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The rumbling was definitely nearing them. It grew louder in the distance, and once it was close enough, the boys realized that it wasn't rumbling at all. It was still a car, but instead the sound was something different. It sounded like crackling now, like tires driving over gravel.
Teddy was still eagerly listening. He began to stick his head through two trees to carefully see who was approaching.
Chris leapt forward and grabbed Teddy's head, not wanting to be seen, considering they were in the future.
But he too was excitedly anticipating the arrival of someone in this town.
While the boys carefully and quietly watched and listened from behind the closed in line of trees, the car stopped moving. The turning off of an engine could be heard clearly and even more clearly, the slamming of a car door.
At this point, Teddy twisted his head at an angle to see who had just stepped out.
Vern tried standing on Teddy's crouched back to see more clearly, causing the both of them to topple backwards. This of course caused some noise, mostly the sound of Teddy cursing and Vern whimpering.
Gordie and Chris were trying to quietly calm them down.
"Shh! You idiots," Chris whispered, "They'll hear us."
But it didn't appear that they were heard.
Teddy calmly sat back up while Vern lay sprawled on the dusty ground.
Gordie sat farthest to the right, and he also had the best view, for he could now see the person who had gotten out of the car.
He used hand gestures to get the other guys to stop moving.
Squinting slightly, he looked out past the trees again.
At first sight, it was clear that the person out there was a man, and he was most likely in his 60s.
Gordie had begun to wonder if he was there on his own (because that seemed a bit odd) when suddenly, two more voices where heard from inside the car.
"Move over!"
"Shut up!"
"Just get out of the car, god damn it!"
Gordie could immediately tell that they were young, probably teenagers. One was a boy and the other was a girl.
Chris was now at the angle Gordie was, and he too could see who had stepped out; but now, the two other voices had opened the door and slid onto the ground.
Gordie's prediction had been correct; they were teenagers, and they were also obviously twins.
The girl had very long (almost down to her waist) chestnut colored hair. She had dark eyes from what the boys could notice at this distance, and her nose was pointed. She was wearing tight-fitted clothing; a bright blue shirt that hugged her slim body, and really short green shorts that barely covered her long, tanned legs. She wore sandals on her feet, exposing her pink painted toe nails.
Her twin brother also had the chestnut hair color, but his was shorter, flowing onto his forehead with ease. His eyes were also dark and his nose was the exact same shape as his sisters. Instead, he was wearing long blue jeans which seemed to droop below his waist and a loose-fitted plain white t-shirt. In addition, he wore white converse on his feet, almost identical to those that Vern was wearing.
After observing the two teens, Gordie noticed the older man that accompanied them. As he had realized before, the man was in his 60s; he had some wrinkles covering his olive skin and his hair had a grayish tint to it. The man seemed to have the same dark eyes that the teenagers had, which must have meant he was their grandpa.
Chris looked squintingly at this man, observing his eyes with closer detail. Suddenly, a theory popped into his head. At first thought, it seemed ridiculous to him. But then, why should it be? It was very possible. There was something about those eyes that was very familiar to him...
He considered telling Gordie, but decided on peering through the trees again.
Teddy appeared to be only observing the car by which the three visitors stood.
Through everything that had just happened, Chris hadn't realized what the car looked like.
Well, it was definitely a car of the future. It looked sleek and silver, almost like a spaceship. It had intricate curves at the side and over the front. The headlights were oddly shaped, looking like two triangles piercing the air ahead with the bright light escaping them.
The man in his 60s was jingling his car keys and finally locked the car, making the headlights immediately shut off.
The twins were no longer arguing, but now gaping at their surroundings.
"This is it, grandpa?" The boy asked, scrunching his nose up in a disgusted sort of way, "It looks like a dump."
They had parked right on Levitt Ave. and were staring at all the empty buildings and the old street lamps.
"Yep, this is it," the man replied, smiling contently.
The twin boy didn't reply; the town didn't seem to meet his standards.
But the girl was polite, "It looks like it was a nice place once."
Chris could tell though that she was having a hard time bringing those words up. No, Castle Rock had never been a nice place.
Even the old man grinned widely at her words, looking back at his granddaughter. He shrugged, "It was boring, but I miss it."
Chris perked up. Well now it was obvious. His theory must have been correct.
"This man lived here..." He thought to himself.
"Do you think the house is still here?" The boy asked, relaxing his facial expression again.
"It should be," the man shrugged. There was clearly hope in his voice.
"So where is it then?" The girl asked excitedly now.
The elderly man pointed to his left and spoke, "At the edge of town, 857 Charleston Ave."
Gordie, who had been quietly sitting without moving, suddenly gasped and shot up.
Had he heard correctly?
If he had, the man had just pointed out that he had lived in the house Gordie had as a kid.
Chris smirked as he looked at Gordie; oh yeah, his theory was definitely correct.