Tenchi Muyo! Prince of Icano

Chapter 1

It was a peaceful day on the planet of Icano. The residents of the planet enjoyed the peace and tranquility. Only one was upset. I, the blue-haired Prince Maikeru, had nothing to do.

"Father," I said, "Is there anything productive I can do?"

"You can think of a suitable punishment for the prisoners." My father, King Masamune, said.

"I knew it would be useless asking you..." I said disdainfully. I was about to walk out of the throne room, until father called me again.

"I was saving you a gift," he said. He held up two cute cabbits.

"Actually, two."

I smiled and said, "They're cute."

"Well, they're yours to care for." father said. "I recommend that you name them. One is a girl, and one is a boy."

"The boy, Enerugi, because I can sense he is very energetic," I said.

Enerugi mewed excitedly.

"The girl, Tsuyo-sa, because I sense a strong heart in her,"

Tsuyo-sa purred.

"I've much business to take care of, so..." Father was cut off by a huge explosion.

A tall, dark-skinned, yellow-haired man with green eyes entered the room. He wore a yellow trench coat and yellow jeans. His entire form, and his sword, crackled with electricity.

"Masamune," He said.

"Nasanieru," Father said.

"I wonder how much your son would be worth. Maybe ¥800 billion. 900 billion. Maybe ¥100 trillion!"

"If you plan to take my son, you must be able to break his sword."

I was confident that I would win. I materialized a sword of extremely dense ice.

Nasanieru swung his sword at mine three times. The first did nothing. The next chipped my sword, and the third broke it.

"Too bad," Nasanieru said.

I looked down in shame...

It had been a few months on Nasanieru's spaceship. He forced me to learn how to fix spaceships so that I could keep his running. I was also forced to cook and clean. There was only one good thing to happen. I made four new friends.

One was Kera, the little princess of the planet Feulis. Her playful attitude and silky tail and ears were enough to cheer me up.

Another was Haruka, the princess of the planet Vulcanis. She was kind, but her determination to cook the finest meal was so intense, I nearly got burnt.

Also, there was Izumi, the princess of the planet Hyurio. She always kept me in high spirits, but she always drank more sake than intended.

Finally, there was Kirei, the princess of the planet Amuris. Her name means beauty, which suits her. I couldn't help but blush when she smiled at me. Her beautiful hazel eyes, silky pink hair, and kind-hearted smile were simply hypnotic.

One day, a Galaxy Police officer stormed into the ship. His name was Seina Yamada, a very unlucky person. But his bad luck helped him on missions against space pirates, like Nasanieru.

"Yamada!" Nasanieru exclaimed. "Not you again! Last time, you destroyed my ship! Whatever you want, just take it and leave! Just as long as my ship stays intact!"

"Release all of the kidnapped royalty!" Seina said.

"Pack all of your things up!" Nasanieru told us. "You're going with Yamada."

Promptly, me and the princesses left with Seina...

On the ship, Seina introduced us to his wives, Amane, Kiriko, Ryoko, Neiju, Hakuren, Karen, Gyokuren, and Suiren.

"Seina. Where are you from?" I asked.

"I'm from Earth," Seina replied.

"I've heard that Earth is an interesting planet," I said, "I've always wanted to go."

"Later on, I'll call GP Headquarters to send you an escort so that you can," Kiriko said.

I smiled.

"Lunch will be ready in a short moment," she said...

At lunch, I decided to pull a harmless prank. So many chopsticks were set at the table, this prank would be perfect.

When Seina was about to eat, I used my telekinesis to break his chopsticks. He picked another pair up, and I broke those too. It repeated many times. He became more irritated with each time. Eventually, I stopped...

Later in the day, an escort came to take me to earth. Her name was Mihoshi Kuramitsu.

"Maikeru," Kera said,"Will I ever see you again?"

I handed her a control cube that I made.

"With this, you can do anything," I said, "You can call me, or teleport to my location. Just say what you want to do, and it will make it happen."

Kera hugged me tightly.

"You can visit me anytime," I said.

I broke the hug, and handed the other princesses control cubes.

I was about to leave.

Kirei called my name, and I turned around. Then, Kirei kissed me.

She broke the kiss, and said, "Goodbye."

I sighed, and then I left...