This is my first attempt at writing Facts of Life fic and I'm currently extremely sick so if it's not very good then I blame the flu (if it's great then I take all the credit).

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Tears fell silently down the sixteen year old's face; she rolled onto her stomach and buried her face deeply into her pillow to muffle the sobs that suddenly seemed to overtake her. She was alone – in a boarding school surrounded by people that seemed to care for her, Joanna Marie Polniaczek felt so very alone. Her mother had good ol' Jack to come home to, her father had his cellmates, and Eddie... Her fingers curled into her palm as she slammed her fist onto the twin sized bed as a fresh round of sobs ripped through her. She had wanted so badly to marry him even if it was for all the wrong reasons. She should be curled into his arms right now, not crying on her pillow in her single bed in the cold Eastland dorm room.

"Jo?" The edge of the bed by her hip dipped as her blond princess of a roommate sat beside her. She felt Blair's fingers trailing over her back comfortingly, chasing away the sadness. "It's okay, Jo. It's okay to be sad about everything."

"M'fine, Blair." Jo's reply was muffled by her pillow and she rolled onto her side, wiping the tears away with the collar of her pajamas. "I'm fine, Blair. Go back to bed."

"You're not fine, Jo." The blond lifted the covers and slid into the bed wrapping an arm around Jo's waist and holding on tightly despite Jo's attempts to wriggle away. "You're not fine and if you don't settle down you're going to wake Tootie and Nat."

"He was going to marry me, Blair!" She rolled over to look at the heiress who was sometimes her enemy but mostly her friend. "He was going to marry me and things wouldn't have been perfect and they probably would have ended really badly, you know? But he was going to marry me. He wanted me! He wanted me and, dammit, I really wanted him, ya know? I wanted everything he was promisin' but none of it would have come true."

"I know," Blair whispered as she reached out to brush away the hair that had matted to Jo's damp cheeks.

"And if I had just... let him."

Blair pressed the tip of her finger to Jo's lips and sighed softly. "If you had let him marry you then you wouldn't feel so alone right now?"

Jo nodded, lips pursed against the tip of her finger.

"You're not alone, Jo." Blair snagged Jo's hand and pulled her into an awkward embrace on the bed. "Parents... they fail us, you know? They fight and divorce and fight some more. They leave you without a single thought. They move on and fall in love with someone who has no right to you or your life. And guys? All they do is break our hearts. It's like a game for them. Even when they have the best of intentions like Eddie... They hurt us."

"I know all of this, Blair." Jo's accent got thicker as she got sleepier, settling deeper into Blair's hold as the blond played with her hair.

"But, see, that's why we have friends." Blair pressed a kiss to Jo's forehead. "That's why you have Nat and Tootie and even Mrs. Garrett. Because when the rest of the world is screwed up and hurting you, you have your friends."

"Where are you on that list, Blondie?"

Blair chuckled softly and turned on her side to reach over Jo and brush the hair from the far side of her face. "Well you always have me, Jo Polniaczek. Who else will keep you in line and squash all your dreams and slap you in the face with reality if I'm not about to do it?"


"Yes, Jo?"

Jo's eyes fluttered close and she mumbled the words against the silk of Blair's pajamas, "You're not half bad sometimes, Princess."

Blair chuckled into the dark and continued to play with her roommate's hair as she felt the brunette sink into a deep sleep. "Right back at you, my dear neanderthal."