Rated M for (future) mild sexual references and mild coarse language. Femslash.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. This is only my interpretation of Pash's story.

Pash smiled as Bliss slid into the seat beside her. "Here", she said trying to casually place the money into her best friend's bag. She had watched her best friend deal with those Neanderthals during her shift at the Oink Joint, and once again, had watched Bliss get screwed over when it came to receiving a tip. She's just too nice sometimes, Pash thought. I wish I had been able to give that scum in the diner a piece of my mind. However, Pash needed her job, and didn't want Birdman to chastise her again for "inappropriate phraseology" when dealing with disrespectful customers. Furthermore, she enjoyed working with Bliss, sometimes finding a secretive smile or knowing look the only thing that would get her through a shift. She didn't want to lose that. And thus, sharing her tips with Bliss was her way of trying to make it up to her, despite the fact that she needed to save all her money for going to college. However, Bliss had protested, which somehow ended up in a flyer advertising roller derby being produced. And the rest, they say, was history.

Pash scrutinized her thoughts trying to remember when it had all started. As far as could remember, she had always considered her attachment to Bliss strongly platonic. Most girls were fiercely protective of their best friends, weren't they? And they constantly thought about them, wanting to spend every moment with them? Didn't they?

Pash lay on her bed; the curtain's closed so the muted light matched her equally muted mood. She breathed out, defeat filling the deflated air around her. Her slender hand grimly rumpled her dark curls as she stared at the ceiling above her. Her eyes scanned the ceiling looking for cracks and patterns; anything to distract her from the thoughts she was unfortunately experiencing. "Useless" she mumbled, unable to think of anything other than the way Bliss' eyes lit up when she smiled, "absolutely useless".

Maybe it was the night of the party? Pash was suddenly consumed with the memory of Bliss' hands gently cradling Pash's head as she threw up in the toilet. Ugh, Pash shuddered at the memory, why did I drink so much? And why did I make out with that guy... he wasn't even that attractive. The answer she realized was, of course, her feelings for Bliss. Or rather, her denial of her feelings which had caused her to drink enough to allow her to mash her lips against the first semi-decent guy that started conversing with her. When she had told Bliss she had been searching for her; her words had cut a little too close to the truth. Bliss had been filtering through her thoughts the entire time she had made out with that pink-haired guy.

What she found most distracting was the way they had lain in bed together after the party. Alcohol had still coursed through her veins, leaving everything in a pleasant fog. As soon a Bliss had slipped into the queen-sized bed, Pash had immediately snuggled close to her. Bliss' warmth had tingled against Pash's cold skin, and she had maladroitly smiled with Bliss' calming scent filling her still sensitive nose. Vanilla and honey. Sneakily, she had slid her hand onto Bliss' thigh, acting on pure instinct that urged her closer to her friend. However Bliss had paid little attention to Pash, rambling on about that boy, to which Pash had little interest in hearing about nor discussing, and thus had dejectedly removed her hand so it lay still between their two bodies.

That was the moment, Pash decided. It had been building for a while before that, but that was the moment when she first became aware of the effect that Bliss had on her, the way she longed to be closer to her, wanted to caress her face, and wrap her legs around her.

That was the moment things changed for Pash.

Exhausted, Pash closed her weary eyes and willed her body to fall asleep, until at last, it did.