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"I see so that's what happen." I said sipping at the cup of tea Twilight gave me. Both of us were sitting next to each other on her couch. Twilight told me on how I may have ended up here. She told me that she was trying to use a teleportation spell with the help from a device that can teleport anything from around her world to were she was, but the device somehow broke down and the spell went out of control. Which she then told me that portal must have opened up on my world, and with pretty damn good luck the portal opened up right behind me at that very moment saving my life.

"Well I'm glad that we were able to figure this out." Twilight said happy to understand at what was going on.

"Yea and thank you for putting on a robe; I was feeling a little uneasy about you just being naked in your house which I do like the fact that it's a tree too." I said with a little blush showing.

"Yes I can understand why you would feel that way for a male like yourself, but it's how we live here must of the time in Ponyville. Not only that, but we don't have that many males here in Equestria. That's why we females aren't that uneasy or ashamed to be naked around others." She said like it was just a simply habit everyone had.

"I-I see…that must be natural for all of you." (Damn it man this is not a good time to be thinking about that!) I said in my head surprised that I was thinking about other naked ponies. If I could see my eyes right now, I would be able to see that they were glowing green.

"But if a male ever came on to a female without permission from that female, and started to touch her body in a naughty way then we consider that rape; there for the male is punish." Twilight said with a mean glare in her eyes.

"*Gulp* Wha-what kind of punishment would the male get?" I asked as a little drop of sweat appeared on the side of my forehead. I was kind of scared to hear what the punishment would be.

"Well it a simple painful *Chop*". She said plainly as she acted like she just chopped of her left arm with her right hand.

"So you mean by chopping off the male ar…no…you don't mean by chopping off their-" I paused for a moment as I slowing covered my manhood area.

"Twilight eyes gazed were my hands were as she was blushing a little." She then turned her head side ways a little, and nodded her head saying that my answer was yes.

"YOU-YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" I Yelled scared in horror that the female would do that to a male as their punishment. My eyes must be glowing greener as hell by now.

"Hey quiet down! Look I know that it's a scary fact, but that's the law in Equestria. So please understand that, and the fact that you need the permission from a female to mate with her." Twilight said in a concern tone.

"Ok I get it so please stop talking about that stuff ok?" I asked her with my head down trying to calm myself down.

"Oh I'm so sorry for scaring you with that fact. Hear this will cheer you up." Twilight told me as she leaned her face to my left cheek as she was about to kiss it.

"Hey what do you think you're doing?!" I asked her in a concern voice as I scooted to the right side of the couch avoiding her kiss.

"Hey what was that for? All I was trying to do was cheer you up." She told in an annoyed voice while making a grumpy face. She then was moving her body closer to me.

"I never said you could kiss my cheek now did I." I told her pushing her away from me as my eyes are now glowing red. She then threw herself on me as we started to struggle against each other on the couch.

"Stop being a baby, and just let me cheer you up with a kiss on the cheek!" Twilight yelled at me struggling against me just to kiss me on the cheek, and that when it happens.

Watch out! I yelled

Ah! She yelled in shock.

We both fell off the couch and landed on the floor together, but it was me in the end that was on top. I slowly got up, but my body was still over hers. I opened my eyes to see if she was ok. For some reason I clamed down as my eyes were now glowing sky blue.

"Twilight, are you ok? I'm so sorry about that. I hope you're not hurt." I said in a concern voice wishing myself that I didn't act like a kid. Though I can't help it, I just can't feel at ease around female yet.

"Yes I'm fine. Wow can't believe a male would deny a kiss from a female. It must seem like you don't like me at all." (And here I thought he like me. H-he did call me cute didn't he, then why?) Twilight told me, opening her eyes with some tears leaking as she turns her to the side after a few seconds.

"Twilight your wrong you know that?" I told her.

"I am?" She asks as she looks back at me with wide eyes still with some tears.

"Yes, you are. And I see. You wanted to thank me with a kiss from when I called you cute wasn't it? I wanted to ask you something Twilight." I couldn't believe what I was about to ask, but I think it's what I want.

I-I umm…sure just ask. (Just how did he know that the kiss was to thank him!? I just have to know. I-I want to be with him.) Twilight told herself while having a massive blush on her face.

"Twilight…I would lo-love to b-be yo-your." I was blushing hard while feeling like I had sand in my mouth.

(NO-WAY-NO-WAY-NO-WAY-NO-WAY! Do-does he wa-want to be m-ma) Twilight was having a hard time too in her head.

Twilight heart was racing at a fast past. Mine was doing the same. Just as I was about to say what I wanted to say, and Twilight wanted to finish thinking what she wanted to think about, something burst through Twilight doors. Though it was more like someone and if it was Twilight it would have been somepony.

Sugercube are you alright! I heard screaming coming from….

From this instant I thought that I was in for a lot of trouble. It was another pony girl, and boy was she pissed inside! Not only that, but she was carrying a magnum on her waist belt! Those things hurt!

Author Notes: Wow this is epic! Just what will Mat want to say, and what is Twilight truly thinking. And now there a new pony to join in the fun!