and looked like they would break at the simplest touch they held him tightly even as he struggled. Channeling his chakra through his body, it heated up with intense heat melting the ice that held his body trapped. With the ropes of frozen water gone he was able to launch at the girl/woman once more. But she was already falling, leaning backwards and going underneath the waters surface.

Hinata wasn't sure what was happening. She was shocked to hear Saskue and then shocked to see him coming towards her. However after that everything was a slight blur. She knew her chakra raised up without he intentions and her element came forth. Probably to attack the man in front of her and fast approaching. But then she felt herself get incredibly weak and found herself staring at the moon under the water, the water burning the remaining dry areas left on her. It all happened so fast and Hinata wondered if she lost to Saskue again, she really was weak. It would make sense.

Thoughts of her just dying here and at that moment entered her mind, playing on her feelings and memories. Before the thoughts could progress any further something pulled her from the depths of depression and not to gently placed her on the side of the pond.

Blinking slowly to get the water out of her eyes she turned to see a half submerged and very wet Saskue panting heavily.

"Why do I always find you in these situations!" He all but practically growled.

Shrugging she looked at the fuming Uchiha and liked what she saw. Being an element of water, she liked anything wet, rain, snow, puddles, lakes. Anything. With his black hair plastered against his face, water drops leaving trails down his neck and disappearing under the now form fitting shirt clinging to every muscle. Hinata was not as innocent as everyone thought her to be, she grew up as the heiress, she was supposed to be married at a young age and needed to be taught in the ways of seduction and sex.

That didn't mean that she had to use...at all. It was so embracing the first few lessons with her teacher Tori, she believes that she fainted the first 20 teaching. But after a while she grew used to it and knew it was what her father wanted. And so she went along with it. But once school was out, Hinata never used anything she was shown. And she was still as innocent as the day she was born.

"What the fuck was that Justu?" His sharingan was activated, spinning wildly, trying to comprehend what technique she had just demonstrated.

Hinata could only stare blankly at him, terrified and confused. She didn't understand what he was asking. She didn't use any Justu. She did feel drained and it was weird but not like it hasn't happened before. "W-what..?"

Growling again, Saskue grabbed the collar of her kimono and shook her violently. He was angry, that much could be said. He didn't like it when something stopped him. Momentarily weakening him, even for a few seconds though it was. "You want me to train you, and yet you can't even sense me sneaking up behind you. You say you're weak and yet you're able to hold me still for a second, with a Justu you don't even know?"

The shaking was making Hinata more dizzy then it should have, but she understood where he was coming from. Keeping secrets especially things that could help her later on in life was not an ok thing. But how could she tell him, how could she explain in a way that wouldn't get him as angry to shake harder and snap her neck.

How was she supposed to tell the dangerous, sexy Uchiha, that she the timid, weak Hyuga...

Had two kekkei genkai, one being the byakugan and the other, a rare and unheard of one.

Mangetsu no chi - Blood of the Full Moon


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