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"WHAT? FUCKING WHAT?!" Johanna screams at her friend for yet another time. The behavior is not abnormal for the dark-haired beauty, but the volume does not fail to concern Katniss despite the privacy the large bedroom offers.

Katniss Everdeen previously came to the conclusion that she is in over her head considering the complete inexperience she holds with everything concerning Peeta Mellark. The assessment led her to essentially call an SOS, resulting in the meeting now being held in the mayor's daughter's room between her closest yet polar opposite friends. Meaning, right now Johanna is losing her shit whilst Madge is giving Katniss a look of genuine concern.

"Why did you run, Katniss? He probably –" Madge starts.

"Hell, if you're going to run, you should have run back to my place!" Johanna interjects. "No, the real question is why you didn't fucking tell us about this in the first fucking place!"

Guilt overcomes Katniss as she is reminded of the secrets she is still purposefully keeping from her closest friends. The night that started it all and the few words said after the kiss are still very much undisclosed and will stay that way. Not that Katniss has any right to tell Madge and Jo about that night. She wouldn't embarrass him, and she does not gossip – this meeting is more of a therapy anyway. As for yesterday's confession, her words are too private and embarrassing for even her two confidants. "It was yesterday, Jo. And I don't know – I just freaked out I guess."

"The fight wasn't yesterday, and you're only telling us it was about you today. Jesus, what I would give to see those two boys fighting over me. Mm." She adopts a faint far-off look in her eyes, as if daydreaming about Peeta and Cato fighting for her attention.

"They weren't fighting over me. Just fighting because Cato's a jerk."

"A hot jerk. Anyways, what are you going to do about Lover Boy?"

At this, Katniss is stumped. "I don't know. I think he likes me."

"No shit, Brainless."

"You really don't have to cuss so much, Johanna," Madge pipes up, then turns to her best friend with encouraging eyes. "I think you should talk to him. It does sound like he cares about you."

The simple suggestion wasn't exactly ground-breaking advice, but talking really is all she can do. The unfamiliarity of the situation leaves Katniss feeling nervous and lost, feelings she is both inexperienced and uncomfortable with. The problem is that words are not her forte. She needs to do something to rectify the situation, thus turning this complicated relationship into something else. What that something else is, she does not know.

"So, Brainless… Is he a good kisser?"

Both gray and blue eyes snap to brown, and Madge erupts in laughter as Katniss burns deep red.

"What, it's an honest question. Was there tongue?"

In all her blushing pride, the huntress directs a glare at her friend. "I'm leaving if you don't stop."

"Wait, no I have to know too! It's a good question," Madge says.

"I have to go to work."

"Don't be such a prude, Brainless. We just need one word!"

"I'm leaving."

"Fuck, Brainless, please!"



Katniss spares one glance over her shoulder as she pauses at the bedroom door. "Yes." And with that, Katniss heads toward her car for another shift at Bass Pro Shop.


The five-hour shift at the outdoors shop passes quickly as Katniss is distracted by thoughts of the boy with the bread. Well, man. She knows he's a man.

Katniss realizes that, ironically, she was in the same predicament not two days ago, but the effort she made to remedy their situation has only left their confusing relationship all the more confusing. And awkward. Obviously, she shouldn't have run away. The only benefit of the rendezvous yesterday is the fact that the air has been cleared between the two so that each knows the other's standpoint. Now, the situation leaves the two at a standoff; who makes the first move, and exactly what is that move?

I can't just ask him to please fuck me already, she thinks wryly. Although, once she thinks about the suggestion, it doesn't seem so bad. He wants her, she wants him. The image of him touching himself has replayed in her head too many times to count, to the extent that she needs something more of him to quench the increasing desire she is now too familiar with.

Her shift is over. The air outside is muggy and warm, depicting her emotions fairly well. Her stride slows as a thought occurs that may be crazy or stupid or perfect. His house is so close. Really only a two-minute walk. Johanna must be rubbing off on her, she thinks, as her legs turn her away from the parking lot and toward the nearby neighborhood that houses the boy – man – with the bread to similarly act to get what she wants despite the lack of thoughtful consideration and excess of sheer foolishness.

Her power-walk to the baker's house dwindles to a snail's pace as she questions the stupidity of her actions. Maybe she's caught some sort of disease that affects her sexuality and decision-making, or maybe she's just caught up with every other girl who has noticed Peeta Mellark but in a more severe manner. She doesn't care, however, when she approaches the house to discover the baker's youngest must be home, for he has his light on, and his window still open. Does this boy not learn?

Katniss treads with care for her noise, not wanting a repeat of that night's disaster in case he happens to be doing something else not meant for her eyes. Slowly, the hunter creeps along the house's white wall, and so slowly, she leans her head so that she can get a clear shot of the brightly lit room. There sits Peeta Mellark, slumped against his pillows while reading – thankfully just reading – the newest book the AP English class has been assigned.

Katniss composes herself as she plans to talk to him. If she turns back now, she knows she would be too cowardly to approach him again, and she would just reach a whole new level of creepy if she just leaves after getting her dose of the image of Peeta Mellark. No, she came here to make things right, not intrude on his privacy further.

With a deep breath, she raises her fist to knock on the open window, causing him to look up in surprise, as if he is imagining the vision of Katniss actually approaching him, rather than sprinting away for once. It's understandable; she has been running from him lately, although it is mostly an unintentional instinct.

With a small half smile and a smaller "hey" in greeting, Katniss leans further into the window to gauge the boy's reaction.

Convinced that he is in fact not hallucinating, Peeta stands to make his way to the window, a smile slowly spreading across his lips. "Hey…?" He reaches the window, plants his hands on the ledge, and leans in to make eye contact. "Do you have something against using doors or…?"

"Do you have something against closing your window?" She retorts.

At this, he lets out a booming laugh, the kind that comes from his belly and just fills his body with happiness. "Sorry, but I don't usually expect people to come by my window for a chat."

With a roll of her eyes she replies, "So are you not going to let me in then?"

"Oh, come in!" He steps back to make room for her to hop in, graceful as ever. "The door isn't the best idea anyway; I'm not allowed to have friends over right now. Or for like the next two months."

"Oh, right the fight! You really didn't have to do anything; I'm used to Cato being a jerk. But thank you. Any other punishments I should know about?" She says thinking of the threat from Coach Adams and the looks from Cato.

"Just detention, which is more like just hanging out with Ms. Hindman and a few people for an hour every day. They didn't want to suspend me right before state," he says with a smug smile. The school is a little too proud of its wrestling team sometimes, but now Katniss couldn't be more grateful for the ridiculous lengths it goes through to ensure another victory at state.

Suddenly self-aware, Katniss realizes she and Peeta are enjoying an easy banter devoid of awkward pauses, embarrassed blushes, and even disastrous, masturbation-involving escapades. This never happens, besides the crazy escapades part. She also realizes they are currently sitting on his bed together. When did that happen?

Sensing the shift in her mood, Peeta's easy-going smile is replaced by a look of genuine concern. "Katniss. Let me just say, I like you. A lot. I'm just kind of confused. One minute you're kissing me and the next you're running away from me." Slowly, he moves his hand just so his little finger touches hers. "I just need to know if it's true. If what you did… what you said is true."

And with that, Peeta's heart is off his sleeve and in her hands. With one sentence – one word – she can crush it, or she can take it.

She doesn't know this though. She has his heart, has a good grip on it, but she thinks he's purely – or not so purely – on her level.

"It's true. I think about you," she whispers.

He gulps. "What do you think?"

"Just… you. And… what you were doing…."

His heartbeat is racing. "Yeah?"


"What else?" Their faces are so close.

"Just…" She looks up at him, asking permission.

He grants it.

"I think about your cock."

He takes in a shaky breath. His pupils are huge.

"I think about your cock inside me, in my mouth. I can't stop thinking about it. I need to feel you inside me –"

His mouth is on hers, hungry and hard. His tongue dives into her mouth, stroking, feeling everything, and hers fights back, wanting to taste all of him. He doesn't give the power up though; he has wanted her for years, and he can't resist every primal instinct so he relentlessly tongues every bit of her mouth, tastes her, bites her. He needs her to show him how much she wants him though, so eventually he lets her into his mouth, lets her show him how much she wants him. His fingers are fully covering hers now, still just laying there, his attentions too preoccupied with her mouth, but his other hand is gripping her head, trying to pull them closer, feel her better.

With a gasp for air, Katniss breaks the kiss, panting for breath. Her eyes lock on Peeta's, gray on blue, as she experiences a need so consuming that she feels uncomfortable sitting so still. With a subtle shift, her nipples rub against her bra, her lower torso tightens in anticipation, and the ridiculous amount of wetness soaks through her underwear. Her eyes flicker down to his crotch, and she really, really does want him in her.

"Peeta… I'm not really experienced. At all."

His expression doesn't change, eyes still locked onto hers.

Obviously he doesn't get the hint. "Can you… show me?" She nods down to hint at what she wants.

Not too many emotions register with the blond as he is too consumed with desire to feel anything else. That was a fucking hot kiss.

"Uh, we should probably take it slow," his brain tells him to say. His dick says otherwise.

"Yeah," she agrees, still breathing hard. "But, um. I mean, I've already seen you… you know. By yourself. Can I watch?"

If the notion were possible, Peeta would get even harder listening to her words. She wants to watch him jerk off? In the state of mind he is in after that kiss, he would do just about anything she asks of him right now. In fact, he would always do anything for her, kiss or not. His eyes search hers – they can't leave hers – and he realizes she does in fact want to watch him jerk off. She thinks it's hot. Throughout all of his fantasizing about her, he never pegged her for someone so… kinky. Is this kinky? If so, he likes it.

"Yeah, okay," he replies.

Katniss smiles and subtly licks her lips. Fuck, she is hot.

Eyes never leaving hers, Peeta scoots further onto the bed and begins unzipping his pants. He really is not going to last long. He wonders if she'll reciprocate the favor…?

A harsh rapping on the door startles both of them out of the hazy fog. "Peeta!"

Peeta's wide eyes on Katniss's let her know that is in fact his mother, and she is in fact about to come in his room. "Hide!" He mouths.

Immediately, Katniss is out the window, so fast he would think she was prepared for his mother walking in the room.

The door is open and there is Mrs. Mellark with her hands placed on her hips, as expected. "I heard voices. You know you are not allowed to see anybody."

"I was reading to myself." He indicates the book he picked up. "It's for school."

The glare she gave him said she did not believe him. No surprise there. As if she just knew, Mrs. Mellark heads towards the open window and looks out for any sign of teenagers hiding from the matriarch. Fuck, he is about to start apologizing fast, when she turns around and admonishes Peeta with, "How many times do I have to tell you to close your window? Anybody could just walk by and see it. It's dangerous."

He barely manages to suppress his smirk at her words.

She walks briskly to the door and parts with a "Try to keep it down."

The slam of the door is welcome. Immediately, Peeta gets up to look out his window. Nothing. "Katniss?" He softly calls out.

A few seconds later and there she is – she always was a fast runner. Peeta smiles down at her and she smiles up at him.

"I should probably go. I think you've gotten into enough trouble over me for a while."

"We can just be really quiet."

"We can?" She teases with a wide smirk on her face.

He loves it when she smiles. "Maybe not. So I guess I'll see you in sex-ed?"

Suddenly, sex-ed has a whole new meaning. Mr. Mellark, meet your star pupil, Katniss Everdeen.

"See you in sex-ed."

Peeta leans down to kiss her goodbye. All of this kissing yet he knows he will never tire of it; each kiss of theirs feels different, means something different. This kiss speaks of longing and promises and more to come.