Six Months Later

Corvo woke up bound to an interrogation chair with High Overseer Campbell standing before him and Lord Regent Burrows beside him.

"This is your last chance Corvo," Campbell warned, "Sign the confession and let me perform the rites to put your soul at ease."

"You don't seem to get it do you Sullivan," Corvo said patronisingly, "I've been telling you for six frickin months, I didn't kill Jessamine and I sure as hell didn't touch Emily. So you might as well just shut up and get over with the execution."

"I thought you would say something like that," Campbell turned to the guard beside him, "Do it."

Oh cra... "Aaaagh!" Corvo screamed as the guard branded him, "Screw you, you bastard!"

"That's enough for know," said the Lord Regent to the guard, "Let's give the man some time to think."

Immediately after the he left the room Burrows began, "Corvo, the Empress is dead and Lady Emily is missing and no one will ever know the truth.

"Yes unlucky you," the High Overseer said, "Tomorrow you'll be executed, but it's for a good cause. This country needs strong leadership in this time of crisis, someone to guide the weak, that's where we come in."

"I assure you that there was nothing personal about this," said Burrows, "Even though because of you our plans were almost ruined. But it turned out for the best in the end. You were in the wrong place at the right time, and someone has to take the fall. Goodbye, Corvo."

As he was leaving Corvo heard him shout, "Corvo take him back to his cell.


The doors of his cell opened and Corvo could see a silhouetted figure standing there. "You should eat Corvo. This meal comes from a friend." He laid a plate down on the floor and walled away, closing the door behind himself.

Corvo pulled himself out of his bed and crawled over to the plate. On it there was a loaf of bread. In a few short moments he had wolfed it down and was now examining the note that had been concealed beneath the loaf.


Who we are is irrelevant right now. Just know that we have faith in you.

Her is the key to your cell. Once you're out, head for the Interrogation Room. Take the explosive there and plant it on the Outer Door. When the bomb goes off, run. Make for the river and lose yourself in the sewers. You'll find useful gear stashed there.

One of the prison guards will leave a weapon just outside your cell.

And good luck. We need you alive and well for what's to come.

-A Friend

Well, Corvo thought, Isn't that handy.

Corvo opened the door of his cell and lo and behold on a table only a few steps away from the door of his cell was a sword as well as some coins that Corvo scooped into his pockets.

So following the instructions given to him, Corvo headed for the Interrogation Room. In the first room he entered he saw three guard, one of them standing in the shadows with his back turned to Corvo.

Deciding it would be best not to kill him, Corvo wrapped his arm around the the guards neck and strangled him until he fell unconscious. Corvo took his body back into the previous room and placed him into his cell. Closing and locking the door Corvo continued on his way.

Sneaking past the other guards was easy and on a wall Corvo found a pistol, some ammo and a bottle of Sololov's Health Elixir. He put the spare bullets and Elixir into his pocket and kept his pistol at the ready.

Moving on, Corvo had to climb a wall to continue on his way. At the top of the ledge Corvo found another two bottles of Elixir, some more ammo, coins and a tin of whale meat which he took the time to eat.

Before opening the next door Corvo looked through the keyhole to see if anyone was there. He saw one guard standing still with his back turned. Quietly opening the door, Corvo crept toward the guard and silently grabbed the key off of his belt and then strangled him until he fell unconscious.

Turning left, Corvo stole across the walkway like a shadow and opened the next door using his newly acquired key.

Through that door was a corridor and the one guard patrolling he was quietly put to sleep and liberated of his money pouch by Corvo.

At the end of the corridor was a flight of stairs that Corvo followed to the lower floor. Corvo then opened the door that led into the Interrogation Room. Corvo entered the room and played and audio graph.

Corvo heard the Lord Regent's voice saying:

Corvo's unconscious again. Though he's taken more punishment than any two men we've brought in for interrogation. When he wakes, we'll start again. Having him sign the confession for her murder isn't critical, but it might be useful to us later. The assassination of an Empress is not a trivial matter.

After listening to the audio graph, Corvo grabbed the explosive out of the safe and picked up some coins that were lying around.

Leaving the Interrogation Room, Corvo went into the yard.

"Hackworth, you lazy slug. Did you patrol the Yard?" Corvo heard one guard saying.

"Sorry, not yet. I was gonna report that boiler leak from yesterday," said who Corvo assumed to be Hackworth.

"Forget it. Just do your rounds," said the first voice, "A report's trouble for both of us."

"I'm movin'," said Hackworth.

Still hiding in the shadows, Corvo made his way behind Hackworth and with a hand over his mouth dragged him into the shadows with him.

"Hey Hackworth," the other guard called.

No response.


No response.


q and ammo, Corvo moved on to the next room. I there he could see two guard talking, one in the open and the other inside one half of a control booth. After their conversation ended the guard in the open walked away and Corvo made his way to the booth. Checking through the keyhole he saw that his target had his back turned so he quickly opened and shut the door making next to no sound and knocked the guard out.

He exited the booth and saw that the other guard was turning to come back. Like his friend he too was strangled.

Corvo moved on to the second half of the booth and saw that within it there was a third guard. Corvo slipped inside and quickly gave him a good hard fist to the face, knocking him out and giving him a blood nose.

Corvo used the controls to open the large metal gates. With a lot of screeching and groaning the gates opened. As soon as the gates opened Corvo leapt forward and pulled a guard who was standing directly in front of the gate and knocked him out.

Hearing the gates open, a guard who was also in the room ran down to see what was going on. As soon as he presented his back, Corvo strangled him powerfully and put him to sleep.

Reaching the Outer Door, Corvo deployed the explosives and set them on a ten second timer. He ran back into cover.












The Outer Gate was blown into smithereens and chunks of rubble were flying everywhere. Corvo ran out into the sunlight and paused. To his right, was a group of a dozen guards and before him was the river. He jumped. As he fell he heard a dozen gunshots and could see the bullets whizzing past his head.


Corvo landed into the cold water of the river and swam to the entrance of the sewer. Getting out of the murky water, Corvo entered the Sewers. He was free!