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Guy held Skyler's hand as they moved back to the house. "Don't make me wait so long to see you again, or I will hunt you down, and I will hurt people." Guy told her he didn't want to hurt people, but he wanted her there with him, he didn't want to think of the idea that he might be sharing her with another man, or that she had a family that she wanted to see more than him.

Skyler knew he didn't mean it as harshly as he put it but he would execute it if she gave him reason to. "You know most men try to keep their girls with gifts, sweet words, and acts of love. I must be the lucky me I get threats of murder, and stalking." Skyler turned to Guy, placing her hands on his chest. Guy pulled her close to him by the waist.

"Should show I care." Skyler took a sharp intake of breath. Caring was not in the arrangement that Skyler had been originally planned for. Not that anything ever goes according to plan. "And you should know, I take care of what is mine." He forced his lips on hers. She just let him, he needed to do what he needed to in order to fulfill his need.

"So you own me? Last I check I was not a item up for sale." Skyler said as she looked into his clear blue eyes, they seemed more like a child's. They were full of mischief and secrets. Of course his secrets were of harm not of silly childish problems.

"You became mine when I decided to have you. No one will take you from me, and if I find you are giving yourself to someone. I will make them pay for touching what is mine!" His grip got tight and he made sure that she was looking right into his eyes to see the fire that now covered his eyes. This really meant a lot of to him, Skyler could tell. Her being his was important to him, maybe even more then love, or any kind of trust.

"I can promise you, there are no men trying to take what is yours." Skyler told him honestly before kissing him lightly and she could feel the smile that came under her lips from him, his grip loosened and he became less tense. "But I really gotta get going, ya know" She started to pull away. "Gotta go be with my other secret lover n' stuff." Guy seemed to snap pulling her close again. Gripping her around the waist and around round her neck.

"Do not joke about this!" He hissed, Skyler's eyes widened and she nodded, Guy was a bad man and had hurt people but for some reason Skyler didn't think he would hurt her, he never had the chance before things got more enjoyable. But watching him now she was worried. Guy could see it in her eyes and lack of breath that she was scared, his grip loosens. "This mean a lot to me. Don't joke about this." He said his voices soften.

She placed her hand on his cheek." I am sorry." She moved her hand to his chin and moved his lips to her where she placed a soft kiss to his lips, and it shocked her how he didn't do anything but enjoy the moment; he truly did care for her. "Well I gotta get going." She pulled away from his warmth and moving to the other side of the building leaving Guy to sleep or whatever it was he did. Moving over to the stable she walked to one of Guy's horse. She hopped on, not really knowing where she was going but just needed to leave so Guy would not noticed she was well living in his house.

As she was riding she couldn't help but replay what had happen in the past few hours. Skyler liked to think herself a realist and didn't want to think that Guy of Gisborne could come in an steal her heart, but the more she replayed their moments together she couldn't help but smile, but the creeping thoughts of his marriage to Marian kept her heart low in her stomach. Marian was loyal to Robin Hood not Guy, and yet he was giving everything to make Marian his. Marian must know Guy's feelings for her.

Skyler remembered where Guy had gone the first time to visit Marian and desired a little visit to Marian from herself. Making her way to the main road she found herself wondering what she would say to Marian. 'If you marry Guy you better become a bad person!' 'Marring Guy means you can't help other people.' Everything seemed silly but she had to voice her option.

When she finally made it to Marian's window she saw that the lights were on and that Marian was walking around mumbling to herself. Skyler knocked on the wooden frame of the window and Marian jumped and turned to see her. "The Lady? What are you going here." Skyler took that as a invite of some sort and moved into the house.

"Well I came to chat, mostly about your upcoming um marriage." Marian's shoulders slumped; she walked over to her bed and took a seat on it covering her eyes before running them down her face.

"You need not warn me of Gisborne's horrible track record, Robin as already done so, and made he feel like a complete ass." Obviously Marian was looking for some kind of sympathy but that wasn't going to happen.

"Um No, I am here to tell you that if you do marry Guy you better serve him well." Marian looked over at the women, she seemed completely stunned. "I know kind of shocking, but Guy even with his 'Horrible track record' is still a man who is deserving of -." Love was what Skyler wanted to say but the thought of Guy loving Marian made Skyler sick. "Happiness."

"What are you saying?" Marian was finding it hard that an outlaw was protecting the master who was forcing her to be an outlaw. Unless of course she was working for Guy like Marian first thought.

"Guy is worth being cared for, just no one is strong enough to do it. You are lucky enough that Guy doesn't care if you're strong enough or not. He just wants you, even when most if not all given information proves he should not, breast men can't overlook them." Skyler tried to end it in a joke but her tone was still serious from the pervious statement. Marian was now more worried about the 'information' and why The Lady even cared about guy's feelings. Skyler thought she should make herself clear. "Night Watchmen."

The two words were more of a threat to Marian not information. "I don't know what you're talking about." Marian stood holding her beds foot post.

"Oh but you do, it's fine if you don't say anything. I don't plan on telling anyone. So long as you don't forget your place. Which is beside Guy of Gisborne, well at least once you say 'I do' it is." Skyler wasn't going to say it but she didn't want Marian marrying Guy and Guy believed Marian to honorable a women to take his word back.

"Why does any of this matter to you? Are you working for him now." Marian glared hard at the women, of course she was it seemed that all people theses days worked for the sheriff. Greed.

"No, but I never mess with his job and in return he never messes with mine, so no I do not work for him. And it matters to me because.." Telling Marian of what had been happening means it would get back to Robin but why should that matter? Robin did not own her, she didn't answer to him. "because Guy is mine." It was quite for a moment.

"I'm sorry?" Marian asked rather confused, Guy was her what? Friend, lover. No Guy was not able to love. But of course he wouldn't have to have feeling to have sex he could just do it. "You are sleeping with him?"

"Yes, but its more than that. Guy he is a man who can trust without knowing, who has seen bad and can still smile, and who can love while being heartless." Skyler couldn't believe some of the words coming for her mouth but still they came.

"If you care so much for him, and you believe him to care so much, why wont he marry you? Whatever he has told you is a lie, Guy does not care for you." Marian tried to show her reason. Guy used people, he had showed Marian that he was worthy of friendship well a kind of friend where one walked on needles.

"Guy will not marry me because he wants to help you! Also I am the one keeping Guy at bay, when I am away he is violent but when he has seen me he is able to have mercy. Lastly Guy and I do not marry because he only knows my mask, so do not speck of things you do not know!" Skyler yelled at the women before moving to the window. "I have warned you." Then she took her leave.

Skyler rolled her shoulders in her leather armor as she waited for the others to finish preparing Guy's wedding. Sitting in the church was the most painful place for Skyler at the moment so naturally that was were she was. She had been ordered to watch over the preparation. What Marian said still rang in her head, why could she not have Guy when they so obviously cared for each other? Even if it was only as The Lady and Guy, why did Guy have to marry? It's not like he had to marry, his life style does not call for it.

"Hello." Skyler looked up and saw her father; she gave him a flash of a smile that didn't carry to her face or attitude. George sat down looking up at the cross. "You know I sometime get upset that I will never get to see you wed. But I know it is for the best." Skyler looked at her father, she didn't think her father would have any second thoughts or regrets about the life he had picked for them. "You know you're the most important person to me right?"

Skyler looked at her father oddly, what was happening? "Yes father."

"Good, so you know everything I do is for your own good?" Skyler nodded confused by what he was getting at. "Skyler I made you how you are so I would not have to live with the shame of ending me line. Now I am pushing that onto you, which surely ends our line." Skyler looked at her father, what was he trying to do get them killed. Talking like that would surely cause someone to question them.

"Father you and I will find a way to make that untrue, but for now I find it best to drop said subject." George looked down, nodding his head. After a moment of silence George sighed. Skyler grinded her jaw, she didn't want to be around people. She wanted to be alone with her confusion, anger, and jealousy. "Father, right now I really just want to be alone."

"Of course, of course." He said getting up and taking a few step away. Skyler relaxed some but she tensed again as she saw her father entered her line of vision. He leaned in to her his hand on her shoulder. "I would have been proud give you away to a worth man. I am sorry I never will." He said before walking away.

Skyler just sat there for a moment trying to find her feelings. Rage. She rushed up pushing herself forward, lifting the bunch in front of her and yanking it up tossing it, making it clash into another. Everyone in the church looked over at her, Skyler noticed this and rolled her shoulder. "Clean this up!" She yelled her anger from her out break still not gone. They all nodded as she walked away.

The rage was burned deep inside her, her father had pushed his burdens onto her, had stolen any life she could have, and all his 'I wishes' was her life! The Life she was not having! Then he just talks about it in the open putting in jeopardy the bit of life she had made for herself!

Robin sat under a tree and in a grassy field, he watched as Marian walked away into the church, standing up he went to leave, he didn't know where he was going or why all he knew was Marian was gone and she was not coming back, she didn't want to come back. He got to his horse and pulled him along, just remembering their moments together.

"Robin!" He heard someone looked behind him he saw The Lady. He looked back to the front and continued on his walk. "Robin!" He was no longer Robin Hood he was just an upset silly man who loved too much. "Robin!" She had pushed him a bit and he just stopped and turned an glared.

"What? Can't you bug other people? People who might care!" Robin said angrily practically yelling at the women. She put her hand on her hip and her body echoed sass.

"O I would but your girl is off trying to stick her tongue down his throat!" Robin stopped and looked at the women, what was she talking about?


"Your girl Marian, she is marring Guy, right?" Robin felt more confused what did Marian's wedding to that monster have to do with her leaving him alone.

"Quit asking questions about the obvious! If you need help see Much, I am done." He started to walk away again but The Lady grabbed his shoulder.

"Calm down, don't be like that! And Much can't help me. I want to crash the wedding." Robin raised an eyebrow, crash the wedding?

"I wont help you ruined Marian's life! It is her choice to marry Guy and I wont change it." He maybe mad at Marian but he didn't hate her. She clearly rejected him, for Guy of Gisborne! But then a bell went off, a church bell, and not even in a musical way, a rather distracting alarm way.

"It sounds like some distress maybe Lady Marian is not as happy with her choice as you think?" Robin looked down at the women, could she be right. Was there even a chance to hope? " It's worth a look if not all you have lost is day light." She said with a grin.

Robin looked at the girl. "Why does this matter to you?" simple but needed question.

"Marian does not belong with Guy, and I cant stand by not if there is something I can do! I want…" She seemed to rethink her words; Robin moved her chin to look at him. "I want choice." Robin didn't know if that was choice for everyone or choice for herself but she seemed to be wanting to help and he would not turn her down.

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