Author Notes: Yo everyone and everypony. Here I have a twist I want to experiment with lol. Now I will say this…everything may not be the same lol. Now then as I like to say. ON WITH THE STORY!

"…hey…hey…hello…WAKE UP!" Something yelled a voice.

"Ah, what the? What…what happen? Where am I? What the hell are you?!" I said as I was confused as hell on what was going on, as well as confused with what was standing in front of me.

That was very rude. I am not a what, or a thing just to add to that. I do have a name you know, and it's cybernetic Twilight Sparkle. Oh and it's CTS for short, but you can just call me Twilight. She said telling me her name.

Oh ah sorry about that. I was just confused at the moment there. (I can't believe what I'm looking at!) I yelled in my head.

I was looking at a more like a pony that was human shaped. I knew it was female because of her voice and her umm…other features. She was standing like a normal human would but and stead of feat at the end they were hooves. She had some sort of shade of purple for her fur, then again I didn't know about other colors then the basics for a lot of reasons. She had what I thought would be a mane for her hair which as purple and had a line of pick in her hair as well. She also had a tail that matched her hair…mane. I was even surprised that for her right arm she had a futuristic robotic arm, and for her right leg was it also was futuristic robotic like. Even her right eye was a robotic eye. But the most interesting part that I was looking at was…was...B cup size.

Umm why are you staring at me like that? Twilight asked me. She then notices where I was really looking at. She then yelled and called me a pervert as she slapped me with her left hand.

AH! What the hell was that for! I yelled at her as I held my left cheek with my left hand covering up the red hand mark.

That was for staring at my breast and being a pervert! She yelled at me being slightly annoyed.

Sigh…look I'm sorry it's just…I never saw anything like you before…your cute in a way in my eyes. I said in a sorry tone of voice.

Twilight was taking back as she turned around to hide the blush she had.

Umm Twilight, are you ok? I asked her.

Oh umm yea I umm just wanted to ask you something. She asked as her back was still facing me only to hide her blush.

Oh well then sure. I told her.

I also am wondering what you, as I have never seen anything like you as well. She asked still surprised I called her cute, but was also wondering what I really was.

Oh well I am what you would call a human. I told her.

Oh I see…WHAT! But-but-but humans are mythical creatures that went extinct!

Author Notes: EPIC! Twilight is a cyborg! And wow…just how well Mat react to Twilight's statement? Let's find out next time. See ya next time.