It was a quiet whisper, but it swirled down through sleep and dark clouded dreams.

"Mmrwut," Marceline mumbled, turning over on her belly.


The vampire's brow furrowed, her nails digging into her scalp for an itch.

"S'up Bonnie," she yawned, her long fangs gleaming.

"You don't have to float like a creeper. You can sleep down here."

Marceline's eyes opened, reflective like a cat's. Far below her, Bubblegum was sitting up in her violet bed. It looked enormous around such a petite girl. Her pink hair was all sorts of messy, something the Queen found suiting.

And that black band tee she had given her draped, the collar loose enough to show just a hint of her rosy shoulder…

She felt her mouth water, and rolled over on her back with a frown.

"It's okay. I like it up here."

"Well, I'd rather like it if you were down here."

"You really wanna share a bed with a—" Marceline began, twisting around with a wolfish face. She wriggled her nails into claws, shifting into something awful.

"Yes, you dork. I can't sleep with you snoring at my ceiling like a congested vulture."

Marceline frowned mid transformation, her hissing tongue drooping between needle fangs.

"I always float. I don't really lay down on stuff."

"Duh—but I thought of something. I think I can keep you down."

The vampire blinked. How long had it been since she felt a mattress, anyway? Usually the air felt just fine.


She stared down. Bubblegum? Ask?

Her body popped back to normal, she was so surprised.

Usually, Bonnibel just ordered. But there was something that had caved in that voice.

Inside, her shriveled heart quivered, and Marceline was glad that mortal candy folk couldn't see in the dark. The blush on her face was ridiculous.

"Ugh, fine."

She invited us over to spend the night, girl time, friendship is magic or something. It's okay.

Her lips twitched at Bubblegum smiling over her descent.

Just don't bite her.

The princess pulled back her covers, scooting over.

Just be cool, you weirdo.

She sat down on the bed, and the plushy way it cushioned her was odd. Nice. But odd. She reached down, yanking off her boots.

Swallowing, she turned, sliding her feet down into the warm covers. Bubblegum took over as always, pulling them up to her grey shoulders and laying down to face her.

The vampire settled onto her back, awkwardly folding an arm under her head.

She could feel her body beginning to lift, and something inside hoped it knew what Bonnibel's plan was.

Still, she almost jumped at the arm wrapping around her stomach.

"Bonnie?" The name leapt from her mouth. PB snuggled closer all the same, laying her head down on Marceline's chest. Her legs looped between and around the vampire's, her other arm stretching up under the pillows.

She smelled…sweet. Sweet like strawberries and sunsets just after rain; like raspberry syrup rising around islands of pancakes.

And she was so warm.

Marceline's eyes closed, her lips parting as she inhaled the moment. Her hand gently rested down on the pink arm holding her.

When was the last time she had been hugged? When skin felt this soft under her fingers? When someone hadn't fought to get away from her touch?

Her arm moved down, folding up the length of Bonnibel's back. Her fingers lazily stroked the soft hair on the crown of her rosy head.

The mattress beneath her absorbed her weight. The shadows around her felt heavy and full. Just before sleep took her, she felt Bubblegum nuzzle her head down into her sternum.

"There. Now you'll stay."