"Sir George please, the birthing room is no place for a man" Came on of the voices yelling at the worried lord. He was waiting on his beloved wife to give birth to their first child. She had been placed on bed rest many weeks before hand after she had fainted. The lord couldn't stop passing.

"Then give me my son!" He yelled at the women who went into the bedroom again. He was not a violent man on normal bases but when he didn't have control he just lost it. He liked to know everything that was going on. Also the shortage of women who were able to help his poor wife because of the snowstorm that was raging outside was a heavy concern for him.

The only two people who were with her were the new babies nanny who had served his as his wife's nanny when she was little and a servant girl. He prayed that the nannies knowledge of children would help but knew she was no midwife. He had to hope the child would not be to hard for his wife, and that his son was strong and healthy.

George stopped mid step when he heard the soft cries of a babe. His son, he lived, he cried strongly. The lord moved over to the door and waited most anxiously to greet his son and wife. But he waited and waited for longer than he thought he would have too, a few minutes turned to half an hour and that an hour. But then the door opened and he heard sobs, not crying like from the babe. But sobs from the two women.

George looked in and saw his love, his beauty of a wife laid there in bed, lifeless, cold, and inactive. He stood in the doorway just staring at her for a while, not thinking of his new child just the life that had been taken to early.

"Mi lord." Came the nanny's voice, his eyes snapped to her as she held a soft white bundle. "You have a daughter." She smiled lightly at him. He looked down at the bundle before he ripped it open, thinking that his love could not have died form the strength of birthing a girl!

But she was a girl, pink and plump. No madder how hard he tried to hate the little bundle he couldn't, his was his wife's last gift of love to him. He would not let that be wasted. Not wasted in the least.

"No, Helen. I have a son." He said picking up the bundle; he smiled down at the babe. She cuddled into her father before falling asleep.

"Mi lord?" The Nanny asked, confused by his actions.

"I won't let my line end here, nor will I allow my wife's last action bring shame on our house. Only we three know of her gender. I trust you not to tell and the girl will be handled. " The nanny only nodded who was she to argue with the Lord. He looked back down at the bundle; he would raise his daughter a son.

~18 years later

"Gisborne you have a new right hand." The sheriff yelled at the tall blacked out warrior who was walking into the dinning hall.

"I do?" He asked lifting an eyebrow, looking at the sheriff who shoved a chuck of meat into his mouth before nodding, and pointing over into a young boys direction who was standing in the corner, he had short choppy brown hair, the biggest brown eyes, and full red lips and he wore a black leather vest with a darken chainmail suit under it, then what appeared to be another vest, with chainmail legging and leather leggings under and over it as well. The boy was so buckled up Guy was wondering if the boy could even move.

"His daddy is rather rich and has asked we give his baby a safe position and I figured you never get anything done, that must be safe." The sheriff yelled in his direction, proud of his insult. Guy sighed annoyingly, he didn't have time to train some spoiled brat whom he couldn't even harm because of his rich daddy.

"With all due respect" Guy didn't respect him but formalities. "I don't have time to train a new recruit." Guy said placing his hands in front of the sheriff 's table before leaning in so the kid wouldn't hear. "And I don't want some snotty rich kid thinking he is to good for orders getting in my way."

"You think I would give you a brat when I have you doing my most important work!" He yelled standing up backing Guy stand up crossing his arms over his chest. "The boy has train with the kings knights! He would have gone to war but he was too young! Now take the boy and find me hood you idiots!" He yelled slumping down in his chair again.

Gisborne made a small annoying bow before walking past to the boy telling him to follow him down the many path of the castle. The boy did quickly and rather quietly for how much he had on. "Boy what is your name?" Guy asked the boy was shocked even anything like that would matter to Guy of Gisborne so he took a minute. " Come on, we haven't got all day!?" he yelled still walking down the hall.

"Skyler, Sir." Gisborne stopped as soon as he heard the lad speck. His voice sounded weird, like Skyler was forcing his voice down. He looked back at the lad, this was the weirdest kid he had ever met, and he didn't even really know him. He just seemed weird but oddly guy found him pleasant to look at, but not in a weird way!

Guy quickly looked away shacking his head stopping himself from thinking more on it. He just kept going on his task at hand, which was get to Locksley and hope he found Robin Hood along the way, maybe he would stop and see Marian give her a gift of some sort.