Hey everyone :) I had this fun idea for a story, so I wanted to write it. It started out as a one-shot, but I'll be making it a bit longer. Hope you guys all like it.

A pounding came from beneath the boys, causing the tree house to vibrate for a moment.
"Learn the secret knock Vern," Chris said carelessly, focusing on the English assignment he had to finish for school. Gordie sat next to him and rolled his eyes.
Vern Tessio always came eagerly climbing into the tree house, ready to tell them some "exciting" news. And well, it was never anything exciting really. Well, actually, there was that one time...
But that's a different story for a different day.
Without a response, the knocker came stumbling up into the tree house.
After a moment, Chris turned to see what Vern wanted to tell them now.
He set down the pen he had been holding, expecting to see the chubby little boy as always, but it wasn't him. Instead, a hectic-looking Teddy Duchamp was before him, holding some sort of strange, golden box.
He straightened his thick black glasses with one hand and set the golden device down next to Chris' homework.
Gordie, who had been comfortably stretched out on the small hammock, sat up, curiously peering across the table.
"What's this?" Chris asked with a hint of excitement in his voice, though he appeared uninterested for the most part.
"This... Is a time machine," Teddy exclaimed dramatically, widening his eyes in anticipation as he sat beside Chris.
Gordie's mouth was open, looking as if he were about to speak, but no words came out.
"It's just a box," Chris said, a small smile coming onto his lips. He shook his head slightly and turned away, his attention back on the English homework.
Teddy immediately looked like the breath had just been sucked out of him, "It is NOT just a box."
"You're starting to sound like Vern," Chris said, laughing.
But he was being ignored, "Seriously, I've tested it."
Just as Teddy was about to open in, Chris placed a hand cautiously at his chest.
"Whoa Teddy. Where the hell did you even find this thing?" He asked.
"The Junkyard, where that fat ass troll shitter works," Teddy explained, spitting his words in the remembrance of Milo Pressman, the Junkman.
Teddy had developed a very strong hatred for the man, when he had insulted his father.
"Anyway, I found this amongst all the trash and it seemed interesting enough. So I took it and naturally I opened it. Sure enough, it's a time machine," Teddy eagerly outstretched his hand to open it.
Gordie leapt back before Teddy had even touched the handle, terrified of what it could possibly contain.
Chris on the other hand bent forward, removing his hand from Teddy's chest.
It was nothing fascinating. In fact, there was only a simple type of wristwatch on the inside.
But on this one, there weren't any hands; there were just dates, and options for seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years.
"This is ridiculous," Chris said, sitting upright in his chair again. Teddy was purely enlightened though.
While silence lingered in the air, another knocking came from below.
To Chris' shock, Vern had indeed finally memorized the knock.
"Come up," he stated, still watching the delighted Teddy. He looked as if he had just found a pile of pure gold underneath his bed.
"Hey guys," Vern grinned stupidly, sitting on a leftover chair from the corner.
"Hey Verno," Gordie responded, his head stuck in a book.
Three of the guys stared at the chubby kid, waiting for him to notice the box.
"Three, two, one," Chris counted silently on his fingers.
"Whoa, what's that?!" Vern pounced excitedly.
And there it was.
"Time machine," Gordie said, not even paying any attention to the others.
"No way! Where did you get this?"
Chris couldn't actually wrap his brain around the fact that Vern actually believed it was all real.
He was about to explain in, when Teddy began to turn the knob inside of the box.
"Let's see, opinions? Should we go into the past, or the future?"
"How about neither?" Chris immediately responded, trying to close the lid on Teddy's hand.
But Teddy would not be defeated, "Oh come on Chris, live a little. There's no way I'm passing this up."
Vern nodded, head bobbing up and down, causing his whole body to shake.
Chris turned to Gordie to see what he thought.
But Gordo didn't need to look back at him. He simply shrugged, still reading.
"I'll take that as a yes," Teddy grinned, lifting the golden box's lid again.
"Future it is," he decided on his own. Once again, he began to slowly turn the knob. The dates whirled on endlessly, whizzing past the 70s, 80s and 90s.
"Oh, how about 2013?" Teddy asked, more-so to himself than anyone else.
Vern was still giddy with excitement. Chris looked petrified and Gordie's mouth was open in shock.
Suddenly, a sort of breeze began to pick up. It seemed that a miniature tornado was forming in the tree house.
It quickly gained power, carrying Gordie off of the couch, twirling him in the air. The other boys as well were lifted off of their chairs.
The golden box was beginning to actually glow. The wristwatch inside was still spinning wildly frantically. Over the noise of the wind, Chris' voice could be heard, "Oh shit."
The date landed on January 6th, 2013.

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