John ll

A hospital

That is what he has woken up in…How did he get here?

Ok last memories:

Laughing at Tony.

Tony walking towards him.

The door opening behind Tony and men rushing in.

Right those men. Who were they? One of them went to 'Sebby' first, so they could be his men or have something to do with Moriarty.

But that didn't seem right. Moriarty wouldn't just leave him there tied to a chair, couldn't play with Sherlock if his 'pet' died.

God how he hated that name… pet

But Moriarty didn't seem like the type of guy to leave him at a hospital.

So what happened between blacking out in that room and waking up here at the hospital?

He can hear voices but not what they are saying, so he's not fully awake yet.

God how he hated morphine, it always made him fuzzy.

…Sherlock; one of the voices belonged to Sherlock!

Did Sherlock find him?

A heavy fuzzy feeling started to form in his limbs, and his mind became even groggier.

No wait! Stay awake don't black out again.



That is the sound he woke up too, and for the last thirty minutes it's all he heard.

The tapping of computer keys…were really fucking annoying.

He wanted to sleep and the noise was driving him up the wall.

He knew it wasn't Sherlock that was in the room typing away on a laptop; if it was Sherlock it the room would smell of soap and the London air.

And that made him even more annoyed.

"The person typing better stop before I shove the laptop up their ass." He couldn't help but cringe at how dry and hoarse his voice sounded but damn it he wanted to sleep.

The chuckle that came from said irksome person made a shiver run down his spine and his blood freeze.


God no.

HE was in the Hospital… HE was in the room.

God why are you so cruel?

How cute.

Threatening me when he's the one in the hospital bed with a cast on his leg.

"Goooood evening to you too darling. I must say, I was rather surprised by your heroic actions, and just had to come by to check up on yoooou."

It wasn't a lie. He was surprised to see how the doctor acted yesterday, and it made him wonder if he would have seen those hazel-blue eyes shine with rage and defiance back at the pool all those years ago.

If he would have waited a bit more and actually talked to the pet, actually be with the pet instead of having his men drop him and hook him up with the bomb. Would he have been given the same treatment as Tony when he woke up?

Sherlock was his toy yes. He loved Sherlock, but now John was going to be his pet.

Oh he wasn't going to take the man from Sherlock, not yet anyway.

No kidnapping John wouldn't get him anywhere; he couldn't risk breaking John's mind (even if it would be fun).

A broken pet isn't nearly as fun as a broken toy.

John's loyalty and trust is what he wanted, and those things take time.

The doctor will need time to heal properly before he really started to play his game.

"What are you doing here? No better yet why are you here?"

Tsk the morphine was making the pet's mind slow.

"I told you my dear doctor. I am here to check up on yooou. I couldn't come see you when Sherlock was around; I had to wait until his loooovely brother dragged him out the door."

"Why do you wish to see me?"

"Weeelll, you have captured my attention, and so I thought it would be fair to warn you."

" Wait!...what?!"

"Oh dear, the morphine must really be-"


Damn it, why must people be bothering him NOW?!

The man who texted him will be ski- oh it's from sebby.

Sherlock is on his way. –SM

Damn it all to hell. People are always wrecking his fun!

"I'm going to have to leave you now darling, don't forget about this lovely chit-chat. Seeeee you around!"

Good-bye for now John Watson. Enjoy your life on Baker Street, for when I make you mine you will never step foot in that place again.

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