The first letter, if you can call one sentence a letter, arrives on a Monday. It is in a pink envelope that smells of lillies and as Patrick Jane pulls it out silver coloured hearts fall at his feet. The message is succinct:

"I love you Patrick Jane"

Jane read it again:


pink envelopes

The second letter arrives on a Friday. Cho and Rigsby look up from their paperwork.

"Hey Cho, another love letter for Jane from his secret admirer."

This time gold stars lay at Jane's feet and he reads

"Roses are red

Violets are blue

In my sleep

I dream only of you."

Jane shows it to Lisbon

"At least it's not William Blake" she mutters

pink evelopes

On Monday the CBI mailman appears with another pink envelope for Patrick Jane. Cho, Rigsby and Grace have a pool going as to what will fall out this time. No one guessed multi-coloured musical notes.

"Rigsby look inside you left pants pocket"

Rigsby reaches in and brings out a folded piece of paper and reads out:

"Musical notes you all owe me 10 bucks - Jane"

Rigsby is aghast

"How does he do that!"

Jane smiles. His letter says:

'I look forward to when I take you in my arms and we dance the night away. I know you want this too. Soon, my love, soon.

pink envelopes

On Friday every one is waiting for the next letter. Lisbon is watching Jane and notices him tapping his finger against the arm of his couch.

"Everything alright Jane?"

"Yes, yes I'm fine"

Lisbon catches a nervous smile before it quickly changes into a confident mask.

"Letter for Patrick Jane"

Paper flowers fall to his feet.

'I think it is perfectly proper to send the man you love flowers but a whole room full would not express my devotion. They await you Patrick.'

pink envelopes

Monday morning there is a tap on Lisbon's door, the mailman is holding a small box wrapped in pink.

"Jane isn't in yet"

"It's for you"

Lisbon unwraps the parcel which contains a single chocolate in a clear view box with a gift tag attached.

'I hope you enjoy this agent, it is my favourite - strawberry cream.'

Lisbon misses the red circle that has fallen at her feet.