Malliks POV

The trip to the Amazons 'camp' was getting long. Carlisle was sat almost contentedly in my arms, the melon still over his head, his rainbow eyes shining though the holes he had made in the hard shell. I suddenly realised how childish he had become. I enjoyed it actually, Marcus did too.

It set him aside from being Vampire doctor Carlisle Cullen to Malice, a half-vampire. I knew he was enjoying it too. It stopped the pain from returning. I knew when his body aged his emotions grew again. A child's body couldn't deal with such of pain he had. It would have redirected it into a different emotion, making the mind revert to childhood. Because he was a half vampire too, normal emotions from a vampire were much stronger than a humans or a half human, that probably helped too.

"I'm bored" Carlisle moaned. Again-children had a short attention span.

"Not long now" Zafrina said. Though her mind was still cautious towards us. If we didn't have Carlisle then she would have been careful then she was now. Though she had grown fond of Nessie, Carlisle's granddaughter. She though that Carlisle was similar and wanted to have that type for friendship with him and us. Senna and Kachiri were watching us very closely, not as trusting as Zafrina but were being opened minded towards us.

Then Carlisle sniffed.

"Do I smell pie? Strawberry?" He asked, sniffing again. The Amazons frowned but I could tell by their minds they found this amusing.

"Close Malice" I laughed. I had raided a few houses earlier and snagged some snacks. I reached into my inside pocket and pulled out a shrunken pastry covered pie. His eyes widened, pulling off the Melon helmet and threw it to Marcus who laughed at his facial expression.

"You had this pie the whole time? I risked an injury to catch a melon when I could have had this pie" He folded his arms. His eyes fixed on pie. I rolled my eyes.

"Please say you're not going to go one about this, You can have the pie later" I stuffed it back into my pocket. He pouted.


"No, you've had your Melon. You can have it later" I reasoned, feeling like the parent. He huffed then folded his arms.

"A temper tantrum won't solve anything, little Brother" Marcus said, ruffling Carlisle's hair.

"Don't care" He turned his head away. Then we broke off into a clearing, but it looked empty. Zafrina pointed up. I adverted my eyes upwards to see four platforms, dug into the side of the large trucks of trees. I moved the stroppy half vampire so he was now clinging onto my back, I didn't want him to have the temptation of falling.

Alice's POV

"Mary" I heard one of the pack call. Still not use to the new name I gave myself.

"Yes" I shot to the open door of my house, which was located next to Emily Urlys(neƩ young).

"We've organised a hunting trip for you and Jasper. Me and Jared has searched the area for any hikers on our land. But Quil and Paul will be with you all times for precaution." Sam said, I turned to look at Jasper, his black eyes showing his thirst. He nodded. Days had past, even though our thirst lasted at least weeks before our eyes change colour. It must be the grief of losing Carlisle that did it, I hoped it would be evened out eventually as time passed.

"Thank you" I said, Jasper taking my hand. Sam nodded, though he was still not use to us being so close, even litterly. living next to his wife and Imprint with his son, Tom-tom, who had just turned 2. Sam was determined to keep him away from us, though not in a horrid I-will-rip- you-to-pieces-If you-so-approch-him sort of way, he was cautious because he didn't want him to become a wolf at such a young age,

We met Quil and Paul, both in their wolf forms, by the woods. Now I wished either I or Jasper had the ability to read minds. So we could at least know what they were 'saying'.

"Go west for a few miles, there's a group od elks and the occasional mountain lion We might have accidently chased then north as we approached" Sam said. I nodded. But with the wolves the chances of finding them were slim, now i had to catch them with using my ability. Darn.

"What you're think about" Jasper asked as we walking into the forest.

"I have to catch my meal like everyone else." The wolves sniggered, I rolled my eyes then shot off, the wolves taking a distance between us since we would, lose ourselves to our instinct and they didn't want to risk it. As if i wanted to eat dog. Even though I did try it when we visited Africa, not the best blood in the world. With that I Let got of Jaspers hand and leapt at the mortal creatures.

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