Lost at a Certain Angle

It all starts in the locker room.

"Reo, I like you."

Reo makes nothing of it, and he nonchalantly continues to towel his hair off. He opens his locker, applies deodorant to his underarms, and he even puts powder on himself. He shuts it, and he sits down on the bench to put on his shoes.

"Reo, I said I like you."

The skilled shooting guard of Rakuzan pays no heed, and he starts to hum a soft tune in a steady yet wavering tone.


His humming abruptly stops at the weight of a calloused palm on his shoulder and the warm breath near the back of his neck. Reo gulps at the sense of impending doom. He squeezes his eyes shut for a moment, and he plasters a smile on his face as he turns and asks, "Sorry, what did you say, Eikichi?"

"I like you."


Reo has never ran faster in his entire life.

(and that's including the time their lovely captain got into a rage and demanded everyone to break their current speed record. or else.)

For the first time in forever, Reo feels like skipping practice. Or school. Or his entire life. He feels like skipping his Sei-chan Time (and that's saying something), he feels like skipping his appointment with his favorite parlor today, hell; he even feels like skipping shooting practice.

He feels like skipping Eikichi's confession.

Reo groans at the memory of yesterday's awkward locker room confession, and he stuffs his face into his pillow. That was so fucking embarrassing! What, did that stupid muscle gorilla read too many BL manga?

He could have at least chosen a more romantic place!

Reo sighed and placed his arm over his eyes. "Fucking muscle gorillas and their stupid confessions."

"Reo, I will not tolerate you using such foul language. Get up, and get ready for school, you hear?"

Reo groaned again and replied, "Mother? May I skip school today?"

"Instead of acting like you're Edward Cullen in Twilight, face the boy head-on, you stupid son!"


And so Reo finds himself walking dejectedly to school.

Akashi's big, black Mercedez Benz drives by (and wtf is that Gangster Paradise blasting out of his car's stereo) and splashes muddy water on his disheveled uniform.

"Fuck you, Sei-chan!"


"Keep driving, Sebastian."

By the time the shooting guard arrives in school, he is completely rumpled, drenched, and pissed. He's not in the mood for school, or for anything else, really. He'd rather have his mother call him derogatory names (as long as it doesn't attack his physical appearance because damn, I know I'm hot as fuck and no one can convince me otherwise) while he wraps himself in his blanket and pretends that he is a burrito.

Forget about being an Uncrowned General. I want to be a human burrito.

Just when his mood was lightening considerably at the prospect of turning himself into a burrito (tomorrow I'll be a burrito), of course, a certain muscle gorilla just had to enter his classroom.

"Is Mibuchi Reo here?"

All eyes turned to him.




"...Anyone who successfully throws that guy out of my air space right now will get a kiss from me. Any kind of kiss you want. Boy or girl, I don't care."












Reo hummed contentedly and idly studied his nails. However, due to his relaxed state, he failed to notice that his plan actually kinda failed because-



-yeah. Exactly.

Due to the tension and general disagreement (chaos) he caused between his classmates, Eikichi was able to infiltrate the room without getting noticed. And so he walked closer. And closer. And closer.

And closer.

"You are a fucking coward, Reo."

Reo refused to face him. "...You're ugly. Get out of my sight."

Eikichi snorted, but he didn't force the boy to face him. Instead, he placed his arm on Reo's desk and stared intently at him. "You're just acting like that because you don't know what to do."

A vein slightly bulged on Reo's forehead and he glared sideways at his team mate, still refusing to look him fully in the eye. "I do know what to do. Who do you think I am? I've received lots of confessions like yours, from both males and females."

"Yeah, you have. But you haven't received a confession from me 'til yesterday."

"Your point is?"

"You don't know what to do or reply because there's a chance you might actually like me."

Reo felt his cheeks flush ever so subtly, and he rolled his eyes. "You're ugly. And cocky. And too buff. I'm not into bara romance. I'm more of a shonen-ai person."

"...I could get you used to it."

"...Get out of my fucking space."

"I won't."

"Then, I'll leave goddammit! Take your fucking time making out with my desk, you stupid muscle gorilla!"

Reo promptly shoved his chair back and tried to shove Eikichi out of his way as he stood up.

Of course, the muscular center didn't budge an inch.

"...Step aside."

"I don't want to."

Eikichi was slowly leaning into Reo's personal space, and his face was getting too close for comfort. Reo gritted his teeth and narrowed his eyes. He hissed, "Get out of my way."

"Make me. Akashi didn't make us train 'til our muscles ached and cramped for no reason, right?"

"Fuck you."


"UGH- "

...And it was then that Eikichi prayed to the Lord for the very first time, because Reo's kick hurt, and he loved his balls.

"Now, you imbecile, out of my way."

Reo sashayed past him, and Eikichi mentally flipped him off. I may love the guy, but I just hate it when Reo sashays.

I hate it!

"Sei-chan, I want to drop out of the club."

"That's cute, Reo. Now, do me a favor and do fifty suicides up and down the court, alright?"

"But I- !"

"A hundred suicides. Add in some fifty consecutive shots too. Once you miss, start again."


Is this a basketball club or a satanic cult?

It takes a week full of awkward hiding, escapades to the girls' comfort room (the girls didn't mind because iT'S REO-SaMA!11!), three consecutive days of being a burrito and a real talk with Sei-chan before Mibuchi Reo, homo shooting guard extraordinaire, works up the courage to face Nebuya Eikichi's confession head-on, with no sign of cowardice.

It starts in the locker room...

...it ends on the goddamn rooftop because Reo won't admit it, but he has always wanted to have at least one dramatic moment on the rooftop.


"Okay, can we cut the shit and just get to the climax already? Do you like me or not?"

"God fucking- god! You're so annoying! Just to remind you, you're the one who confessed- !"

"That's why I'm asking for your answer! Do you know how long I've been waiting?!"






A blush positively blooms across his cheeks, and Reo huffs and faces the setting sun from the chain-linked fence. His heart beats a bit faster, and he can't help clucking his tongue in annoyance. He runs a hand through his locks, and a bigger, tanner hand interlocks with his fingers and settles on top of his head.

It's official. This guy is seriously gay for me.

"Is it a yes..."

The voice (yes, the voice) drops to a whisper, and it's all Reo can do to stop himself from shoving his tongue down the fucking muscle gorilla's throat.

"...or a no? Don't leave me hanging, Reo."

Reo squeezes his eyes shut, and he lets out this huge, heavy sigh that has him falling back on his Herculean team mate's (strong, manly) chest. He cracks one eye open, and he gazes up at Eikichi.

"...Maybe I could get used to bara, after all."

Eikichi smiles and he bends down to kiss Reo, awkward upside-down angle be damned.







"My neck hurts, you little shit!"

Author's note: This is supposed to be crack, but honestly, I think they're cute. While everybody else is going on about the 'Light and Shadow' thing, Reo-nee and Nebuya can be Rakuzan's Beauty and the Beast, lol~ :D