Strapped to a table. Completely immobile. She opens her eyes, able to look around her surroundings.

"Gaia, you've awoken." The Five model stands over her, sunglasses pressed to his face and his stringy hair that makes her almost want to gag, "I mean, dear girl, it's been far too long since we've a look at you."

"Not..." The young woman tries.

"What was that?" He leans closer, knowing she's of no danger to him. Not really anyway. Not all strapped down.

"Not doctor." Erica blinks slowly, feeling another syringe push into the skin of her arm.

"No, not really. However, I'd love to get a look at those insides." The Five grins menacingly, starting to laugh.

Gaia pushed her eyes open, attempting to catch her breath. "Frak me." She moans softly. Not remembering much of what happened or how she got there, only that her body was aching terribly.

"Hey, you alright?" A head leaned over the side of the bunk above her, blonde. "Heard you groaning or whatever. Didn't want to interrupt, aren't Starbuck and you kind of look...not well."

"I'm fine, Hotdog. Thanks for the concern." Erica edged herself up a little before swinging her legs over the side of the bed. "What are you doing here anyway? Shouldn't you be celebrating at the bar?"

Hotdog jumped down from his bed, taking a seat on the table across from her, "I'm good. Got a kid to worry about."

"You? A kid?"

He nodded, "Nicky." He smiled a little, "Long story, but...yeah. He isn't here, obviously, but...I've been trying to get away from partying too much."

"Good for you." Gaia mumbled, hearing the hatch open.

"Alright, Hotdog, back off her." Starbuck ordered him, playfully. She moved closer, crouching in front of the young woman as the man returned to his bunk, "Hey, how you feeling?"

The young woman hummed a soft chuckle, "Probably as well as I look."

"That's not promising." Kara shook her head, "So, you hungry? Ready to head over to the Admiral's?"

"Sounds like a restaurant." Erica paused with a smile before nodding, "I wanted to grab a shower before, but...I guess we're conserving water and all that."

"No, you deserve it." She smiled, standing and offering a hand to help, "I'll grab something for you to throw on."

"I have...I had my own quarters. I don't know the status of that since I was in the-"

"Don't worry about it. There's plenty of things around." Kara shook her head, "You got used to civvies, think you can go back to some tanks and slacks?"

"Think? I wish I could." Gaia nodded, letting the other woman lead her.

The Four model, Simon, kisses her collarbone as they lie next to one another. "You should really stop smoking."

"Simon, look around. This entire frakking planet has gone to shit and you're worried about a cigarette?" Erica shakes her head, snuffing it out anyway despite her own protests. "I'm not."

"You should be. Taking care of yourself is still a top priority. Can't fight if you can't catch your breath." He kisses the corner of her mouth, "And what will you do when we have children?"

"We are in the middle of a battle for our lives and you're talking about kids?" She scowls slightly, "We're not going for another round right now."

"I know. I know, but Erica is coming is Starbuck." Laura blushed as the man kissed along her neck, trying to undress her, "Bill, I said we have to wait until after dinner." She pushed him away finally, making eye contact with him.

"Why just those two?" Adama watched as she moved from him, "You look great in that shirt, by the way."

"Thank you."

"It would probably look great if it were on the floor too."

Laura rolled her eyes, finally answering his question, "On the Basestar, I was made privy to knowledge I didn't think was even...I would have never-" Slight tears filled her eyes as she shook her head, "Bill, it's the answer to..."

"Hey." Bill moved to her again, worried what could be so serious that it brought this reaction from her, "Hey, they're coming over. I have to ask though, how serious is this? What should I prepare myself for?"

The wheel began spinning on the hatch door before it was jerked open. "We're late. We know." Starbuck announced, her arm wrapped around her sister as if protecting her, guiding her. She picked her head up, seeing the old man in front of her, "Glad to see you aren't actually dead." She nodded, securing Erica at a seat before moving over to him.

"It's good to see you too." Adama moved from the President, embracing the young woman he's come to consider his daughter. "I'm glad you made it out safely."

"Me too." Kara nodded, then glanced to Erica, "Gaia wasn't so lucky...she's doped out of her mind still, so..."

"I am not. I'm fully alert. I am to speak about the things that are on my mind." Erica used her hand as she spoke before looking to the other three people and leaning her head back against the chair, "Okay, maybe a little high, but otherwise...totally fine and able to pay attention."

Laura couldn't help but give an amused smile, "Like my first year as President."

"And that kind of...totally worked for you, right?"

"Sure, honey." Laura moved to the young woman, running a hand over her still wet hair. "Are you comfortable?" When she noticed a nod, she continued, "Yes, well...I don't believe it's any sort of secret why I invited the two of you here." She waved her hand, motioning for the young women to fill the spaces.

"Yeah, yeah, okay." Kara nodded, folding her arms, "Look, I didn't know it until things began to come together. Hard to explain. However, Erica and I share a father."

Bill furrowed his brow slightly, amused with her roundabout way of speaking, "That would make you half cylon as well."

"Best sister ever." Erica nodded, leaning her elbow against the table to rest the unbruised area of her face against her fist.

"And you were able to come back because of that?" The man continued, looking the blond over. Trying to find something bizarre about her. Something different.

"I don't know." Kara answered honestly. "I don't know what any of it means."

"The thing, Bill, is that while the Final Five know of Erica's existence-" Laura began.

"They don't know about Starbuck being a part of them as well." The Admiral nearly smirked.

"The sign of the cross has meaning to them. Male superiority will taint it, but the truth will be their downfall." Gaia mumbled absently.

Laura looked down to the auburn haired woman before crouching, "What was that?"

"I touched the stream. I know what I must know. Mother, daughter, and the sacred ghost. They will lead humanity to the promised land on a chariot of fire." Erica continued, her face appearing as if it was accessing things long since forgotten. As if an actual machine, "The three together are essential to life as we know it. The children of the fallen races will lead the future. Bringing past to the present and starting the cycle all over again."

"You're freaking me out." Kara raises her eyebrow, "She sounds like a Hybrid."

"You can do it too, you know. You're just too afraid to try...or not high enough." Gaia grinned despite the stitches on her face, "Admiral, that's what the big secret was. That Starbuck is my sister and part cylon as well. I hope we didn't get your hopes up."

"Never do." Bill shook his head, glancing to the three, "Gaia, all that nonsense the Hybrids mumble about-"

"They speak in metaphors and similes. They have to. Direct truth would strike fear in the hearts of the ones who aren't able to understand."

Laura reached up, stroking the young girl's tender cheek, "You were right. You are much more alert than the rest of us, I believe." She nodded, "It's been quite a while since you've touched the-"

"Stream. It's called the stream because it's like water, and also because it is a data stream. Duel meaning." Gaia smiled genuinely, leaning her face into her mother's hand, "Check the scriptures. We're all accounted for now. We can finally get Earth."