Episodes/Stories: These are all 're-do's' of Hey Arnold episodes, with the twist that they are set in fifth grade (with Mr Simmon's still their teacher) and after FTI. Helga and Arnold have developed a friendship (secretly of course) that is slowly growing and developing. Hence, these rewrites of the episodes are meant to reflect how they may have gone if Helga and Arnold had a little friendship/flirtationship going on.

Depending on the story, the events depicted may be happening for the first time or it may be mentioned that something similar happened the year before. For example, in my rewrite of 'Little Pink Book', Arnold and Gerald did find a pink book in Fourth Grade and now, in Fifth Grade, they've found another. On the other hand, in my rewrite of 'Helga's Boyfriend', Helga did not date Stinky in Fourth Grade, she is dating him for the very first time in Fifth Grade.

THE BASEBALL (Opening Scene)

Arnold startled from his daydream suddenly, the images of a bright burning baseball headed for the city leaving his mind as a small rock hit the back of his leg. Arnold shook his head slightly and glanced back at the blonde pigtailed girl who had thrown the rock. Helga nodded her head, motioning toward Harold in front of them, who was currently releasing a baseball in Arnold's direction.

Arnold barely had time to blink before the small white ball sailed straight past him and into Helga's catcher's mit behind him.

"Strike One, Hair Boy!" Helga announced loudly, rocketing the baseball back in Harold's direction, before lowering her voice a little, "Sheesh, wussy swing." she playfully teased, ensuring only Arnold could hear her comment.

Arnold raised his eyebrow at her, attempting not to let too much of a smile show on his face, as he awaited the inevitable call from Helga for everybody to move closer.

"Okay!" Helga called out, crouching back down into her catcher's position, "Move in! This guy can't hit!"

Harold nodded in agreement and motioned for the field of classmates to move inward. Arnold frowned a little at Harold's eager acceptance of Helga's demands, he could remember it being this way since pre-school. Harold teased Helga, for ridiculous things like her appearance, but he respected her authority readily, especially when it came to sports. In fact, Harold was always trading his lunch with Helga too, despite the strange oddities that she usually left him with, such as a can of shaving cream.

Arnold briefly wondered whether maybe Harold had a little thing for Helga, a passing thought which brought an uncomfortable feeling to the pit of Arnold's stomach for reasons he could not explain.

"Just you and me, Arnold" Harold's voice taunted from the pitchers 'mound', breaking Arnold from his strangely concerning thoughts, "Your old stick, against my brand new triple-stitched imitation major league baseball."

Harold tapped the ball to his mitt, drawing backward for the throw and lurching his body forward as he released. Arnold glared a little at him, looking the large boy up and down and feeling a suddenly overwhelming annoyance toward him. Not that Arnold cared who had some crazy crush on his friend, he was just curious, that was all.

Arnold's eyes shot wide open with the realisation that the baseball was suddenly right near him. Taking a panicked swing, his bat brushed the ball lightly at the last minute, causing it to bobble up slightly and fall straight back down into Helga's grasp.

"Strike Two!" Helga confirmed, holding up two fingers to properly display the count.

Arnold's classmates chuckled at his inattentiveness to the game, whilst Helga threw the baseball back to Harold. Gerald, Sheena and Nadine watched on with concern from the sidelines.

Gerald glanced at them for a moment, "Come on Arnold!" he encouraged, pumping his fist in Arnold's direction, and motioning for Sheena and Nadine to do the same.

Arnold grimaced at his bat, spitting into his hand and securing his fingers tightly around the handle. Shuffling his feet, he crouched down a little and leant over the plate with a determined stare.

"OOhhh Arnold, who do you think you are?" Harold mocked him, "Mickey Kaline or something?"

"Yeah." Arnold said through gritted teeth, still largely confused by his sudden anger toward Harold, "That's right, I'm Mickey Kaline."

Harold pursed his lips together, winding up again for a fast pitch. Drawing the ball backwards, he almost fell over as he hefted his body with the ball and sent it flying toward Arnold with a spin.

Arnold shifted backward in his stance, bat at the ready, as the ball flew toward him. With a determined swing and a loud smack, the 'genuine imitation' baseball was sent flying through the air and off into the horizon.

Arnold gulped a little as he watched the ball disappear, unsure whether this turn of events would earn him a pounding from Harold.

Helga stood slowly, lifting her heavy catcher's mask from her face to watch the baseball with awe, or at least, that's what she made it look like she was watching – as she secretly ogled her beloved.

Classmates in the field watched on with amazement, none of them even attempting to chase after the rogue ball. Gerald, Nadine and Sheena uttered words of astonishment as they stared.

Harold lifted his hands to his face in dismay, "My ball!" he cried out, "My ball! My brand new ball!" chasing helplessly down the road after his prized possession.

Once the shock had worn off their faces, the class mates soon realised that they would probably receive a week's worth of punishment from Harold if they didn't attempt to help him locate the baseball. Reluctantly, after sharing knowing glances, they wandered off in the direction Harold had run.

Gerald followed closely behind Sheena and Nadine, who were muttering about the hit, when he realised Arnold was not with them. Gerald turned back to Arnold, who was still standing frozen in his place, "You coming or not Arnold?" he asked, gesturing toward the group of classmates walking down the city street.

Arnold jumped a little at Gerald's voice, "Uh." he responded, shaking his head slowly, "I'll catch up with you later."

Gerald considered asking questions, but after taking a quick look and realising his friends were now some distance away, he shrugged at Arnold's strange behaviour and disappeared down the street, rushing to catch up with everybody else.

Helga meandered her way over to the sidewalk, flopping down onto the curb and making herself busy, removing her catcher's gear and placing it by her side. Arnold spun around from his position at the striker's plate, and walked over toward Helga on the side of the road.

Helga smirked at him as he approached, "Nice work, Football Head." she said, with a good mix of congratulatory praise and biting sarcasm, perfect for maintaining her mysterious air.

Arnold sat next to her on the curb, dropping his bat beside him, "Think he'll pound me for losing his ball?" he asked hesitantly.

Helga nodded, scrunching her face up at him, "Course he will paste for brains!" she confirmed, pointing a finger to his chest, "I have half a mind to pound you too... for proving my field placement wrong like that."

"You wouldn't." Arnold said, rolling his eyes at her, "You've never pounded me."

Helga shifted her position a little, to glare directly at him, "Don't make me start today, bucko!" she warned in that menacing tone that, friend or not, was downright scary.

Arnold was contemplating wether to throw in a witty remark or to apologise, when he heard a muffled, and far away, cry from down the road.

"I found it!" Harold's voice echoed triumphantly, mixed with relieved sighs and enthusiastic chatter from the rest of their classmates.

Arnold glanced toward their direction down the street for a moment, before turning back to face Helga, "Guess they'll be heading back this way." he pointed out sadly.

"Yeah." Helga nodded, looking tentatively down at her hands for a few seconds before standing up from the curb and quickly gathering her equipment, "I'd better get going." she said as she looked down at him, "See ya in the funny pages, Arnoldo."

Arnold watched as she set off down the sidewalk, bundle of baseball equipment in her arms, "See ya Helga." Arnold said softly, with a smile across his face.