Thirty Years Later...

Nearly all men can stand adversity.. If you want to test a man's character.. Give. Him. Power.

~Abraham Lincoln

Here we stand, back where it all began. Here at the end of a normal life. It's funny, thirty years have passed and nothings changed, only now we are immortalized in stone as terrorists. Earthgov sees us as genocidal freaks. We are bastard children who murdered hundreds.

Camp Half-Blood.

It's still empty, just like it was when we left. The ashes have been cleared away and the forest has regrown, but it was still our home. Or it used to be. The years have no doubt changed us. We became what he needed us to be. The battle of Deimos proved our worth. We rose through the ranks faster than any officer in Legion history. We currently each held the rank of Forward Dragoon. We were one rank below Commander. We had our own special unit. The Black Dragoons. We were the best of the best and because of that we were set apart. We each had two subordinates and that was all. There were only nine Black Dragoons at any one time. It was rare for all of us to be together at once. This just so happened to be one of those time.

The world had not done well under the rule of Hera and her ilk. She began to hate the humans. She hated everything. Olympus became evil. Hateful. Dark. The Olympians began to shirk their duties, natural disasters were commonplace now. Ever since Percy had slain Apollo, Helios had tried to take over the sun. However he was a thoughtless God and it wasn't abnormal for days to go by in darkness and vice versa. The earth was descending quickly into Chaos. Perfect.

Today was the day that it had happened. Thirty Years ago today.

Today was the day that we meet with Artemis, the only God who had stayed true to herself. All of the Gods had gone back to their promiscuous ways, but there was nowhere for them to go now but Camp Jupiter for the Romans. The Greek kids were normally killed if not picked up by the Legion.

"She's late." Nico broke the silence. Each of us stood out in the open with our subordinates waiting in the shadows behind. "She's been late for the like ten years. Might as well call this on time." I muttered sarcastically. Thalia stood in the middle of the three of us. She shook her head irritatedly. "Shut up, the both of you, She'll be here." I muttered something incoherent as we continued to wait. The three of us still wore the same black combat fatigues that we had worn to battle on Deimos all those years ago. The only difference was the black dragon patch each of us wore on our right shoulder. It was quite simple really. Just a black dragon with the words Timere Draco, Mors ab obscuro stitched in white. It was Latin for "Fear the Dragon, Death from the dark". Each Dragoon wore bandanna's just like ours. Now each of us had the 3 colored differently. Thalia's was Blue, Mine was Green, and Nico's was Dark Grey, each subordinate wore a bandanna with the color of their superior.

Suddenly a figure shimmered into existence in front of us and instantly nine sets of eyes locked onto it. It was Artemis. The Goddess hadn't changed at all. Through the years she had rebuilt the hunters and spent her time off killing monsters. The Hunters were the only real haven for Greek demi-gods anymore. "Lady Artemis." Thalia spoke with a respectful nod to the God. She had been her lieutenant once after all. Now Thalia could probably beat her in single combat. Artemis smiled weakly, "It's good to see the three of you." The sun was high in the sky for the first time in weeks. Artemis appeared weak. "What do you have for us?" I spoke clearly and with authority. Artemis nodded to me reverently, she had no choice but to recognize our power.

"Things have only gotten worse. Hera becomes more of a Lunatic every day. Ethics and morality have gone out the window on Olympus. Aphrodite walks around naked, she has to otherwise her clothes will be ripped off before she is taken where she stands. Ares goes around killing humans at will. Hermes causes more deaths by accident per day than I kill monsters. Hephestus has abandoned his forges and now spends most of his time in a whore house in southern Canada. Demeter now purposefully causes the death of crops and delays the seasons. Everything is going south fast."

This wasn't news to the us. We knew things were getting worse and Aphrodite had always been a whore. We looked at each other then back to Artemis. "Do you think the time has come?" Artemis didn't hesitate. "Yes. They are corrupt. They must go."

Just as quickly as she had come, Artemis disappeared. She had to, or risk arousing suspicion. We didn't stay long after that. Our ship was cloaked just outside of orbit and each of us had sort range teleportation packs. The benefits of being a Black Dragoon didn't end very quickly. So with a quick flick of the wrist, all six of our subordinates disappeared. Now with them gone we could speak in true privacy. We pulled our bandannas down off our faces and looked at each other saying more than we could with words. Each of us knew what had to be done. The Gods had to be overthrown. All of them. Even Artemis. Each God had to be killed and replaced. We had to find replacements. We had to kill eight Gods.

We needed Chaos. We needed his legions.

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