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Entering the room, Kate couldn't remember the last time she felt like this. She was feeling a mix of worry, relief, shock and most of all love. As she approached his bed, she felt a single tear stream down her right cheek leaving a glistening track behind. Sitting down in the chair next to his bed, with Lanie standing on the other side, she took his hand in hers and squeezed it tight. An action not only reassuring him that she is there, but an action to reassure herself that he is alive and due to wake up any minute now.

As Kate sat there, still grasping her boyfriends hand like it was a lifeline; Doctor Burton came through the door.

"Hi, I've just come to check his vitals" he stated to both the women, whilst walking over to the monitor by Ricks' bed.

"When is he going to wake up?" Kate questioned, as her patience was wearing thin and her anticipation building.

"Any minute now, it takes a while." He replied, to both women, now revising Ricks chart.

As the room fell silent and the doctor was about to leave, Kate felt a sudden movement next to her. Delight covered her face when she realized that it was Rick who moved and that he was finally waking up.

Catching the movement, the Doctor turned around and headed towards the bed, standing at the end of the bed, watching as Ricks eyes fluttered open.

As Castle was slowly opening his eyes and being brought back into reality, he felt a sudden squeeze upon his left hand. Alexis. Was the first thing that came into his mind when he felt the squeezing. Alexis is here, it has to be. Little did he know that the squeezing wasn't coming from his daughter, but from, none other than, Detective Kate Beckett.

"Kate?" He asked shocked by seeing that Kate was the one squeezing his hand. Turning his head, he noticed that she wasn't the only one by his bedside. Lanie was also by his side and a mysterious man, he'd never seen before was standing at the end of his bed.

"Hi" Kate replied softly. "How are you feeling?" no griping his hand with both of hers, she squeezed once more to assure him that she was there, and that she was not going anywhere.

"I'm okay. What are you doing here? What happened?" clearly confused by the chords and tubes attached to him.

Seeing his opportunity, the Doctor kindly intervened. "Mr. Castle, I'm Doctor Burton, you're at Lutheran Medial, and you were brought in here with stab wounds and a few broken bones and bruising." Seeing the shock and confusion increase over Rick's features, Kate gave another squeeze to his hand.

"Where's Alexis?" He asked Kate, clearly worried for his daughter's safety.

"She's fine she went home about an hour ago, but she said she will be back soon" Kate quickly responded, earning a small smile from the Writer.

"I'll go call her and tell her you're awake" Lanie said, as she slowly rose from her seat beside his bed. "Thanks Lanie" Castle responded with a kind smile.

"Mr. Castle, if I may, I would like to ask you some questions." Earning a nod from the Writer, the Doctor decided to start his examination.

"What is the last thing you remember?" he asked with a hint of curiosity on his face.

"I remember fighting with Kate" looking at Kate with a look of sadness, Kate now releasing his hand, with a look of both worry and sadness on her face." And I was getting ready for Alexis' graduation."

Upon hearing his recount of the last thing he remembers, Kate immediately looked over to Doctor Burton with confusion and worry written all over her features.

"Mr. Castle if you could answer these following questions, it will help with my final analysis of the seriousness of your injury" the Doctor, getting nothing but curiosity from Castle.

"What do you mean 'seriousness of my injury', is something wrong." He asked now worried and confused.

"Rick just answer the questions, please" Kate said now standing next to the Doctor.

Completely thrown off guard by the use of his first name, he decided to cooperate "Okay"

"What is the year" the doctor asked.


"What is the date?"

"May 4th 2012"

"What is your relationship status?" the Doctor asked, taking Rick completely off guard by the personal question.

"Why is that important?" he asks, clearly besotted as to why he must answer that painful question.

"Just answer the question Castle" Kate demanded, now feeling heartbroken as the idea of him not remembering became too much. She couldn't imagine the thought of him having no recollection of five of the best months in her life, the five months with him.

"I'm single" he replied, trying desperately to hold back the I was waiting for someone special that was on the tip of his tongue.

Upon hearing her deepest fears, Kate, overwhelmed with the last couple of hours, excused herself before Rick had a chance to see the tears welling in her eyes.

"Mr. Castle if you could please excuse me, I will be back shortly" the doctor quickly excused himself before Castle could object or say anything.

Instead Rick sat there wondering what the hell was going on and what they were holding back from telling him.

Walking out into the hallway, Doctor Burton soon spotted Kate hunched over against the wall, clearly hiding out of sight from the Writer. Approaching the Detective slowly he placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Miss. Beckett, are you okay?" he asked, knowing full well, that it wasn't the best question to ask, but decided to go with it, trying to be friendly.

"No, I'm not; he has no recollection of the past five months! The past five months that he has been with me! So no I'm not okay!" she barked, tears now threatening to paint her cheeks.

"Now Detective, I know this must be hard to deal with, but I believe that this is only a temporary amnesia, caused by his blow to the head and the concussion" he said, trying to reassure the clearly distraught, but very much in love woman that stands before him, tears now slowly running down her cheeks.

"So when will he get his memory back?' she asked clearly trying to stay positive.

"Depends, could be weeks, could be months. However it all depends on Mr. Castle" Doctor Burton told Kate, trying to sound as positive as possible.

"How can I help get his memory back?" Kate asked, trying to make the best out of the situation and help the man she loves.

"You can't help him that much, otherwise he's brain will most likely interpret the information incorrectly and make up a false story to go with the information. However you can help him by surrounding him with familiar people, photos, objects, scents. Stuff like that." He replied, trying to give Kate as much closure as possible.

"Okay, we need to tell him what's going on." She told the Doctor, as he nodded in agreement.

As they were both about to walk off, Lanie came around the corner with both Martha and Alexis. Walking up to Kate and Doctor Burton, Lanie noticed the fresh tear tracks on Kate's cheeks, becoming immediately worried.

"Honey, what's wrong? Is everything okay?" now catching Martha and Alexis' attention, all three of them now covered in worry in curiosity. Kate took a moment to compose herself, wiping the tears from her eyes, before answering the question all three women desperately wanted to know the answer to.

"Rick doesn't remember the past five months." Not able to stop the tears from coming Kate let them flow and chose to continue. "Doctor Burton said he has temporary amnesia from the blow to his head" Kate said as all three inhaled in shock. Kate now turning directly to Lanie.

"He doesn't remember US Lanie. He doesn't remember" now sobbing in her best friends arms Kate takes a minute to gather herself again before hugging Martha and Alexis.

"We were just about to go and inform him of his condition" The doctor says from behind Kate. They all nod in agreement and follow the Doctor into the room.

As soon as Martha and Alexis' saw him they both ran over and engulfed him in a long embrace. After giving them a minute, Doctor Burton finally decides to break the news to him.

"Mr. Castle, I have now examined you and I can inform you that your conditions slightly more serious than first thought." The Doctor informed him, immediately wiping the smile from everyone's faces.

"What do you mean? Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on and why Kate is here when she clearly hates me" he said furiously. Now making Kate excuse herself, closely followed by Lanie.

"Richard! That is no way to speak to her" Martha demanded at her son, disappointment and sorrow all over her face.

"Mr. Castle, as I was saying, your condition I a little more serious than first thought" the doctor continued and waited for Ricks confirmation that he understood. Getting a nod from Castle, he chose to continue.

"it appears that you are suffering from temporary short term memory loss" Shock now covering his face. The doctor taking his silence as a sign to continue.

"We believe the temporary amnesia was brought on from the blow to your head." The Writer now completely shocked and speechless was squeezing Alexis' hand so tight, her knuckles were turning white. After a short moment of pin dropping silence. Rick finally found his words.

"How Long? How much cant I remember?' clearly distraught and stressed about his current situation.

"Well today's date is October 4th 2012, so it appears you have lost the last 5 months of your memory." Tears now welling in the Authors eyes. With shock now all over his face, he turns to Alexis'.

"I missed your graduation; I missed my little girl start college." Tears now streaming down both their cheeks. Alexis squeezed his hand reassuring them both.

"No dad, you didn't, you just can't remember it." She replied, trying to stay positive, earning a smile from her father.

"Mother, why was Kate here, and why did she get so upset when I got upset with her?" He asked his mother, clearly confused. Martha turned to the doctor for permission to tell him about his relationship with the beloved detective. Receiving a nod from the doctor, she decided to continue.

"Because darling, you and Kate have been seeing each other for the past five months." She sadly informed her son, shock, sadness, and confusion now covering all his features. What? She rejected me, how can this happen? Me and Kate? His thoughts went into overdrive at the news. A few minutes past before he spoke.

"Me and Kate? Are you sure?" he asked both his daughter and his Mother. Receiving nods from both, a small, yet hardly noticeable smile spread across his face. Wow he thought.

"Can someone please go and get her, I need to see her" he asked. Alexis immediately standing up and retreating to the door to go and find Kate.

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