"Bliss," Pash whispered, "Bliss, wake up. There's something I need to tell you".

She glanced at her bedside table. The glaring red letters on her alarm clock screamed 4:29AM. This was ridiculous; couldn't she wait until a decent time of day to confess her feelings to Bliss? No, she had to do this now, otherwise she might never be able to say it.

After their shift at work had ended, Pash and Bliss had gone to Pash's place, shut themselves in her bedroom and just hung out. It had been a while since they had done that, and Pash found herself relieved that nothing had changed between them. In fact, their friendship felt stronger than ever before. They had talked and laughed and built a cubby house composed of sheet linen tied to the base of her bed and desk. After dinner, the two girls had retreated to their fort, blankets creating a soft base on the ground where they lay. They had put music on in the background, talked and laughed until they were both exhausted, upon which they had both pleasantly drifted off to sleep.

Which is where Pash had woken at approximately 4:10 that morning, the air clouded in shadows, and her legs entangled with Bliss' in the small sanctuary they had created for themselves. Her breath was coming out in short, hot little puffs as she felt her heart beat erratically knowing that if she didn't tell Bliss the truth she might just go crazy. She needed to do this.

Her eyes studied Bliss in the half-light. She was lying on her side facing Pash, one hand curled up near her face, the other delicately sprawled near where Pash had been laying not so long ago. "Bliss..." Pash whispered, lightly running a hand up the arm that lay close to her. She felt Bliss' arm twitch beneath her hand and saw Bliss examining her from her place on the pillow. Sleep glazed Bliss' eyes, and when she stretched and sat up, she had a rivulet of pillow marks running across the right side of her face.

"Pash?" Bliss looked at her with concern and confusion, and gently ran a hand across Pash's curls. "What's wrong? Did something happen?"

"No, no, everything's fine. I just," Pash faltered, her deep brown eyes regarded the bright green she knew was there watchingat her so carefully now. "I just needed to tell you something. I, uh, I..."

Pash didn't know how to say it. Surely there was no good way to hear that your best friend had fallen in love with you? And the way Bliss was now regarding her; it made her feel so secure and loved that she didn't want to continue and lose that look. She'd just gotten Bliss back; she didn't want to screw that up.

"I just, I..." Pash paused, licked her dry lips and decided something. There was no way to just say it. She wanted Bliss to know everything. Heart hammering in her throat, Pash leant forward and pressed her lips to Bliss'. She moved one hand to lay against the brunette's cheek, while the other hand supported her weight against the ground. As soon as her lips touched Bliss', she felt her friend's body go rigid. "Shit," Pash thought, starting to pull away. But then, to her utmost surprise, Bliss began to kiss her back. Incoherent half-thoughts flickered through her mind, as she focused on Bliss' lips, and the adrenaline coursing through her body.

Pash broke the kiss, deciding the brief kcontact had been succinct in conveying her feelings. She moved her head back slightly and cautiously glanced up at Bliss' face. She didn't think she could be even more surprised than when Bliss had kissed back, but she was, once again, proven wrong when she saw the last emotion she would have expected to see on Bliss' features: lust. The air around them stood still as they both breathed hot air into the limited space between them. Pash's lips were slightly parted, and she was frozen, waiting to see what Bliss would do next. Bliss' eyes were locked onto hers before they moved downwards and she briskly launched herself forward to re-initiate the kiss.

Woah, was all Pash thought as Bliss' hands closed around her face, and her warm body rested on top of her, pinning Bliss against the blankets. Now this, this is what kissing should feel like.

Pash closed her eyes, feeling the weight of Bliss on her, electricity steaming from everywhere the brunette touched her. Bliss' lips were working softly against her and Pash sighed into her mouth before deepening the kiss and flipping them over so that Pash was on top of Bliss. Her hands were in Bliss' hair, and Bliss' hands were stroking down Pash's back as they kissed deeply, softly, intensely. This is beautiful, she thought, pulling back from Bliss to examine her face. Bliss gazed serenely at her, a smile playing around her eyes in the semi-light, causing Pash to lower her lips again to the other girl's to place a tender, chaste kiss on them. Then she rolled off Bliss and placed her arms resolutely around the other girl's body. Bliss snuggled her face into Pash's chest, and ankles entwined, facing each other, Pash felt her racing heart calm down until she was lulled into a deep, peaceful sleep, Bliss snug in her arms.


Something soft and wet brushed against Pash's face as she felt the dazed feeling of waking wash over her. That's odd, she frowned, I don't own a dog. Pash opened her eyes to find Bliss' emerald green eyes glinting cheekily at her, mere centimeters separating their faces.

"Oh," was all Pash managed to say as Bliss lowered her face to plant another warm kiss near Pash's ear. Pash smiled as the night's events came tumbling back to her; Bliss' mouth, her hands, her warmth. Almost as if reading her mind, Bliss started planting kisses along Pash's jaw line until she stretched upwards and placed her mouth firmly against Pash's. Her hands lay flat on the pillow either side of Pash's head, her body a gentle pressure against Pash's, and her knees either side of Pash's thighs. Pash responded instinctively to Bliss' touch and wrapped her hands around the other girl's neck, drawing her forward to deepen the kiss. Unlike the kiss late night (or earlier that morning, depending on how you thought about it), Pash felt like this one was cheekier somehow. It was more exploratory, less cautious, and the yearning was ringing through loud and clear from both her body and Bliss'. Pash felt Bliss' tongue glide smoothly across her lip, almost begging entry to her own mouth, to which she happily obliged. She felt Bliss' tongue move slickly across her own as Pash's hands felt down Bliss' body.

It was exhilarating; this freedom to just touch Bliss like she had been longing to for so long. Her hands easily made their way under the fabric of Bliss' loose t-shirt and slid back up Bliss' back, admiring the curvature of her spine. As Pash's hands were gliding across Bliss' shoulder blades, she was startled to realize something; Bliss wasn't wearing a bra.

With this revelation, Pash suddenly halted the kiss, letting a small gasp be swallowed up by Bliss' mouth. Bliss tilted her face back and pushed up slightly on her hands. "Something wrong?" she asked, concern creasing across her forehead. "Did I do something wrong?"

"No, of course not," Pash offered a reassuring smile, "everything Bliss is blissful". She cringed as the terrible pun escaped from her lips. Bliss looked at her in mild confusion for a millisecond longer before she softly snorted and lent her head down to kiss Pash's cheek. "In fact," Pash continued, her eyebrow rising suggestively of its own accord, "several hundred sleepovers with you, and that is the first time I've ever been woken like that. I think you were holding out on me Babe Ruthless". Pash finished the sentence with a smirk, her hands gently stroking the bare skin on Bliss' back as she stoutly held her gaze.

"Well, that was the first time you had ever kissed me like that, so I wonder just whom was holding out on who." Bliss finished the sentence with a suggestive waggle of eyebrows before glancing at the bedside clock. "8:09; you didn't want to get up yet, did you?"

"No, of course not," Pash was intensely aware of her hands inside the brunette's top and didn't want to move them just yet. "I'm not done kissing you". With that, she leant her head forward, dragging the brunette's lip into her mouth and sucking it. Simultaneously, she gently scraped one hand across Bliss' back whilst the other hand fumbled around Bliss' body till it slipped into the space between their bodies and she was cupping Bliss' breast in her hand.

Fuck, she thought as her heart slammed against her chest and she felt a deep pang between her legs. Bliss didn't seem immune to it either if the loud guttural noise she had just emitted into Pash's mouth was any indication. For all the years Pash had known Bliss, she had never heard her make that noise before. Tenderly Pash began exploring the other girl's breast with her palm, stroking lightly until she found the hard nub that was Bliss' nipple.

Woah, she thought again as she broke the kiss to watch Bliss' face while she fingered the brunette's chest. She fleetingly wondered if she was doing it okay, but when she gently pinched the nub Bliss gasped with open surprise and she figured she must be doing something right.

Bliss' hands stalled, what happens now? She voiced this thought aloud, uncertainty sneaking in for the first time since she had initially kissed Bliss. She had never gone this far before; never wanted to go this far before. She was acting on pure instinct, but wondered what this meant for her friendship with Bliss.

"I don't know, Love," Bliss smiled lovingly at her, "we have plenty of time to figure it out". With that, she maneuvered her body so it was she was lying next to Pash, one leg protectively curled up on Pash's thigh, her face snuggled into Pash's neck. Pash affectionately kissed Bliss' forehead and burrowed her nose into the brunette's hair, sighing into her familiar scent. Vanilla and honey were fast becoming her fragrance of choice. Her palm was still resting against Bliss' chest, but the brunette didn't seem to mind and neither did she.

They stayed like that; fully content, until their breathing was in sync and Bliss couldn't remember ever feeling so comfortable.