This is my sotry about A girl name amai who wirghts in a Diary,that anything she wrights will come true.

I hope you will enjoy my story who ever reads it.

A girl name nami, is is leaving in korean where she was born she wrights in

A Diary and with words she speaks about her life. but one day

something happen that change her life she fell in love, but the

Diary came to life when she started wrighting in it ,everything

she wrights come to life,and she did not even notice in till the day she...

But one thing she put in her Diary that change her life for ever was

I wish I would die.

she but in her Diary and then it really...

And that day change everything.

it was never the same aging.

The One Diary story

thanks everyone for reading the 1st chapter of the One Diary,
let me tell you what is going to happen.
Well A girl name nami dies because of something(It will be explain

in the story ) A girl name Amai, is going to be in a host

family to learn korean because she wants to be actor when she

grows. up but she does not speak Amai ends up in Nami

house hold but her fmaily is mess up a little. her mother only

stays there but her father and brother moves to A different house
because they cant stand leaving there Amai gets to live

in nami room and amai dos not know that nami died. But amai looks

under nami bed and finds a Diary and the title says "One Diary"

and amai starts to read it and the story starts when amai *flips*

the pagies and she reads it and then she came across a line in in the words that said

Dear Amai you must start the story off and finsh it.
Do not fall in love with the wrong man I did.
You must fix the story over aging but make it right dont use it

for the wrong way. But you cant fall in love the Diary wont allow it

One diary
From Nami
to Amai.

but in the story I am going to wright it will become a story you

will never farget.

Amai will fell in love with person nami fell in love that killed

nami with out knowing the person amai falls in love with was the

person nami fell for and went out with.

:) it will be a great story hope you will like the next chapter~.