'Fifth Graders' will be a story made entirely of 're-done' Hey Arnold episodes, with the twist that they are set in fifth grade (with Mr Simmons still their teacher) and, of course, set after FTI.

Helga and Arnold have developed a friendship (which Helga insists be kept a secret) that is slowly growing and developing.

Hence, the rewrites of the episodes will reflect how things may have gone if Helga and Arnold had a little friendship/flirtationship going on.

Depending on the story, the events depicted may be happening for the very fist time or it may be mentioned that something similar happened the year before. For example, in my in my rewrite of 'Little Pink Book', Arnold and Gerald did find a pink book in Fourth Grade and now, in Fifth Grade, they've found another. On the other hand, in my rewrite of 'Helga's Boyfriend', Helga did not date Stinky in Fourth Grade, she is dating him for the very first time in Fifth Grade.

Helga and Arnold will get together at some point eventually and the episodes will then incorporate keeping their relationship hidden and then, in time, going public. Basically, you'll get a little bit of everything, a chunk of 'secret friends' episodes, some 'secret boyfriend and girlfriend' episodes and some 'everybody knows and it's totally adorable and fluffy' episodes.

Whole Episodes / Added Scenes: I will not be entirely re-writing all episodes, in some cases (especially episodes where Helga and Arnold have very little interaction, or where I don't think their interaction would have changed the course of the episode greatly) I will simply be adding 'bonus scenes' featuring conversations/incidents that happened between the two before, during or after the story.


Up First: Field Trip, a bonus scene, where Helga talks with Arnold in the underwater viewing area of Lockjaw's enclosure.


Enjoy :)