Torture, mayhem, violence, enslavement, extreme sexual situations, swearing and other naughty things that society frowns upon.

This is pretty much another version of my Overlord Gothic story which I want to keep writing but its getting harder to write because I'm running out of ideas. Plus if I write this story I can make the main character really evil and cruel in ways that Overlord Gothic wasn't really suited to.


Upon his death a normally well meaning Nerd is given the chance to embrace the darkness that has until now remained hidden in his heart. Freed from guilt and shame his lust for power, wealth and sexual gratification can be explored as he becomes one of many new Dungeon Keepers.

Follow his journey as he goes from one of many Keepers to the greatest of them all by exploring what it means to be evil and by destroying everything that stands in his way.

Author Note:

I needed to rewrite the story as I made a few mistakes and I wanted to explore the idea of Keepers become inhuman in form but that didn't make sense if the Keeper's can chose their physical form so a quick rewrite was in order.

Dungeon Keeper Gothic.

Part One.

Gothic's Dungeon. Below 21st Century Earth.

Well if this was the afterlife then it was really overrated. Rather than see the Pearly Gates or even the fires of Hell I was instead sitting in the dark seeing nothing at all and feeling rather chilly.

Despite the fact that I'd just died after being hit by a speeding car I didn't seem to be dead at all. I could feel my heart beating and I could hear myself breathing. As my lungs took in needed oxygen I noticed that the air seemed stagnate like I was in a stuffy old room were the windows had been closed for to long.

Picking myself up my hands touched the floor and it was cold, hard rock that felt rough and uneven. Like the ground in a cave.

If I was deep inside a cave that would explain the foul air and the total lack of light but it didn't explain a lot of other things, like what had happened to me after the car hit me.

I was so sure that I had died but if was alive I should be in a hospital not in a dirty cave. I should be hooked up to machines and have doctors poking me, but I felt fine in fact if anything I felt great. I'd not felt this full of energy since I was a child at play.

Now standing up I decided to explore my surroundings. Just because I couldn't see anything didn't mean I could find my way around. I had four other senses after all and they seemed to be working. I was pretty sure that my eyesight was working and that I wasn't blind but as I wasn't wearing my glasses it might not of mattered if there was any light around here.

Slowly I moved forward keeping my arms stretched out in front of me so that I didn't walk right into anything. Walking slowly I soon found a rough wall that well made of rock seemed a little to flat to be natural. Perhaps I was in an abandoned mine rather than a cave.

Taking a few deep breathes to help ward off panic I followed the wall hoping that it might led to a way out but it only led to another wall. I repeated this action until I discovered that I was in room with what seemed to be four walls of equal size. This was definitely not natural.

Now I couldn't help put panic a little as it seemed as if I was sealed inside a room with solid walls and do door.

I calmed myself and tried to think. I was smarter than the average bear after all and while I was no genius I should be able to figure this out.

Logically there had to be a way into this room or whatever it was otherwise how could I have gotten into it. I reasoned that it was possible that I was dropped into the space but given how dark it was there had to be a roof. To check this I jumped with the palms of my hands facing up. I felt nothing so I jumped higher again. This time my fingertips felt something so I jumped again with my fingers pointing up and I did feel something, more cold rock.

I tried not to despair at this discovery but it was hard to not feel depressed. It seemed as if I was truly sealed in a square shaped room and surrounded by rock. This was really bad news and not just because it meant I was trapped.

Moving around the small room again I tried to find any sort of breeze and when I did I came to realise how much trouble I was in.

If this room was perfectly sealed, which is seemed to be, it meant that I limited amount of time before the air I was breathing could no longer keep me alive. I couldn't calculate how long that would be and given that I'd woken up in this place it would pointless to try as I didn't know how long I had been here before waking up. In fact I was rather surprised that I was still alive given how awful the air seemed to be.

I suddenly realised that while I had explored the walls and touched the roof I hadn't actually tried to find out if there was anything in the middle of the room. I'd feel very foolish if I discovered there was a trapdoor or maybe a ladder leading somewhere at the centre of the room but it would be more foolish not to find out.

Slowly I edged my way towards what I guessed was the centre of the room. Carefully I moved one foot in front of the other making sure that my feet were on firm ground before making another step.

My feet stepped on something that didn't feel like rock so I leant down to touch it. This part of the ground was smooth and warm. It felt like some of glass or maybe crystal. I explored the material for a few moments trying to find out its dimensions.

Before I could discover the shape and size of whatever it was it began to glow. It was the first light and seen in some time and then only reason it didn't hurt my eyes was because it was so dim.

Still dim or not any light in this dismal place was a gift from the heavens. I smiled once the light began to pulse and grow stronger. The rhythm of the pulsing was like a heartbeat that matched my own and as the light became brighter I became even more energised than before.

Using this source of illumination to my advantage I looked around and saw that my inspection of this place had been spot on. The room was square, made of stone and I was completely sealed in. Oddly confirming my earlier worry didn't bring back any panic. In the light of the glowing, pulsing crystal that was embedded in the ground I felt rather good like I had my own personal sun.

Still being sealed in small room wasn't a good thing and adding light hadn't exposed an exit from this place. So if I wanted out of this place I'd have to dig a way out. Which wasn't going to be easy given that I had no tools and that I was surrounded by rock. In fact it would be impossible the walls around me were just to thick.

The crystal thing started to hum a little at the point it grew brighter and I was drawn back to it. I got the feeling that it was charging up somehow as the pulses were getting stronger. I watched this for a while and I could swear that the red crystal half buried in the ground was getting slightly bigger as the pulses grew stronger.

Time I couldn't measure, as I never wore a watch, passed and the crystal grew taking up more space and I worried that I might run out of room to stand upon, but the growing stopped and pulse became a steady beat much like that of my own heart.

The crystal was warm and I felt a urge to reach out and touch it despite the fact that it the heat coming off it might be hot enough to burn me if I did so. The urge grew stronger and I foolishly made contact with the crystal.

For a second or two nothing happened but then the crystal pulsed greater than ever before. Some sort of energy entered me and I was thrown into the wall hard enough to knock the wind out of me. But that was only the physical reaction something far more amazing happened in my mind. I felt knowledge enter my brain as if years of experience of learning was crammed into me much like a computer download only it hurt.

When I recovered I stood up and smiled once again. I now understood what was going on and while I still had no idea how I'd gotten to this place or why this was all happening I did know what I now was and what I could do.

I was a Dungeon Keeper just like in the games. In fact it was exactly like in the games. I had to accept this as a fact even while still wondering why this was happening. The info that had been crammed into my head by the red glowing crystal didn't have any answers for me it just told me what I was capable off.

So I now had two choices I could either stand around here pondering the nature of my existence until something happened or I go what I remembered doing when playing the game and build a Dungeon.

In the end I realised I really had to choice at all. I'd go insane down here by myself and I doubted that I become a Keeper just by chance. There was a reason for all of this and I'd never discover that reason if I stood here doing nothing.

Knowing that I'd need Imps, which were the builder units for this game, I tried to access the information that had been downloaded into my brain. The knowledge came to me upon request and I soon knew everything there was to know about Imps.

Imps weren't really alive, at least not in the same way a Human being is, they are magical constructs magical energy or as it sometimes called mana is shaped into the form of an Imps via the Spell called 'Create Imp'.

Somehow the Spell focuses the mana turning energy into matter and then it shapes the Mana to create an Imp. Since the Imp isn't truly alive it doesn't require food, water or rest, however an Imp is a small but consent drain on a Keeper's mana. The more Imps you have the more it drains you, but you need Imps to expand a Dungeon and expanding a Dungeon increases your mana levels meaning you have more magical energy. Much like how you have to spend to make money, you have to spend mana to make mana. Magical energy is not only a Keeper's life blood its also his currency.

So with this in mind I used the Spell to create an Imp. The creature appeared in a puff of smoke and I took a moment to examine it. The Imp was small about half my size, maybe a little less, and seemed to lack any means of communication as it simply stared at me with a blank expression.

Oddly enough it had been created with the tools it needed for its work already supplied it carried a small pickaxe and had a bag full of other tools across its back. The creature seemed ready to work but I had no idea how to command it.

In the game you got a bird's eye view of your Dungeon and the ability to select what you wanted done. If you wanted a room made you just highlighted a rocky area, the Imps cleared some space, did a funny little dance to claim the now empty space and then just decided what room you wanted built at the cost of gold. But I couldn't do that while in a Human body and I couldn't just picture it in my mind because I had no idea what was around me behind the four walls I could see.

An idea struck me and I knelt down and touched the Heart with the palms of my hands. Suddenly I wasn't in my body in fact I could see my body it was kneeling down and touching the Heart but I currently wasn't occupying it. The whole thing was like an out of body experience but I had the ability to control how I viewed things rather than just float helplessly above the scene.

Examining what I saw I noticed that like in the game the Imp had the number one floating above its ahead and around that number was a red circle. This displayed the creature's health and level. I didn't know why it was displayed this way, perhaps it was just how the Keeper oversaw his domain or maybe it was like this because I expected to be this way.

What surprised me was that I also had a circle above my head with the number one in it . My circle was bigger and it was gold rather than red. I was confused by this as I thought that a Keeper could only die if their Dungeon Heart was destroyed but my body had health.

More knowledge came to the front of my mind and I discovered that my physical body could be killed but that after a while I'd be able to reform the body using a great amount of magical energy. Restoring the body cost more mana if you were a higher level but well worth as there were a lot of fun things you could do in life if you had Human form.

After absorbing this knowledge I decided to get to work. It didn't take me long to figure out what to do next. I mentally selected all the rock around the Dungeon Heart and once it was removed (an task that didn't take very long) I had doubled the amount of space in the Heart Chamber.

The solid rock that had to me until moments ago formed the walls of my prison had been broken down quickly by the Imp. The little creature easily destroyed layers of harden rock and the remains were transformed into vapour that quickly faded away.

Somehow the matter that had made up the rock seemed to have been vaporised by the looks of things. Which was very cool as it made it things a lot easier. Normally when you dug underground you had to move dirt and stone around, and you had to put up something to ensure that the whole thing didn't collapse on you but the Imps didn't seem to need any of that stuff. Which was great because I knew nothing about tunnelling underground and would of killed myself had I been doing the work.

The Imps did there funny little dance and claimed the dug out space for me. After they'd done that I noticed that the drain on my mana was lessening. It seemed that more space I claimed the faster my mana recharged. Creating that one Imp hadn't been a great drain, in fact until I'd let go of my body I hadn't even noticed it so I made three more Imps, giving me four which would be more than enough to start with.

After a bit of experimentation I discover that not only could I change the angle of how I saw things I could also go higher giving me a view of more things, it was sort of like zooming out when looking at a picture saved on a computer. I got a better picture of my surroundings at the expense of seeing the details.

I located what I guessed to be a vein of metal, it was to dark to see the colour of the metal so in order to find out what it was I had the Imps mine it. The rock disappeared but the mineral remained and the Imps soon moved the small pile of metal to the Dungeon Heart were it would be kept until I built a room to store it.

The metal wasn't gold but that wasn't surprising as gold is rarer than most metals which is one of the reason why people use it as a currency. I zoomed in to examine the material and realised that it was iron a common metal but useful stuff.

Any civilization above that of cavemen needed metals like iron in order to build tools. I assumed that once I had a workshop set up and Trolls to work in that the metal would be used to build weapons and such.

Taking a look around I spied a bit more metal and had that mined too. Like the iron this metal was placed by the Dungeon Heart as if some sort of offering. Which seemed right to me as I had created the Imps so it made sense that they would see me as some sort of god.

I didn't want the Heart chamber to get cluttered so I got to work on creating my first room. I got the Imps the start digging a long tunnel that went on for a while bit I no idea how far it went as I had no sense of scale.

At the end of this passage way I had some rock dug out and the Imps claimed the space. The tunnel floor was divided into square tiles that would be large enough for me to sit down in. The room was three tiles in length and width. I guessed also that was equally as high but from this viewpoint it was impossible to tell.

Trying to work out the dimensions of the space I'd had cleared made me wish I'd paid more attention in maths class. Teachers might be lying when they say you will need to learn things like algebra but being able to work out the area of a rectangle could actually be helpful as it gave you an idea of the size of a place.

Ignoring this for now I mentally selected one of what I called blueprints. I knew that a storeroom needed to be three tiles by three tiles in order to store anything in it. So I didn't need to mine more rock. The Imps upon my mental command made the storeroom appear and I felt my mana levels drop as each tile changed.

By the end of this the room had gone from containing nothing to being what I expected a store room to look like. The Imps hadn't just smoothed out the walls and floor, the process had created shelves

and storage containers. The little builder units moved the metals they'd mined into the containers making sure not to mix the metals up.

Creating this small room had cost me a great amount of mana but it was well worth the effect as I now had my first room. I felt a sense of accomplishment when this task was completed and when I moved my awareness back to the Heart Chamber I noticed that the number one floating above my head had changed to the number two.

While I was pleased by my levelling up I knew that it wouldn't so easy to repeat that feat as gaining each level higher would require greater amounts of what gamers called XP or experience points. I had no way of measuring how much XP I had or how much had been gained by building one room. I'd just have to keep going if I wanted to level up further.

But before I could do that I needed to wait for my mana to recharge. Making that room had cost me a lot of energy rather than gold as in the game which made sense to me as what was there to spend gold on down here. Instead it cost me magic and time to make things which were the only things I could spend down here.

Once my mana had recharged I thought about what to make next. A treasury seemed sensible as with all this digging around I was bound to find some silver, gold or maybe even jewels sooner or later.

Other metals like iron and bronze would be used to build weapons and tools as I knew from my studies of history that early man had used those metals and since Dungeon Keeper was medieval in setting they might be the best materials I'd get to work with. I knew that steel was better for such things but I had no idea how to make steel but the Trolls might however I wouldn't find if they did until I got some of them working for me.

To get some Trolls working for me I'd need a workshop but before that I needed to make lairs and a hatchery as there was no point in the Trolls coming here unless I had the means to support them. Which meant giving them a place to sleep and food to eat.

I created another tunnel which branched off from the first one and went in a different direction. I did this because I wanted to keep the living areas separate from the work areas. And I wanted to keep all of that stuff away from the Heart as that was were I would be living from now on.

Thinking about that I had to wonder if I needed to eat or sleep any more only time would tell if I did. If I did in fact require sleep I would need to make a private lair for myself and hopefully that would come with some sort of bed.

The knowledge in mind assured that this was possible there were blueprints for things like throne rooms and private quarters. These plans seemed to be quite simple things and any sort of customisation would require the efforts of a creature other than an Imp. Perhaps I could find such items on the surface.

It then struck me that I didn't know what was on the surface. I hadn't until now given the subject any thought. What was on the surface? My world or the world Dungeon Keeper was set on?.

I'd find out if I ever breeched the surface but before I did that I would need to attract some creatures so that if there were hostile Humans on the surface I would at least have some monsters to help me fight them.

Next I had the Imps make a large lair which less taxing on the mana that I'd thought it would be. Despite the rooms large size it was empty. The only real different was that the ground was softer and the walls smoother. A few flaming torches were added but it remained mostly dark.

After that came what I could only call underground farms. I spent nearly all of my mana creating a huge room that was filled with mushrooms (yuck) that glowed in the dark and fenced up pens full of rats. I had a feeling that should be chickens but they wouldn't last long underground were as rats would. I was also glad I'd built this room so far from the Heart as I didn't want to spend too much time around rats and mushrooms.

Okay so I now had the basics set up. If I'd done things right some sort of low level creature should arrive seeking to serve me. I waited for a while, not only for my mana to recharge but also for some creature to turn up but nothing happened. I must be forgetting something what hadn't I done right?.

Portals! There were portals in that game, that was how the creatures entered the Keeper's Dungeon. I must need them too. So now I just had to find one and then creatures would start to appear.

Expanding my senses I reached out and tried to find these portals but there was nothing but darkness beyond the space I had claimed. I could neither hear nor see anything out there. Seeing what was out there would require the Evil Eye spell if I remembered right and get that spell I needed Warlocks to research in the libraries. But to get Warlocks I needed to find a portal.

More lengths of time that was unmeasurable passed and I found something interesting, rock that seemed to be tougher than anything I'd encountered up until now. I couldn't sense anything beyond it so it seemed logical to me that if there were any portals around here then they'd be behind that dense stone. Otherwise I should have been able to find it before now.

The Imps took a while to get around the thick rock but I was working in three dimensions so in the end I found a way around the barrier and into a new part of the world I found myself in. And I also found a portal.

At first I felt glee at this discovery. This portal was a way out of where ever the hell I was now, as well as a way for in other things. I was tempted to return to my body and walk through the portal but the knowledge in my mind warned me against this action. My life was tied to the Dungeon Heart so leaving it unguarded would be a very stupid idea. Plus I had no idea what was on the other side of that portal or even if was a two way portal. I could easily find myself some place worse and end up getting stuck there.

I tried to urge an Imp to go through the portal to act as a scout but it either wouldn't or couldn't do such a thing. After thinking about it I figured that the Imps were tied to the Dungeon Heart and therefore they were as trapped here.

Going over the info that had been crammed into my head I discovered that the Imps were tied to the Heart and would simply cease to exist if they got to far away from their source of power. I would be fine if I left this world but unless I took my Dungeon Heart with me it would be unprotected and I would too would be cut off from the source of my power.

However if I captured another Keeper's Heart (assuming there were other Keepers out there) then I could travel to other worlds with that new Heart. This would allow me to set up Dungeons elsewhere and give me somewhere to fall back to should the Heart I was currently bound to be destroyed.

So then, if I couldn't get out then I'd just have to get people to come to me. All I had to do was make my new home as inviting as possible and then wait.

Working on this I accessed the blueprints and decided to make a library as Warlocks were an important of any Keeper's Dungeon. Without them I'd never learn some of the best spells and having fireball throwing magic users around would be handy if my Dungeon got invaded.

I waited for a long time (I assumed) for something to come through the portal and my patience was rewarded.

A person came through the portal I knew it as soon as they arrived. I shifted my presence to the portal and saw what seemed to be a Warlock. Purple robes, staff and even a goatee, yeah that was a Warlock.

I watched the Warlock as he settled in feeling like I was playing one of those Sim games. He seemed to know what he was doing and I watched as he emptied a bag he carried and placed a few books on one of the empty shelves.

This action at least explained where the books came from. They hadn't appeared when I'd built the library which made sense to me as the blueprints were basic things that could barely make adequate furnishings for a room.

The Warlock sat down at a desk and started writing. I had no idea what he was writing but somehow I knew that he was working on a Spell. I hoped that it was a Spell which gave me some fire-power because as I was I had no chance of defending myself should my Heart come under threat.

To make the researcher's life easier I pictured a few rooms that the Warlock might need and went about having them made, uncaring that this would drain most of my mana and leave me unable to act again for a while.

I made a bigger lair/bedroom which had an en-suite bathroom for the Warlock and then created another corridor branching out from the tunnel that linked all the smaller bedrooms. Branching off from this new corridor was a very basic kitchen and a proper hatchery, with chickens and everything.

I was a little worried that the Warlock wouldn't be able to live off chicken alone but it was a step up from mushrooms and rats at least. I was a bit limited on what food I could create as it wasn't as if I ever learned about how people could live underground. All my knowledge of farming and food gathering was only useful in places with sunlight and soil. Down here in the dark without sunlight and fertile soil my options were a lot more limited.

Living on a diet of mushrooms and fungus didn't sound like much fun to me but I knew that if I lived on chicken alone for long enough even raw mushrooms would start to seem like a tempting meal.

To distract myself from this worry I spent what mana I had on making some more rooms. I used ideas either mine or granted from whatever knowledge source I seem to be unlocking as I grew stronger to make these rooms.

Blueprints for rooms featuring entertainment filled my mind. A casino, a bar and even what could pass for a pool hall were made, all branching off from another long corridor.

By the time this was done I felt drained and tried to rest for a while. Sleep was impossible in this form so I went into my body (something that proved to be rather easy to do) and I folded up my coat and tried to sleep in one of the bedrooms I'd made for the Warlocks.

I still had no way of measuring time but when I awoke up but things had changed. Once I reconnected to the Dungeon Heart I noticed the differences. I had now had three Warlocks in my service and a new creature had entered my Dungeon. If I had to give it a name I'd call it a Goblin.

Compared to the Warlocks this creature was dull , all it did was eat, sleep and pick its nose. I guessed that I needed to give it something to do. I doubted it would research but perhaps I could have it train.

A training room wasn't hard to build and I was hardly lacking for space, my rest had ensured me plenty of magical energy and the recharge rate seemed to be increasing now that I had more creatures in my service.

I spent some of this extra mana on a new and larger lair which attracted more of these Goblins, which in turn meant I had to supply more food. For a while this trapped me in a pattern were I had to spend all my energy increasing the size of the main lair, the one the Goblins all shared, and what I called the underground farm. This drained my magical energy but the effort was well worth it as I now had a fighting force, a minor one to be sure but I was far less helpless now which made me feel a lot better about the situation I found myself trapped in.

Since I had attracted two creatures from the game I now knew what sort of creatures I was trying to attract. I also remembered that certain creatures only arrived if you built certain rooms. workshops attracted Trolls. Torture chambers attracted Dark Mistresses. And you needed graveyards to get Vampires. Graveyards required bodies which are normally easy to find as people die all the time but I wasn't willing to kill off the few creatures I had for the small chance I might get a Vampire.

On this line of thought I figured that if I could find a way to the surface I could easily collect bodies. I could also grab people for the Dark Mistresses to play with and hopefully convert, or at least I could turn them into Skeletons.

Of course missing people and bodies tended to draw attention so I'd have to be very careful in how many people and bodies I took. Assuming it was my world above me any people I took would be reported as missing to the police who would investigate and possibly even stumble across my Dungeon.

Funny, not to long ago I never would of thought I would be planning to capture, torture and even kill people. But death has a way of making people view things differently I saw the living more as tools to be used rather than real people. Perhaps becoming a Keeper had changed me in ways I hadn't until now realised, or maybe this was the true me and I was just free of a morality that had been forced upon me by society.

I dropped that line of thought for now as there was no point trying to reach the surface until I had what I need to make use of the resources above that I could take. I'd also really need Human looking creatures in order to blend in as even the Warlocks down here would draw far to much attention to themselves if they went to the surface world. And all this was assuming that it even was my Earth above me.

Instead I focused on drawing in more creatures. The plans for workshops and torture chambers came to me and I started expanding in a different direction in order to keep those separate from where my creatures ate and slept. This also kept everything far away from the Dungeon Heart which I was feeling very protective of for understandable reasons.

The lairs and food supply was now plentiful so there was no need to improve them further and now that I had created the new rooms all I could do now was to see if any new creatures arrived. I seemed to be doing a lot of waiting ever since I'd died I'd spent what could be any length of time just waiting. But there wasn't anything I could do about that.

As ever my patience was in the end rewarded. New creatures started to arrive. Just a lone Troll at first which straight to the workshop after touching the Dungeon Heart, it was soon joined by two more. No Dark Mistresses yet but I would likely need something for them to play with in order to bring draw them here.

As for the Trolls well they were useful. I had very little in the way of defences as of yet, and while they weren't the greatest of fighters I knew that they could build things like doors and traps. Such things would hinder any invaders and might save my existence as I was sure that I was dependant on the Dungeon Heart to survive. So if that was destroyed I'd die regardless of that fact that I was already dead.

But to get them to build such things would require great amounts of metal as while I could create entire rooms I couldn't manufacture things like doors and traps by myself. I had no idea why it worked that way just that it did and I'd likely need the Trolls to forge weapons as well as the creatures that had entered my Dungeon so far were very poorly equipped.

So my next order of business was finding more metal and then storing it in the storerooms I could have made. I'd need more of those as well.

By now my domain was spread quite far so it much easier for me to spread my awareness around and to find veins of different metals. I found iron, nickel, tin, bronze, silver, gold and copper, those were just the ones I recognised. I also found a vein of some sort of blue metal which was like nothing I'd seen before but there were many metals I knew nothing about so this didn't worry me. I was sure that the Trolls knew what they were doing with these resources and I let them get on with their work.

Soon the sound of hammers striking anvils could be heard echoing off the stone walls of my little underground kingdom. I knew that it would a while before the Trolls made anything I could make use of, they'd been spending quite some time just making the tools needed to build more complex items. Then they could go on to forging weapons of war and as their skills grew they would then they would be able to produce traps and doors, but I'd have to wait quite sometime before I could order them to produce such things.

For now I decided to focus my efforts on bringing in more creatures. If the torture chambers weren't enough to bring in Dark Mistresses then I'd try something else.

A new design filled my mind. A training room was needed this would attract warrior creatures to my Dungeon. I had the Imps dig out space for one and realised that I'd need to start connecting all this rooms otherwise my creatures were going to spend way to much time and effort just trying to get from A to B.

I had passageways made to connect everything which worked well and this action allowed to view more of the underground area I was building in. So far I was just finding stone, some with a few veins of metal in them but I knew sooner or later I'd find another portal or possibly even another Dungeon if there were in fact other Keepers out there.

Then I made some more Imps as the few I had weren't enough to keep expanding and while this cost great amounts of magical energy I was now finding it easier to recover from such uses. The amount of magical energy I had seemed to be related to the amount of creatures and space I claimed.

Yet claiming space took a long time and it seemed reckless to just start digging around at random for the sake of claiming space as I had no idea how deep down I was. I could be digging right below a major city so I had to be careful. The last thing I wanted to do was to dig into someone's basement or worse I could damage water or gas pipes which would certainly draw a lot of attention to my doings down here.

It would be an utter nightmare if anyone from the surface stumbled across this place. I could end up with the police coming here to have a look around. One sighting major sighting of creature and the army would be called in assuming it was thought as a hoax. The idea of a hoax might protect for a while but sooner or later people would wise up. And even if I acquired thousands of creatures they'd be no match for a modern day fighting force. My Trolls, Goblins and Warlocks would be cut down with ease by soldiers using guns.

I would be far wiser to slowly expand and keep myself hidden for as long as possible because as far as I knew there was no where safe for me to go. Sure I could run away through a portal, assuming the Dungeon Heart could be transported, but I could end up somewhere worse.

Still there was no point staying down here forever , sooner or later I'd have to see what was going on in the lands above me. If only to gather more resources because there were a lot of limits to what I could build down here and there were lots of things up there I could use.

It was such a shame I couldn't create portals to magical worlds that I knew about. I'd found a portal easily enough but I had no idea where they went or even if other fictional video game settings were real. But maybe they were, after all Dungeon Keeper is just a video game and this was real perhaps other video game world are real as well. There were quite a few fictional worlds that a Dungeon Keeper like myself could profit by visiting. Fable's Albion. The Overlord's World. Tamriel of the Elder Scrolls setting. World Of Warcraft's Azeroth, and that was just to name a few.

If I could set up Dungeons on those worlds I could get a massive army made up of many different kinds of creatures all working for me. And if I could do that, then I could conquer entire worlds!. Granted that wouldn't be without risk but the combined magical knowledge of so many different worlds was bound to provide me with power that make me as a god and would be well worth risking my existence for.

Excitement filled me as I dreamed of possible futures were I ruled over many lands. It was a pleasant thing to think about but it wouldn't come to pass unless I made it happen. To do this I'd need to grow and to expand also I'd have discover how portals were made. I was confident that the Warlocks would discover this in time but they'd need help.

In order to give them this help I expanded the library and lairs the Warlocks were making use of, as planned it drew in more of their kind. Sooner than I could of hoped for they came up with a new Spell for me to use but it wasn't the Spell I wanted it, they'd discovered (or perhaps rediscovered given that I knew it existed) the Evil Eye Spell. This Spell allowed me to see large amounts of space at once even in places I couldn't normally look into at all.

I tried out the spell a few times looking into the darkness but found nothing until I discovered another Dungeon. At first I panicked fearing another Keeper would come and destroy me but after letting my mana recharge I used the spell again and saw that the other Dungeon was much smaller than mine. It also seemed to be overcrowded with Imps, no other creatures at all, and while this rival Keeper had dug out a lot of rock he (or even she) hadn't made any rooms.

I watched for a while longer and saw that this other Keeper kept producing Imps. Clearly this guy (or girl) had next to no idea what they were doing. My rival was spending all his mana on Imps and hadn't even built a single complete room. This person must not of played the game like I did, which meant I had a good chance of destroying them before they could destroy me.

Still I was very worried about this discovery. If I wasn't the only Keeper around that meant a powerful rival Keeper could find and destroy me.

My plans changed at the speed of thought. Getting the surface without being exposed was no longer a concern as if there were many others Keepers out there then there was no chance of me going unnoticed in the long run. It might already be to late other as other Keepers could of be active for a while now.

I doubted that this had been going on for to long. Something like this couldn't remain hidden forever so something must of activated all of this. Perhaps someone had dug down here and awoken a Dungeon Heart all maybe something far more powerful than Man had decided to bring back the Keepers, there was simply no way of knowing why this was happing I just had to deal with the fact that it was.

Prioritise changed for me. I now really had to get off this world, go through a portal and close it behind me. But first I had to crush the rival Keeper I'd found and quickly as I didn't want this Keeper around. He, it or she might figure out things and become a threat to me. Plus if I took this other Dungeon I have access to more resources which was just what I needed in order to get out of this world and go to where ever it was the creatures were coming from or maybe even somewhere else.

I expanded all the rooms I'd made and quickly located more veins of metal, which was good as the creatures wanted paying. I then mentally commanded all of them to go to the training room so they could improve their skills (or level up as its sometimes called) the enemy only had Imps but the Imps would fight if the Keeper's Heart was threatened.

I then made more Imps of my own. And had them start expanding in the direction of the enemy Keeper as I really wanted to crush my foe as quickly as possible. But I ran into a problem.

A stream of lava blocked the way the flow had created a large chasm that would require a bridge to cross. That was something I had no idea about creating. For a few moments I thought I was stuck.

Once I figured out a solution I cursed myself for a fool. I had three dimensions to work in I could tunnel down and up. Going down would be pointless, if I weakened the ground below the river of molten rock then any tunnels I made could collapse and end up filled with liquid hot magma.

So I focused my efforts upwards and made a passageway over the lava stream and chasm. I now had a corridor of sorts going over the rival Keeper's Dungeon. Assuming this enemy kept working as if he had only two dimensions to work with (which anyone who'd lived on the surface might think they were limited to) I could tunnel a diagonally down and give my creatures the element of surprise.

It was tempting to attack now but there were a hell of lot of Imps in that Dungeon and they were mostly keeping to the Heart I wished to destroy.

My creatures also needed more time to train. They wouldn't matter much in the fight if they stayed at a low level and simply got buried in enemy Imps. And as I needed my Imps alive to keep expanding I wasn't willing to waste them in an Imp on Imp fight.

I also had to consider the fact that it would suit me if this opponent got some creatures for his Dungeon. Knocked out enemy creatures might tempt some Dark Mistresses into my service as enemy creatures could be converted over to my side.

Thinking on that I realised that I had no cells to hold such creatures in. Thankfully making a jail cell isn't complex as its easy to imagine such things. I'd just finished making them when I heard a voice.

Err, hello can you hear me?.

What the hell was that voice. It sounded Human but there were no Humans around here, well there was me sort of, but I hadn't figured out how to talk while out of my body.

I sensed someone was watching me and took a look over here.

I tried to speak imagining what I was saying being sent to the other Keeper because it had to be the other Keeper talking.

"Yeah I can here you" I replied.

Oh thank god! said the voice I thought I was all alone down here. My name's Carl, what's yours.

I was about to reply and tell the voice my name was James. But Dungeon Keeper James doesn't really work for me. I needed a new name.

I'd role-played a lot in years gone by and there was a name I liked to use, Gothic. It was a simple name that had summed me up well during that phase of my life and now that I was ruling a dark, dank underground kingdom it seemed suitable again.

Plus if this was the other Keeper than I had to be careful about what I said. My real name should be hidden. I was after all planning to destroy him so it wouldn't do to get personal. But there was no harm in exchanging a little information I just wouldn't give him any personal information.

"My name is Gothic"

Do you know what is happening?

Carl's voice was frantic now he was desperate for information and any sort of help. This was something I could use to my advantage.

"Were underground" I told my rival "your a Keeper like me".

A what?.

Wow this guy really had no idea what was going on. I'd known I was a Keeper from nearly the start. If he'd gotten the download like I had then he must not understand what it all meant.

"Your a Dungeon Keeper" I explained "a ruler of an underground kingdom called a Dungeon".

I thought I was dead replied the voice I remember dying and then I was here.

"It was the same for me" I said "I've started to figure out how things work".

All I seem to be able to do is make these little brown monsters, but I have plans in my head I know stuff now like blueprints for rooms but I can't seem to make the Imps finish a room.

"That's because you keep making all those Imps" I informed the other guy "stop making them and just wait your mana will recharge".


Oh boy this was really going to take some time to explain.

"Right listen to me and I'll tell you what I know".

I went on to instruct my opponent on the basics of Dungeon Keeping. It took god knows how long to get him on the right path but I managed to get him to the point were he was worth killing.

I mused with the idea of keeping this guy around as an ally but something inside of me warned that this wasn't a good idea. Keepers weren't nice people and it was possible , even likely, that my student would attack me in order to replace his teacher as the more powerful Keeper around here.

I went on to guide my new 'friend' who was called Carl Spencer to spruce up his Dungeon so that it was something worth conquering.

Hey how come you have a tunnel over my Dungeon?

"Its how I found you" I lied "I was looking for a way to the surface".

Hey what Spells do you have now? asked Dungeon Keeper Carl.

I'd shown Carl how to attract Warlocks so they research spells for him and he nearly as many as I did. My Warlocks were all still training as I wanted them as strong as possible when they went to war with Carl's much weaker creatures.

I just got a Spell called 'Posses Creature' Carl informed me.

I seethed with envy. I didn't know that spell. I could use Evil Eye and Lightening Bolts, and my Warlocks had found a Spell that allowed me to cause cave-ins but no Possession Spell.

"I haven't got that Spell " I admitted hoping he'd provide more information on the subject "what's it like?"

Hold on a sec replied Carl I want to try something.

Suddenly I knew the possession spell. How he'd been able to transfer the knowledge to me I had no idea but I did know that was getting to smart for his own good. He had to be destroyed now before he became a great threat.

I urged my creatures towards the enemy Dungeon all the while talking to Carl hoping to keep him distracted.

"Thank you Carl" I said "this spell will be useful, as will your Dungeon".

Huh, what do you mean? Carl inquired.

My creatures required more time to get into the right place so it was time to make my prey scared. He wouldn't be able to mount a proper defence if I upset him he be to distracted to prepare a proper defence.

"I mean that I'm going to take your Dungeon" I clarified "like a pig for slaughter I have fattened you up. I was just going to crush you like a bug but all your hard work has just made your Dungeon worth taking intact".

No, I thought we were mates!

I laughed over the mental connection that allowed us to talk to each other.

"You never played the game, Carl" I gloated "I have, Keepers are rivals there are no friends down here. Only allies waiting to become enemies".

It felt so good to this I felt a rush like nothing before. Nothing before this had made me feel so powerful, nothing compared to the pleasure I was feeling as I felt Carl's despair. If this was what it was like to be an evil Dungeon Keeper then I was going to be the most evil one of all.

Hold on I wanted to attack you but I didn't, please don't do this Keeper Carl begged.

I created an Imp and had it tunnel down into the Dungeon that would soon be mine.

"Sorry Carl but its the way the game is played. The weak die off to make way for the strong and you are weak. If I want to survive down here I need to add your resources to my own".

I was actually planning to get the hell out of this world but there was no need to say that out loud as more powerful Keepers might be listening in. Plus I would really would need his resources if I was going to survive. Escape was my plan but it might not be possible therefore I did need to get stronger.

I'll fight you!

Carl's scream of defiance might of meant something he had any chance of stopping me. I'd made sure that none of his creatures (of which he had few) had been trained, were as my creatures were all at least level four according to what I knew about them and I even had a few at higher levels.

My Goblins, Trolls and Warlocks poured in led by a Black Knight who'd been drawn into my Dungeon upon finishing the combat pit which was a more deadly version of the training room. Training the Black Knight to its maxim level had cost me the lives of two Goblins but that was a fair trade and Carl's Dungeon had a huge lair that would call in more than enough replacement Goblins.

Then the battle began. Carl's weak creatures died quickly as my Black Knight cut them down. My Imps were quickly claiming enemy territory and if any of the slain creatures were in fact just knocked out my Imps would drag them to the cells.

The Keeper I betrayed foolishly drained his mana by conjuring many more Imps. I'd told him that Imps would fight if his Heart came under attack but what I hadn't told him was that this would prevent him from using other Spells due to the mana drain. No bolts of lightening struck my creatures and the low level Imps died under the Troll made blades my small but well trained army wielded.

Please don't kill me pleaded Carl I'll serve you I'll do anything you want.

A tempting offer but I knew that if our situations were reversed that this would be a mistake. I'd be quite willing to play the loyal minion in order to avoid death but I'd stab my master in the back the second he showed any sort of weakness that I could exploit.

No Carl had to die. I had to have his Dungeon and only a fool would do anything else. I was no fool I would be strong I would only dominate those who could never be a threat to me. Everything else would have to die.

The enemy Heart was now under attack. My Army of Darkness (as good a name as any) charged into the Heart Chamber and even while Carl wasted the last of his energy making Imps they destroyed them.

Then an idea hit me. I could destroy this Heart easily enough but what would happen if the Imps claimed it?.

I had my warriors hold their ground attacking any new Imps that appeared until my Imps entered that room. They'd claimed enough ground to make a path here and now they were doing that funny little dance all around Carl's Dungeon Heart. I heard a terrible cry of agony and I knew Carl was dead, well as dead as an already dead person could be.

The now unused Heart was claimed as mine and I knew that I could use this Heart thanks to the knowledge granted to me. My idea had been genius I could have this empty Heart sent through a portal (assuming I ever figured out how to make one that led to somewhere I knew about). Then I'd be able to move myself to this other word without losing this Dungeon.

I'd likely have to abandoned this place at some point but it would be best to keep it running as long as I could so that when I did move to a new world I'd have as many creatures and resources as possible.

I heard cheering and focused on the noise. My creatures were celebrating their victory and their good cheer infected me. It wouldn't be operate for me to join in with them but I would return to my body and try out some of the fungus beer the Trolls had made.

Some time later I woke up with a very dry mouth and a very full bladder. Drinking that fungus beer hadn't be a smart thing to do given my empty stomach and it had gone right to my head. Upon waking up I hurried to the en-suite bathroom that was connected the bedroom/lair I was using.

With that need taken care off I focused on the other things my body wanted. Which were to eat and to drink something that wasn't fermented. Water wasn't that hard to get and the lair I was in had a sink in that provided drinking water and as for food well chicken was nice enough.

I headed down the Hatchery and watched the chickens clucking while I tried to figure out how I was going to cook one of them. Raw meat wouldn't sit well in my stomach but I didn't have kitchens around here.

That was another matter that I would have to take care of along with a dozen others as it wasn't just food that I needed. My clothes would need cleaning but given that I had no spare clothes I need new ones to change into while the clothes I was currently wearing were being cleaned. That was a bit of a problem because I didn't have anything to clean my clothes with nor did I have anything to change into, well maybe one of the Warlocks had a spare robe but asking one of them for a change of clothing would be embarrassing. I was the Keeper after all but unless I unlocked the 'Create Clothing' Spell sometime soon I might be forced into it.

Going through my mental index of Spells I checked for just a Spell but there wasn't one. I had however been granted a new Spell I could now create fireballs. I tried out this Spell and stared at my right hand in wonder as a ball of flame appeared. The fire didn't burn me and seemed to be held within some sort of transparent energy field. I guessed that it was this field that stopped the fire from burning me. The field also looked rather fragile and would no doubt break if the fireball was thrown.

To test out my theory I gently threw the fireball at one of the many chickens that were roaming this area and minding there own business. The ball of flame hit the chicken and were a living creature had been there was now a roasted chicken. This surprised me as I hadn't thought that the fireball would cook a meal for me and if that was all it did then it wouldn't be much use to me.

Perhaps I could make the fireballs stronger I focused and imagined the fireball to be hotter, this worked well as this new fireball was bigger and I could feel the heat coming of it. I then conjured a new Imp and threw the hopefully stronger fireball at it. The Imp was hit by the flame attack and went flying into the wall its little body burnt to a crisp.

I spent a few moments using up my mana and wasting a few chickens to get the hang of this spell. I soon figured out how the fire based Spell worked. The fireballs did as much damage as I wished them to within certain limits. Since I was hungry the fireball had roasted the chicken for me. I also discovered that at full power they could immolate an entire Imp but this cost a lot of mana.

Picking up the magical cooked chicken I marvelled at how precise the fireball had been. The chicken was cooked and its head, feathers and entrails had been burned away without rendering the meat inedible.

After eating lunch I went back to the Dungeon Heart in order to find out if anything had changed while I was asleep.

Once out of my body I went to examine my new holdings and was pleased to see that I had attracted many more creatures into my service. More Goblins and Trolls had arrived increasing both my fighting and working force.

Better still I'd captured a few enemy creatures and having a few captives in the cells had drawn a Dark Mistress to my underground domain. She went straight to the torture chamber and without any orders from me an enemy creature was brought from the cells by two Imps to the Dark Mistress who began the process of torturing my now dead rival's minion.

I had no idea how torture would alter that monster's allegiance but it was amusing to watch. I had no desire to inflict pain on a Troll myself but should I ever get really bored I might torture a Dark Mistress for the hell of it.

The one torturing the Troll certainly seemed to be enjoying herself, her cries of pleasure sounded quite sexual to me and I could see the torturer touching herself as she whipped the prisoner. Clearly she was someone who enjoyed her work, perhaps a little too much even.

At the rate the leather clad woman (assuming she was an actual women) was going she might kill the creature. In fact she soon did which annoyed me so I lashed out with a lightening bolt to teach her the error of her ways.

The 'Lightening' Spell much like the 'Fireball' Spell did different amounts of damage depending on how much mana a Keeper but into it and as I didn't want to kill or damage such a valuable creature my magical attack only stunned and shocked the Dark Mistress.

This turned out to be a mistake as rather than seem punished she was aroused by what I did and would likely create more corpses for me thinking I'd reward her further. Negative reinforcement is not a good technique to use on Dark Mistresses.

However there was an upside to this. I gained the knowledge of how to build Graveyards. So I immediately built a Graveyard and the dead creature was transported to it for burial. Not much a funeral for the poor thing but eh it was just rubbish to be deposed of now.

I disconnected from the Heart after that as I started to feel some mental fatigue. I had no idea how long I had been asleep after drinking all that beer but clearly it hadn't been enough so I went back to bed and tried to get some more sleep.