Sticks and Stones

Chapter Three: Deniable Feelings

"I am happy to report that everything is going well!" Cupid stood beside Castiel, who was staring at the ground in defeat. Cupid's smile was soft as he shifted his weight around, feeling quite happy with his accomplishments.

"The Winchesters have already done the deed, and now they will begin to feel it! Ahh, Love. It's beautiful." Cupid said in a singing voice, disappearing from sight.

Castiel looked at where the naked man used to be, and then his eyes glanced to the Angels in front of him. He offered a nod of the head, before also taking off, the sound of wings rebounding in the large room.

Sam woke to the sound of snoring. Morning light flooded in from the motel room window, gracing him with the sight of his brother.

The Memories of what happened pooled into his mind, making him twitch. 'I feel dirty.' Sam thought plainly, staring at Dean, who was spooning him in some weird fashion, with a dull expression. He paused, his eyes trailing down his brother's lightly scarred chest, silently admiring his abs.

'OH GOD- SPOONING!' Sam cried inwardly, the shock of it sending him tumbling off the side of the bed. He landed painfully on his tailbone, sending a jolt up his spine in an unpleasant way.

He let a pained yelp out, lying out on his back. He stared at the ceiling, tensing when he heard Dean snort in his sleep. He heard the bed creak, and blinked as Dean poked his head off the side of the bed, staring at him sleepily.

Sam gave him an awkward smile as his eye twitched, the rest of his body unmoving.

Dean continued his stare off, before his eyes widened and he jolted back. He would have stopped himself from falling off the other side of the bed, but his hands got tangled in with the sheets along with his legs.

Dean landed with a thud and a grimace as he accidentally bit his tongue when he landed. "Ow." He muttered, suddenly feeling very grumpy as he tasted the metallic blood on his tongue.

He swallowed the metallic taste with saliva as he made to stand up. "So, uh, breakfast?" Dean chuckled awkwardly, clapping his hands, before he wrapped the sheet further around his hips.

Sam let a sigh out as he grabbed the tray closest to him, and turned on his heel to go sit down at a booth. Dean followed closely behind him and sat down. He put his tray down and picked up his bacon and sausage breakfast burger.

Sam paused, and looked at his brother's choice of food, before shaking his head and getting back to his chicken caesar salad.

An awkward silence had settled in, much like the silence that had formed on the drive to the diner.

Sam looked up at Dean, before he began picking away at his salad. He mixed the dressing in, eating the bits of chicken first, before finally eating the greens.

"Are we..." He finally spoke, breaking the silence. "Are we going to, like, talk about it?" Sam asked, not wanting to hear the answer. He does want to talk about it, but then again, he doesn't.

Dean looked up, blinking slowly. "Uhh..." He trailed off, a pregnant pause following. The slow hum of the other people remained deaf to their ears, only focused on each other at the moment. "We had sex?" He said after a moment.

Sam nearly choked on his coffee, giving Dean a glare as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "Way to be straight." He muttered.

"It wasn't so straight last night." Dean grinned, but then realizing it wasn't the best joke he could come up with. He coughed, clearing his throat. "Never mind." He mumbled after a moment, trying to ignore Sam's 'I'll kill you' look.

"Look, Sammy, all that matters, is that next time we see Cupid, we'll stab him in the face." Dean gave a firm nod, taking a sip from his own coffee.

Sam rolled his eyes, frowning, "Shouldn't we ask him questions before attacking him?" He crossed his arms, finding himself not very hungry at the moment anymore.

"Like what?"

"More like demand what this 'gift' was, and then demand for him to reverse whatever he did to us." Sam almost growled out. He felt like he knew what this gift from the angels was, but he just couldn't place his finger on it... So, what better than to ask cupid, if he shows again. Or maybe Cas. Yeah, Cas would know, right?

"Then can I stab him?" Dean questioned, his hands gripping the steering wheel helplessly.

"No, Dean." Sam huffed out, glaring out the window. "I already told you the plan. You're not going to stab Cupid." He uttered, sinking further into the seat. "Calling Cas didn't work, so we'll just have to wait." Sam felt like he was talking to a five-year old. Then again, he probably was.

Dean heaved a sigh as he pulled into the motel's parking lot. He parked the Impala, and got out.

He and Sam walked back to their room, both silent. They went inside, Dean slamming the door behind him, startling Sam from his thoughts.

"Okay, dude," Dean started, waving his hands around, "This is getting to be really awkward."

"Tell me about it." Sam agreed, falling onto the couch with a sigh. "... Now what?"

"What do you mean, now what?" Dean asked, giving Sam a weird look.

"I mean, what do we do now while waiting for Cas or Cupid to show?" Sam elaborated with an eye roll.

Sometimes, Dean amazed him.

Dean shrugged, taking his jacket off and hanging it on the chair. "I don't know. What should we do?"

"Look for any cases?" Sam suggested, pushing himself up off the couch to search for his laptop. Dean nodded in agreement, walking up to the fridge. He pulled two beers out, and handed one to Sam, who looked confused.

"What?" He asked hesitantly.

"My laptop. Where is it?" Sam hissed, his eyes narrowing in irritation.

"Don't know. I didn't touch it." Dean shrugged again, eyes scanning the area loosely before giving up.

"Are you sure you weren't using it to watch porn or something?"

"Dude, you've been with me the whole time, when would I have the chance to watch porn?"

"... Good point. Then what the hell happened to it?"

"I took it." Both Winchesters jumped, their eyes immediately drifting to Castiel, who suddenly appeared in the room.

"What, why? Give it back!" Sam demanded, holding his hand out, tapping his foot against the ground.

"Sam! The plan!" Dean hissed, taking the lighter from out of his pocket. He struck a flame, and threw it to the ground.

A flame spread around Castiel, who didn't even appear to notice, or care, for that matter.

"Wha- oh, right. The plan." Sam got up quickly, walking up to Castiel with a jug of holy water.

"Relax, Cas. We just want to ask you a few questions." Dean said, walking up to grab his lighter. He chucked it in the air, catching it easily as he stared down the angel.

Castiel cocked his head, before blankly staring at them, waiting for one of them to speak up.

"First things first; What is t-"

"What did you do with my laptop?" Sam interrupted Dean, his hands on his hips as if he was talking down to a child.

Castiel looked at the ground, before looking back at Sam. "Don't worry, Sam. It is fine. I'm just holding on to it. For a period of time."

"How long?"

"... Hopefully nine months. Longer, if needed."

"Why nine?"

"Do you not remember?"

"Remember what?"

"The gift the angels have given you."

"Yeah, about that. Sam here doesn't quite remember. So, Cas, if you'll enlighten us." Dean said, cutting Sam off from any other questions, getting back on track.

Castiel nodded, wetting his lips before speaking, "As you know, Cupid shot you both with the arrow, and I already explained that all you'll feel is lust, now, right?"

Sam and Dean nodded, both making childish faces before focusing back on Castiel. "The gift that has been given to Sam, is that he is able to bare children." The angel said.

Suddenly, the temperature dropped in the room, and that was saying much, considering the flames surrounding the angel.

"... You're saying... That I-... That defies all logic!" Sam burst out, grasping his head. He felt faint, and dizzy. His head spun, and he would have collapsed on the ground, if Dean hadn't steadied him on time. "I can't... I can't get pregnant!" He exclaimed loudly, his heart pounding inside his chest. "It's not possible." He shook his head in denial.

"It is. The angels have made it so. And I'm sorry Sam, but,"

"But, what?" Sam asked after a moment, praying that his guess wasn't the right one as his grip on Dean's arm tightened.

"But you're already pregnant."

Ryou: I'm really sorry I haven't updated this story in such a long time! But now I'll pay more attention to it, I swear!