Sticks and Stones

Chapter One: Unthinkable Choices

"I still don't think this is a good idea." The gruff voice interrupted the silence of the two.

"Hush, I think it's brilliant! Love is love." Cupid sighed, quite content with the Angels decision. "Plus, who cares if they are both males! Love is still love, no matter how old, young, or sexuality." Cupid nodded, his voice serious. "And it's not my fault that you can't understand that, Castiel." He huffs, crossing his arms as he continued on down the hall.

Castiel was silent as he mulled over his thoughts. "I don't think it's unusual. I just think they would be really upset..." He muttered, already seeing the blame coming to him for this.

Castiel was the one who objected.

Cupid's only response was to shrug. "Well, let's just go already! I can't wait! It'll be true love, just like John and Mary." He gushed, eager to get to the Winchesters as soon as possible.

Dean sighed loudly as he tilted his head back, "Seriously, dude. Just one case. Just one." He groaned, his beer held tightly in his hand.

It had been a long, long week. The Winchesters had no luck in finding any cases. Which was odd.

Very odd.

Sam was on his laptop, surfing the web for anything weird or unusual. Anything.

"Uhh, I was enjoying the freedom. But then I started to get very bored without having anything to kill." Sam stated, looking at Dean, finally tearing his eyes away from the screen. He paused. "Does that make me sound like a murdered?" He asked after a second.

Dean nodded, barely listening to his brother, only catching bits and pieces. "What are we gonna do. We haven't even seen Cas in forever." He nearly whined.

Sam only made a weird sounding noise, before his eyes drifted back to the artificial light coming from his laptop screen as he continued with his search.

"Well, let's just hope something interesting happens soon." He said simply, before his laptop screen started spazzing.

He glared at it, tapping the side but the glitches continued. "Hello Sam, Dean." Sam nearly jumped from the bed, shocked to suddenly see Castiel standing at the end of the bed, a man standing beside him.

A naked man... Oh no.

Cupid was smiling from ear to ear, and he spotted Sam before him, and his smile turned into a grin. "Sam!" He cried, suddenly jumping from the ground and into the air to give the younger Winchester a great big hug.

"The angels have smiled down on you! And you have been chosen!" Cupid cried, hugging the man.

Sam was confused, and slightly afraid, as a too-happy-looking-Cupid jumped onto him suddenly, nearly squeezing the life out of him.

Dean looked all too happy, although he did not like the fact that Cupid was all over his brother on the bed.

The air was awkward, and Castiel made it more awkward with his already awkward presence.

Sam blinked, Cupid finally getting off of him to go and hug Dean. Sam turned to Castiel, staring at him with confusion. "Hey, Cas..." He mumbled. "So, uh, what does he mean by 'Chosen'? Unless he's talking about Lucifer..." Sam trailed off, running a hand through his hair.

Castiel looked from Cupid, to Sam, to Dean, then back to Sam. "Well, you're not going to like it. Both of you. But, the angels have decided it is to be your fates. And for your information, I was against it." Castiel said, suddenly disappearing before their eyes.

"Aww, he's just shy." Cupid gushed, his hands on his cheeks. "Okay, okay. It looks like I'll have to tell you the wonderful news."

"Dean, I'm scared." Sam whispered, backing against the bed frame as Cupid's grin only widened. The fact that Cas had left, scared him even more.

"Alright, so, get this. The angels have given you a gift Sam." Cupid smiled pleasantly, his hands behind his back gave his posture an innocent look about it, despite his naked frame.

"Wha- what kind of gift?" Sam dared to ask.

"Well, I think I'll tell you why, before I tell you your special gift!" Cupid said excitedly, making himself comfortable on the couch that lay against the wall. "Okay, so. The angels have been searching and searching. For anyone that would suit you guys, so you would be able to have kids soon-" Cupid blinked at the faces they made, before he continued.

"And, we couldn't find anyone who was better suited for you, so, then the angels decided to give the gift to Sam! And I'm here to fulfill it, and complete my duties."

"What's the gift?" Sam's voice came out in a squeak, suddenly feeling like he didn't want the answer after all.

"Sam! You are able to get pregnant!" Cupid cried out, putting a hand over his eyes as tears began to form. "It's beautiful." He sobbed out, before a small black arrow appeared from his hand. He shot both Sam and Dean, making them both fall into a deep sleep instantly.

"My job here is done. Don't wanna be around when they get to the baby making." Cupid giggled, disappearing just as Castiel had done earlier.

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