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Chapter 1: Escaping from home

It was Saturday, and for a person like me who's got everything but nothing, it wasn't going to be a fun weekend, only a disastrous end. The reason behind my severe head ache and stress? Was all because of my supposedly loving grandpa who, all my life gave me everything I asked for. But now, he wants me to marry some rich, bratty, spoiled kid who I never once met before. And to hell with it.

I packed my things. My undergarments, clothes, some money, my uh…womanly needs and everything I needed. I packed quite a bunch but all of it miraculously fitted on a medium-sized bag, which I could fortunately carry around without it hindering me if ever I had to run fast.

I tip-toed around the house and dammit! Why did our house have to be so big? My grandpa always loved to make everything grand so I guess I should have expected problems like this to occur before I even decided to run away. I'll have to sneak around much longer than I planned, and without being seen. I glanced between the kitchen and the living room, trying to decide whether the maids or somebody was there since the two rooms faced each other and I'd be a dead meat before I even step out of this house.

I scanned around once more and carefully made my way to the door, walking a bit faster when I saw my maid, Anna, preparing tea in the kitchen. I sighed in relief when I successfully made it on the other side of the door without anyone noticing.

I saw no guards when I sneaked from the corners of the house and yelped in surprise when something touched or rather licked my legs. Bruno, the larger-than-most Doberman, wagged his tail behind me, staring at me expectantly and shoving his large head against my hand, wanting to be petted. I watched him sadly and hugged him. It was a good thing that the maids always make Bruno have a bath everyday despite the dog's obvious hatred of water getting into his skin.

"I'm gonna miss you, Bruno." I whispered sadly. Whether he knew what I was talking about or not, I didn't know, but when his ears flopped down and whimpered, I figured he knew I was going away. I had to thank myself for befriending the large sweet thing because I would've been caught by the guards if Bruno barked loud enough to tell the whole world what I was planning to do or actually doing. I told Bruno to stay on the hidden spot we were at (it was his post) in case he decides to follow me and confuse the guards as to why the large dog moved from his usual sitting spot and that would cause a lot of suspicion.

When I peeked towards the gates, I immediately turned to run to the opposite side of the house, I should have known that I won't be marching in the front gates without getting dragged back by 20 or 30 guards posted in front of the main gate.

I reached the back of the house panting, I didn't expect the whole grounds to be packed with patrolling guards and my heart sped up every time I thought they'd spotted me, but it worked out eventually. I praised my sneaking skills and smiled with triumph when I faced the tall iron fence with sharp spikes on top. I had a bit of a problem getting the bag to the other side but with one more of my desperate pushes; I managed to drop it on a bush. Without a second of hesitation, I climbed the fence and found it too easy; maybe I had talents I didn't know about. I silently thanked my agility when I got on top. My problem now was getting down. I tried to find the courage to jump but I paled when I realized that would probably break my legs even if I successfully land on my feet. I breathed in and out then breathed my last deep breath before I made myself fall towards the thick bushes and waited for a huge impact. Thankfully, I had a soft landing in thick and not-so-soft bushes. I immediately managed to hide inside the bush panting.

I regained myself and took out my Iphone, then called the one person I could trust more than my own family.

"Hello? Hotaru? I ran away from home and I need your help. I'm at a bush behind the mansion. Bye." I hanged up before she could ask questions. I couldn't risk being found out because of the GPS on my phone so I threw it somewhere far away. I really didn't want to but I had to. What's the point of safely burying the phone beside me? Anna would know what was happening in about five more minutes. I just wish Hotaru can get here on time.

I patiently waited at the bush, sitting uncomfortable on the wet ground. In about 15 minutes of sitting sore and almost leaving the spot, I saw a car I recognized and when it stopped right in front of me, I hopped in without delay.

"You could have saved yourself, not to mention me, the trouble if you hadn't announced to the whole mansion that you were going to run away if your grandfather would still force you to marry."Hotaru said, looking very annoyed, I think I knew why, I hanged up before she could have her say. I shrugged.

"Couldn't help it, I was so angry I wanted to pull someone's hair out. Thankfully, I didn't." I flexed around the car to stretch and sat comfortably beside Hotaru, snuggling beside her.

Hotaru dropped her annoyed expression, sighing and let me embrace her arm. I smiled. She was probably in a good mood now if she didn't shout at me for hugging her when I was sticky andsmelled of sweat.

We sat in a comfortable silence while I thought hard about what my grandpa would do when he would finally catch me. I was sure he'd lock me up in my room for a month and never let me out of the stupid mansion for a year but who knows? Maybe he'd do something more extreme and terrible. I shuddered at the thought.

"Hotaru?" I called. Hotaru knew why I didn't want to be engaged, much less get married. I mean come on! I'm only 17! If I get married now, how am I supposed to live in a temporary normal life? I always wanted to be a normal girl, being able to work for my own money and become independent on my own and also having 'normal' friends. The problem was, my grandpa never understood me when I only wanted to be an ordinary girl even if it was only for a while. Sure, I am pretty happy with my life and my grandpa wants the best for me and gives me the best. Hell, I've been spoiled rotten by him. This was the exact reason why I wanted 'normalcy' and a bit of independence, I didn't want to be so full of myself. When I told grandpa my reasons, he just got angry and told me I was being foolish and ridiculous. Now he thinks that my 'childish' wish would be 'fixed' if I get married and settle with somebody I haven't met. How ridiculous was that?

"What?" she turned to me and gave me a cup of tea with her other hand. I took the cup, thanking her when she sipped her own tea, how she managed to prepare it with me sticking to her like glue and where it came from, I didn't want to know. I looked at her seriously.

"I just want to work somewhere like everybody else. Other girls in our class are working part time and talking about it every day, I want to be like that too. It's that simple but am I really being too selfish with this?" I questioned her, head looking down and voice barely audible but I knew Hotaru heard me since she let me snuggle closer to her.

"If you're asking me to answer seriously, then yes, you are awfully being selfish and if other people heard you, especially those who are working seriously for living while still studying, they'd eat you alive." She answered bluntly and I somehow became depressed. I silently thanked Hotaru for being honest with me but quickly realized that she had always been like this, never lied to me just to make me feel better, but then again, if she did lie to me, it would had to have a very good reason.

All my life I was given everything I asked for. I wasn't exaggerating when I said I was spoiled rotten. There were several times when I glanced at something for about 3 seconds and when I got home I would be surprised to see it inside my room and it felt so… so wrong… it wasn't my money so how come I'm the one using it? This was one of the many reasons why I wanted to grow up fast and become my parent's heir to the company so that I can freely use it or even waste the money I worked hard for. Another reason was because I was fed up on acting so formal in front other people, even in front of my own classmates. I never got to play something as simple as hide-and-seek, I could only watch other children my age have fun with anyone when I was young. Of course I had Hotaru by my side since we were only 'hatchlings' but that didn't mean she or we could be allowed to play freely. My parents were never strict, they would have left me alone to what I wanted to do but my grandpa would never allow me of what he called "absurd games" that children played. Don't get me wrong, I love my grandpa but sometimes, or most of the times, he was being too strict and picky. I sighed when I realized I've been thinking too much to not notice when the car stopped because of traffic.

"I'm that bad?" I asked her again, still feeling a bit sad. She frowned and I guess her patience didn't last because she cringed her nose and shoved me away.

She began to search for something; probably a handkerchief before speaking. "Yes. But you deserve a little freedom for you stable obedience, that is, until now. So stop moping around and smile you idiot."

I smiled and sat as far away as possible from Hotaru.