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I have a day until I find out who I'm destined to be with.

I keep checking my wrist, counting second after second. It accelerates my heartbeat. It makes me nervous out of nowhere. Even my boss thinks I'm deliriously attached to the clock these days.

"Shizuo," Tom said while I took a drag of my cigarette, my hand shaking. "I think you need a few days off."

I glanced at him and exhaled the fumes. "I'm gonna pass out if I go back home," I said.

"You're going to pass out anyway," he shook his head. "It's as if you haven't seen that clock in ages every time you take a look at it."

"Easy for you to say," I crushed the cigarette with my foot. "You already have your soul-mate."

He smiled and looked at the sky. "And I thank whoever tied us together every single day."

This world was peculiar. We were all born with some kind of digital clocks engraved on our hands, which counted the time until the day you will meet your destined soul-mate. I always wondered how she will look like. What she would smell like. How it would feel like to kiss her.

I took another cigarette.

Tom sighed. "Okay, let's just go eat somewhere, my treat," he said. "No use working today while you're so jumpy."

I wanted to protest, but there was nothing left to say. He was right. I couldn't concentrate at all. It was like the clock drained all of the energy from me, leaving only thoughts about my soul-mate behind. I wasn't a man of romance at all, but thinking how I could surprise the love of my live was consuming my thoughts. When have I become so sensitive? Maybe I just wanted to leave a good impression to the woman I'd spend the rest of my life with. Who knows.

We went to Russia Sushi and Tom ordered something I didn't pay close attention at, while I could only think of a strawberry milkshake. I would've vomited right here and then if it wasn't for my abnormal self-control. It was as if my whole world started spinning around the person I haven't even met yet.

I quietly sipped on my milkshake, ignoring the scared looks on other customer's faces. The monster of Ikebukuro, they probably thought. Glancing too much at his clock. Drinking a fucking milkshake.

See, we could all notice when someone was about to meet his soul-mate. They'd get nervous, keep track of the seconds left and look around too much. Well, thank god I still had about 21 hours left until I started searching for the person who was meant to be together with me.

To think that Heiwajima Shizuo would be able to love was absolute gibberish in their heads. While I was kind of excited. There would finally be a person who wouldn't be scared of my strength, would be there for me. Would know the real me, not this freak the society imagined me being.

Tom ate in silence, leaving me to my thoughts. I grabbed my wallet and paid for the milkshake.

"What are you doing, I told you I'd pay," Tom said.

"I'm just going to accept your offer and take a few days off, alright?" I said and got up from my seat. He nodded.

"Call me after you meet her," he asked. "I'd love to hear from you. It happens once in a lifetime."

"Sure," I said and managed a smile. I walked out of the restaurant and breathed the air deep in. Tomorrow will change my life altogether. Was I ready for this change? Maybe I could let go of this violence and hatred.

"Shizuo!" I heard a familiar voice next to me and turned to see Simon. "Have a good meal, yes?"

"Just had a milkshake, thanks, Simon," I said and waved. "Okay, until next time?"

"Shizuo is meeting his soul-mate?" Simon asked, clearly seeing the irritation on my face. God fucking damnit, is it that obvious?

"Tomorrow," I said and started walking away.

"Have a great day!" Simon shouted at my direction.

"You too," I shouted back and slowly made my way to my apartment. I was almost finished with my pack of cigarettes, that's what paranoia and nervousness did to me. I kept looking at women, wondering maybe one of them was my soul-mate. Some of them were breathtakingly gorgeous, others were average. But you don't choose who you love by looks. It's what inside that matters.

"Isn't that Shizuo Heiwajima?" I heard someone behind me.

"He looks strange today, I wonder what happened?"

Apparently, a few teenagers were discussing me but I chose to ignore them.

"No way," one of them said to the other. "I bet his clock is near the end!"

"You really think so?"

"Yeah! Just look at him glance at his clock non-stop!"

"Who would want to be with a monster?"

"I don't know, he is kind of hot –"

"Shh, I think he can hear us –"

Shizuo, keep your fucking shit together, don't turn around, don't turn around, don't turn around. KEEP. WALKING.

I managed getting away from them with no scene and it made me feel easier. I didn't want to share my joy with other people, especially the ones from Ikebukuro. They didn't know who I really was. They just assumed from what I was doing.

Surely, they found me scary after witnessing so many fights and different collisions with people I didn't like. I know it's not really amazing, my job, that is. I was a debt collector's bodyguard. Naturally, I'd be a figure to be afraid of. I wasn't complaining, since it was my only job I have actually maintained for a long time. Tom understood what I was capable of, and what's more to it, he never thought about firing me. Not even once. He told me this himself, after hearing my story.

Which leads me to a quite sickening point in my life. Orihara Izaya.

I hated that man to the core of my brain. Just seeing him made me buzz with anger. That man tricked me into so many mistakes of my life. I had lost many jobs because of him. I even got into jail – his work again.

I shook my head while walking. This wasn't the time to think about that menace. I had so little time before I could be happy. He shouldn't even be crossing my mind.

I walked past a grocery shop, but immediately changed my mind and ran inside. I wanted to grab some milk, so I would have something to drink through the night. I wasn't sure if I had the guts to sleep tonight. So many things were supposed to happen tomorrow. I smiled to myself while buying the milk. Even the cashier glanced at me, disbelieving the 'Oh my god, Heiwajima Shizuo is meeting his soul-mate soon' look on my face.

And god damnit, was I proud I was meeting her tomorrow. Finally, the one person who would prove I wasn't much of a monster after all.

I exited the shop quite cheerful. No one was going to ruin my day after 21 hours.

I woke up after two hours of sleep. I dreamt complete gibberish, nothing had made sense. I took a glance at a real clock and groaned. It was too early in the morning.

But then my eyes opened instantly.

I looked at my hand engraving. Nearly four hours left.

How long have I been sleeping? I jumped out of my bed, rushing to the shower. I groomed myself, cleaned basically anything that seemed to be repellent to women and shaved my beard with carefulness. I put a towel on my hips, barely containing the rush of excitement through my blood. I would meet her in a few hours.

I pushed away my bartender outfit for once, searching for something more casual. I knew I was going to wear jeans that hung low on my hips, since I knew they looked quite astonishing on my body. I chuckled to myself in my head, since I remembered my brother Kasuka telling me I should wear them more. According to my brother, the whole bartender thing wasn't as appealing as I thought.

I finally managed to find a tight white shirt and put an equally good looking jacket on top. I looked at myself in the mirror, thinking I never looked so good. It was probably the glee rushing through my veins. When have I become so sensitive? I wasn't like myself at all.

I have never experienced true love before. Sure, I had relationships, but in this world, we didn't have much choice. We all broke up with our second pairs eventually. It wasn't much use to date a person who wasn't meant for you, right? I always regretted being with a woman whose clock was far distant from mine. It sucked asking them to never try and hook up again, because it would cause us much pain. All of my ex-girlfriends asked me to give them a call after I got myself a soul-mate. They were equally interested in who I would be spending the rest of my life with.

Of course, those women were only into my looks and not my personality. It was as if they ignored the part where I would become violent and angry. I didn't complain, for I knew the day I would find one who would understand would come very soon. And guess what. This guy right here was about to find the real one in a few hours.

I hurried out of my apartment, happy to have arranged some things beforehand. I asked the florist to prepare a certain type of a bouquet for my lovely girl. In this society, the florists and many other shops had some special gifts to order, especially for the most amazing part of our lives. I was going to remember this day every single time I look at the love of my life. The nervousness clenched my insides, as if I could determine my future. There was no turning back. It didn't matter how she looked like, or what her personality was. If the higher powers fit that person with me – fine. I believe in them. Everyone else who got their soul-mates told me the same thing. They were they happiest people alive to have found someone who understood them completely.

I paid the florist, who winked at me and told me to tell his regards to the happy woman I would meet today. I thanked him sincerely, which earned me a surprised look. No one ever thought I could act humble and thankful. Well, everything was about to change, right?

Two hours left. I was nervous. I went into the coffee shop near my home, ordering a large glass of strawberry goodness. I sipped it slowly. I was cherishing this excitement. I knew this would be the time I would tell everyone about. How I felt nervous. How I was determining what I wanted to say. And how the last seconds felt like. I sighed and glanced at my clock. The seconds were so excruciatingly slow, it maddened me. At least I had some time to prepare myself completely.

After I finished my milkshake, I wandered to a park nearby. Surely, it was strange just casually walking around, but apparently, everyone who had their soul-mates didn't know where they were heading. They just walked and walked until at the last second, someone bumped into them. Touched.

The touch was essential in this agreement. After you take forever to even consider the last second arriving, you would touch the person without hesitation, accidentally. That's how you know who you're destined to be with. There is no other way. My skin felt tingly all over when I thought about it.

I sat on a bench, gripping the flowers tighter. Only one hour left.

I looked up at the sky, painted gold and blue. My thoughts were scattered, unthinking. I wasn't able to contain myself any longer. I knew this was going to be the longest hour of my life.

Half an hour left. I felt an unmistakable wish to stand up and move forward. So I did.

The park was kind of big, and I knew where I was going without a doubt.

There was an old sakura tree. It wasn't blooming yet, for it still had about three months, but it was still amazingly beautiful to look at. I glanced at my clock which showed only ten minutes left. My heart was beating like a drum, with the speed of light. I slowly approached the tree, touching its core, its wood. I sighed at the encounter. I would surely remember every second of these ten minutes. No doubt.

Five minutes.

Another pull. I walked slowly, counting my steps, my hand sweating. My eyes were unfocused. This day was particularly sunny, so there were dozens of people around me. Some of them sitting on the grass, some of them walking hand in hand with their friends. Even the matched couples were out. Soon, I would join their forces, taking my girl everywhere, being proud of my whole essence.

One minute.

I decided I wouldn't look at anyone, but the clock. I counted the seconds, one by one. Exactly at the speed of the clock. My heart seemed to slow down and speed up whenever I felt the ting in my heart, telling me that soon I would grab the woman and never let her go.

Ten seconds.

Oh man, I was getting feverish.


What will she look like?


I can't take this pressure anymore.


God, I thank you for this moment.


Go on, go on.


I'm almost there.


Get a grip of yourself, Shizuo, or –


-or you're going to faint…


My heart stopped.


The clock stopped at 00:00:00

I held my breath in, finally feeling the swift touch of someone. Our skin through the fabric. Her shoulder against mine, as I suspected. I breathed the air into my lungs, getting ready for the heart-attack.

I opened my eyes and turned to the person with who I was destined to be.

"God damnit, Shizu-chan!" a familiar voice and face popped into my view.

I froze.


The man I hated the most, the pain in my ass for such a long time was standing in front of me. His raven hair scattered from the non-existent wind, probably from hurrying around. His bright red eyes, squirming against the sun and scorching me from within. His unnaturally great figure. He was dressed casually, and for the first time in my life, I noticed he wasn't dressed in that jacket with fur of his. He looked quite normal.

I glanced around, seeing that everyone around us gave us the space, since they knew the monster of Ikebukuro would soon chase his prey.

"Shizu-chan, as much as I want to play, I was waiting for someone important here," he groaned and I felt panic rising in my chest.

"Fuck you, Flea, I was here first!"

"And what are you doing?" he asked, teasing. "Shouldn't you be at work?"

"I –," I growled. "Why would I tell you?"

"Seriously, you dumb brute, I need some space, shoo," he wavered his hands at me. Oh, fuck no.

"Move, Flea," I said quite angrily. "You're gonna scare her off."

Izaya gasped, now stepping a few steps behind me. "Her?" he asked. "What is this her I haven't heard about, Shizu-chan? I thought you still had that clock going!"

"It stopped a few seconds ago," I flashed him my hand, sharing my obvious irritation toward the stupid bastard. I couldn't be pissed enough to talk to him. Maybe the girl was near here and we accidentally brushed our hands?

While I was wondering, Izaya grew silent. I completely forgot about him, until he accidentally looked at his hand. I glared at him just to find his eyes widening.

"Oh shit," he whispered.

It kind of made me interested. She was waiting, but damn, did Izaya look nervous now. I've never seen him this worried before.

"What the fuck, Flea?"

He gulped and looked at me, disbelief in his expression. He slowly raised his hand to make me see his clock.


Everything in my inside world crashed. My eye-sight was blurry. I lost control. But what happened next was what left me breathless in a sick kind of way.

Izaya literally fainted.

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