As the bell rang, the students of the third class in Teikou Middle School started packing their things and rushed out the door.

Kise was getting ready to follow his classmates, trying to talk to a very annoyed Midorima. He was soon left alone, as his teammate rushed off the class grunting something about today's cancer ranking and annoying people making his day worse.

Kise sighed and turned to take his coat. In front of the clothes hanger there was Aomine, picking up his own one.

Kise looked at his broad back and felt a light smile on his lips. He approached him from behind, wanting to get closer to his long time crush, and put his chin on the taller male's shoulder.

"What do you want, Kise?" asked Aomine looking at him briefly.

"Mmh, nothing." murmured the blonde one. Then, thinking that it would have been fun to tease Aomine in the middle of a crowded classroom, he placed a kiss on his tanned neck.

All of a sudden, the tanned boy turned, his eyes wide opened, grabbed him and shoved him against the wall, growling. The next thing Kise knew, was that Aomine's lips were on his own and his tongue was inside his mouth, invading him and making his knees tremble. The taller male withdrew after some seconds, panting.

"I told you not to kiss me on the neck." growled, biting Kise's lips. He then picked up his coat and bag and left the class, not caring about the shocked stares of his classmates.

Kise, on the other hand, felt more and more embarrassed, and blushed as he saw his classmates staring at him jaw dropped. He was panting and has still a trace of Aomine's kiss on his swollen red lips. His knees faltered and he sat on the ground, becoming aware that he kissed Aomine Daiki.

Aomine Daiki kissed him.

He and Aomine Daiki shared a kiss.

He wasn't able to stop the huge smile that crept on his lips.

Hi there! This is Tikkia with her first Kurobasu fanfiction! I hope you enjoy it, and I'm sorry for any grammar error I did (sometimes English cheats on me!)

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