How the fuck did he end up in a room, tied to a chair with Jim Moriarty tied on his right side while there was another man tied down on the opposite side of him.

Now this breeds another question: How in the bloody hell did Jim pull off his suicide? Yeah sure after Sherlock showed back up and told him how he faked his death, it was all so simple, so brilliantly simple, but how do you fake shooting yourself in the head?!

He could feel both of the men staring at him. One of them was smiling while the other had a bored but curious air about him…He wanted to punch the smiling one's face in so so badly.

"Oh look who decided to join us Sebby!" Well then, the man on his right was with Jim, and from the looks of the guy he was more of Jim's body guard and right hand man than just a goon.

The said man just grinned ever so slightly before leaning back into his chair. He had the air of military about him, what rank and position this man was? He didn't know and frankly could care less right about now.

God how did he end up here-Ah right drugged while walking home from the clinic.


The door suddenly opened and all three men watched as a man entered the room. John recognized the man and tried immediately very hard to supress the shiver that ran down his spine.

"Ello boys. Hope you three are alright." He stopped in front of Jim. "No you have been very bad sir, after your 'death' my boss lost a lot of money, and needs some revenge, I'm sure you understand that." He then stood in front of john.

"It's been a while hasn't it Captain." You could practically feel the hatred roll off his tongue. He should just ignore the man… just ignore him.

Who was he kidding? He hated this whole situation and if he was going to be miserable than everyone else had too as well.

"Yeah it has, hasn't it Tony? Oh she's fine by the way." He watched the man carefully, he knew from experience this guy was loose cannon, but that didn't mean he wasn't going to ruffle the guy's feathers.

"Shut up! You're only here because the boss wants Sherlock." John was very aware of the two pair of eyes boring into him; trying to figure out what was going on between the two.

So he just kept on talking; fuck 'em.

"She lives in Kabul, and it was a boy if you were wondering… his name is John."

"You know John I believe that in army training they teach not to anger the person with the gun."

"And they also teach you that 'wadrega' means stop in Pashto." The smack across the temple with the gun was predictable.

"I hate you, you know that? I mean I was the best medic in the unit. I was supposed to be captain! That was for me and you took it, and then oh and then you took away my license. I think it's time for you to pay me back John, but first I want to hear you scream John. I heard you yell, shout, laugh, giggle, cry and whisper but there was never a scream."

He didn't jump with Tony put the muzzle right on his left shoulder, just looked at the asshole with a set jaw and fixed him with a look of indifference.

"The best part of being an army doctor is that I know where to shoot you to make you feel the maximum pain and not bleed to death. Oh Doctor Watson where should I shoot you?" he could feel the gun be dragged over his body, but he didn't once look away from Tony.

No. He wasn't going to give this man the satisfaction. The git was going to get the exact opposite of what he wanted.

Well this was an interesting development in what was possibly one of the worse days of his life. Was it really that hard to retire and be on permanent vacation? That was all he wanted; to sit back and relax with his darling Sebby.

Not a worry in the world, no need to be watching his back, since he was 'dead' by all accounts and Sherlock had taken down his spider web. He had nothing left but a few very loyal minions who kept him the loop and of course his tiger.

It really wasn't fair at all.

Then again sitting here beside John Watson had proven to be more interesting. This man was supposed to be nothing more than a 'pet'. He was so dull and boring.

'Was' being the key word.

Now from what he could figure out about this development was that this Tony fellow knew the pet in the army, raped an innocent female and got caught.

How stupid. If you're gonna rape a person you need to tie him down and gag them.


The look in the pet's eyes, was exciting him.

Oh he's never seen this look and he wants to see more of it.

Hatred and defiance all swirled together in those cobalt eyes.

The itch, the want to see how much he could push before breaking started to form…

No bad Jimmy. Can't have be thinking like that.


The sound of the gun going off seemed to make his heart skip a beat; how odd.


that was all he could feel right now, was the pain in his leg; the leg that had the limp.


Fuck it hurt, and he knew what the bastard did. He knew that the man positioned the gun so the bullet would hit the bone; breaking it… no shattering it. He'd be lucky to be walking normally now after the physiotherapy.

"Oh you fucking git. Why must you be such a pain? I tell you to sit, you stand. I say scream, you bite your tongue, God I hate it." Tony made sure to hit him as hard as he could with the butt of the gun on his jaw before turning to walk out of the room.

For some reason an old memory came back to him while in pain that made him chuckle.

The good doctor had just been shot in the leg and did nothing but glare at their captor.

He didn't scream which in a way disappointed him yet thrilled him at the same time.

Yes he wanted to hear the pet scream in agony, but this level of defiance was surprising and amazing.

How could he have missed this? If he had known this sooner he would have taken the pet for his own, make him wear a collar…oh he'd have a dog bed and a leash…an- NO! Bad Jim!


The laughter that came from the pets lips, that through him; maybe he did break.

"What the fuck is so funny?" This Tony person wasn't too happy about this development.

"Just thinking you'd make an ugly pair of shoes."

Oh... OH!

How interesting.

Sebby could share, or learn to share! He is taking Doctor John Watson and no one was going to stop him. Not even this Tony guy, who was going to be dead in about five minutes.

Seb's men should be storming the place at the moment.

Sherlock and Mycroft are most likely not even close to finding where John is.

This is so delightful.

Retirement could go screw itself. He was taking the doctor with him.

A collar, a dog bed… a room with no windows and one way out. He needed to be able to spend time with his new toy. Need to see how it works. See how he ticks, how far can he be pushed and for how long before shattering.

No bad.

Breaking this man would be bad. You don't break pets, only toys.

John Watson was no toy.

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