This is set a long way after the chimaeras cures .

It was Connie's eighteenth birthday and Col had asked her if she wanted to go out. So here she was walking onto the mores to meet him.

"Connie. There you are." His face lit up, as a massive smile grow on it.

"yeh, here I am." Connie replied and added "col you better not have got me an expensive present." He just looked smirk and said.

"I'm shore you'll like it." Connie let It drop and then col called skylark. As soon as Connie bonded she know something was up. But thinking nothing of it let it drop. After about an hour of have the wind in their faces they landed and col helped her of off skylark. And they walked to Evelyn's house in silence.

Unknown to Connie col was raking his brain to prepare him for the last part of they date. As they reached number five shakers row.

"bye, col I loved it today." I was ever now or never col thought.

"Connie." She turned around in surprise. "I know you said not to get you anything expensive, but I had to." Col put his hand into his jean pocket and pulled out a box. He then when on one knee and opened it.

If before Connie didn't looked shocked then know she did. Composing himself col then cared on. "Connie lionheart will you marry me." Connie all ready know her answer.

"yes." She screamed in a high picked voice. Running over to him to hug and that's when she saw the ring properly for the first time. It was silver and had swirls of small diamonds on it. Connie could not believe herself. It was amazing. He must have had to say up ever since he got a job to buy it. "Col you didn't have to get me some think so expensive. You sodden hav…." Connie was cut off by Col's lips on hers. After they broke away col said

"I love you Connie." He slipped the ring onto her finger. And at that point Mack opened the door, winking at his son.

"Why don't you two come in?"

As soon as they both walked in to the kitchen, both with massive smiles on their faces.

"So what happened between you two, to make you so happy?" Connie glanced at col making shore she was allowed to tell Evelyn.

She didn't say any think just showed Evelyn the ring on her finger. Evelyn's face was priceless, happy and shocked. George then walked over to then Connie, picked him up her kissing him on the cheek and said hi. He started to blow a raspberry and everyone in the kitchen laughed.