I put my hands on his hips, holding him down. His hands lingered over my chest and I breathed in.

This was an amazing feeling. Looking at him while he's so fired up just to touch me. I knew the exact emotion I had now – happiness. It has been a long month for us both. We both had trust issues.

Having this intimacy was the end of our rivalry and the beginning of an amazing love story.

Izaya was temporarily frozen.

"What?" I asked.

He brushed his hair back and kissed me. "Can't believe we're actually doing this."

I gripped his hips tighter. "We are. Are you seriously questioning it?"

That's when Izaya's lips formed a smile. Not a simple kind. The most amazing, great kind. He looked so fresh and… relaxed? I haven't seen him this calm in ages. "Sometimes it's hard to admit that this is not a dream."

My heart nearly exploded. I pushed myself up, hugged his torso and kissed him with all the love and passion I had in me. He seemed to understand the emotions I was sending him, for he immediately had his hands in my hair and kissed me back, fierce and raw.

We enjoyed this moment for what seemed to be forever. I tasted him, this extraordinary mix of lust and love. In the midst of our kissing I noticed he was very very responsive.

I reached my hands up from his hips, brushing my fingertips over his satin skin, causing him to shiver. I placed my palms over his chest. He arched his back to my touch and I smiled into our kiss. He mumbled a 'shut up'. I slowly caressed his right nipple.

Izaya mewled.

I was so god damn hard and even a hint of his voice crowded my head with fantasies I didn't know I had. I was playing with his pink nubs, earning short deep moans from him. His hair was glistening with sweat already. I was sure mine looked exactly the same. I drew back and opened my eyes to see his expression. Izaya was panting, his eyes half-lidded, sexy as hell.

"Whoah," I breathed out and he took a long breath. Izaya put his head on my shoulder for a second, containing his raw feelings.

"Don't stop, please." I heard him whispering.

I wasn't about to stop. I shifted us both so he would be under me. Izaya wasn't as predator-ish as before. He was giving in to me and my skilled fingers.

I kissed his neck and trailed my tongue on his skin. It tasted of sweat and something delicious. It tasted of Izaya. He was breathing really hard.

He was holding on to my arms, clutching them whenever I did something right. I navigated through his body with my kisses, lingering when he gripped harder, moving to another location when he relaxed.

When I reached the edge of his pants, I slowly unbuckled them. I sat up and started dragging his pants down, leaving Izaya in his boxers. The odd thing was that I was smiling all the time. It was from sheer excitement.

I could see a bulge in Izaya's boxers, just begging to be touched.

He wrapped his fingers around my chin and mouthed 'come closer'. I instantly attacked him with a tender kiss which deepened with every breath we took. I didn't have time to think about his erection, because Izaya had plans of his own. He reached forward through my pants, gaining access to my now hard cock.

A low moan came out of my throat. I was unprepared for any of this. The touch almost made me cum, so I hopped back from Izaya's lips and looked at him.

"What?" he asked, worried.

"Your touching –" I breathed in harder when he pumped once. "It's driving me insane."

He smiled and collided our lips once again. This temporary limbo dragged me in without a warning.

So this was what Shinra was talking about all the time. I knew the hormones were a bad case, but to think I'd enjoy myself that much?

I took Izaya's hand away and got rid of my own pants. He pouted. "Hey, I was supposed to take care of those!"

"Get over here," I growled and wrapped my arms around his lean body, touching everywhere I could, but avoiding his boxer area at all costs. I could feel him growing annoyed by the fact I was specifically teasing him, but I liked the rush of hormones whenever our crotches accidentally touched.

He then changed our positions, so he was on top of me, his bulge dangerously close to my own. He looked down and I saw a mischievous grin forming.

"Have I got a great treat for you," he said and I somehow considered a blowjob, but to be honest, Izaya was not your average foreplayer. I sure didn't expect what he started doing after a second.

Izaya placed his legs strategically, so that only our crotches and legs were touching. He positioned himself on his elbows and stared straight into my eyes, no kissing, no touching. Then, he started moving. Izaya's hips were buckling, gracing our covered erections together. He was teasingly grinding against me.

"Aah –" Izaya moaned at one particular angle.

Being new to all of this, it took me quite a time to catch on. My mind was blurry, but I somehow managed understanding that moving in a pace with him would make this contact even better.

Again, I followed his movements, bucking my hips up and down so the collision gave its fruits to us. Izaya was finally releasing his moans with no hesitation.

"Nghh –" he mewled, forcing the grinding to become more eager and faster.

Our bodies were moving against each other. Izaya leaned his forehead to mine, our noses touching and air we breathed out mixing together. I drew him closer to me, and he didn't protest. I kissed his ear and felt his hair tickling my cheek. Suddenly, I couldn't take it anymore.

I stopped my hips and Izaya already knew what I wanted to do. He came to a halt and I moved my hand under his boxers, teasing them away from his body. He climbed out of them and I barely even saw what they were hiding. Just the tip.

He didn't think twice about the fabric covering me. Izaya yanked them off, freeing my erection. I wasn't at all embarrassed of us being naked, and it got me thinking.

He was a guy. I was turned on by a guy. This was totally hotter than being with a woman.

I was absolutely in love with every inch of Izaya.

I turned us to our side, Izaya hoisting one of his legs over mine, our cocks now sometimes touching. Flesh against flesh, we moved together. He fit so perfectly in my arms and on my lips. I kissed him once and reached down, so I could please him more.

"Aaah, nggghhh –"

The sounds, the puffs of air, everything about him was so perfect.

"Izaya," I addressed, my voice shagged.

"Hm?" he couldn't speak properly, as I was getting him off no problem.

"I don't know how to –" I said, still listening to his moans. "I haven't done this before –"

He stopped my hand and opened his eyes, so I could see the sincere love pouring out.

"I'll guide you," he murmured and kissed me. After that, he hopped off the bed, leaving me for a second, until he searched his night-table and found what he was looking for. A little tube.

He took my hand into his and climbed on top of me once again. Izaya was very skilled in showing the way he wanted to be touched. He poured some of the lotion on my hand, coating it carefully. Then, he navigated my hand over his hole and I could feel the heat coming out.

"Stretch me," he commanded.

"Are you sure?" I asked, suddenly very conscious of what we were doing. "I'm not skilled in this –"

"Shizuo, just fucking enter a finger, one by one," he hissed and my first finger was wrapped in his heat.

He froze for a second and let out a moan.

"You okay?" I asked, worried.

He shook his head and bucked his hips so he could get used to the feeling.

"Haven't done this in so long," he explained, his eyes closed and with a smile on his face. "But it sure feels good when you're doing it, Shizu-chan."

This went on for a minute or two. I entered a finger at his command, scissoring, preparing him for me. Also, the way he was positioned on me let me enjoy the full view of his naked body.

God, he was beautiful. Even his cock was amazingly well shaped, not too big, not too small, average type. I was distracted by the view until Izaya poked me to life.

"Coat yourself," he said and handed me the lotion. I squeezed some and stroked my erection.

Oh, I was fucking afraid and longing for what will happen. Izaya placed his hand over mine and helped me coat entirely. Our eyes were fixated on one another, eating the hearts out.

He placed the tip of my cock to his hole. Straightened his back. And I went in, ever so slightly.

Oh, the fire burning around me was hardly agonizing at all. It felt amazing. It was soul-crushingly good. Izaya wasn't prepared for my size, but the way he let me go in was clearly a sign I could go on.

I didn't want to hurt him, so at first, I was slow.

I moved like a turtle, testing the heat, the feel of his inside flesh grinding against mine.

"Oh shit," Izaya half moaned half whispered.

I asked for permission with my eyes and he nodded. I started slowly going in and out. It wasn't very hard considering our pose. He was on top, I was on bottom. And Izaya had a knack of deciding when to move with me.

Oh, he was prepared. When he got used to the fact that an alien thing was inside of him, he continuously moved up and down, craving for more intact. He held his hands over my stomach, grinding and meeting my thrusts with his own pace.

I joined his moans. Mine were lower, but I couldn't help myself. The way I felt was not meant to be held inside. Izaya felt wonderful.

All of a sudden, Izaya moaned louder and his body quivered. I stopped, alarmed.

"Don't you dare stop now." He shouted louder. That's when I understood. The sweet-spot.

I angled myself a few times until I found the same place I hit before. It wasn't hard hitting it over and over again until Izaya was a hot mess of sweat, blushing and raw sensations.

I could feel myself coming closer. I was literally on the edge.

"Aah, Izaya –"

"I know," he huffed out, his moans increasing. He rocked back and forth. I jacked him off while thrusting, so the sweet spot added to the swell feeling of an orgasm.

I started thrusting harder, needier, until Izaya started chanting my name. Shizuo, Shizuo, Shizuo.

I sat up, holding him to me as he moved on my cock. It wasn't long before his whole body shuddered and he screamed out while drops of white landed on our chests.

I came upon the sound of his voice only. His insides clenched around me, trapping me and causing my brain to shut down and enter the feeling of nirvana. My vision clouded and all I could hear was Izaya's heart-beat.

We collapsed on the bed without a word. We were panting hard, drenched in sweat and love-making. I was still in Izaya, refusing to let that feeling go. He positioned himself so he could be even closer to me and nuzzled his nose to my chest.

"I love you," I said, not thinking about it twice. It was time to say it out loud. And I just found my moment.

He angled himself so he could see my eyes. I could almost make out the surprise in his look.

Then, he smiled. The brightest smile I have ever seen in my entire life and crashed our lips together before saying the same thing back.

"I love you too, Shizuo."

It wasn't long before Izaya and I got the hang of our lives and the talk died out. I could freely work and not care about a single problem in this world. I had everything I have ever craved for. The love of my life, a job and a decent living.

Izaya couldn't bear not seeing me daily, for we always had to switch from his place to mine in order to sleep together. Within months, we bought a nice apartment in Ikebukuro, which satisfied us both and moved in. Izaya was a great cook and cleaner, while I fixed every problem we had in the house. It was nice. I felt like we were a family.

Also, the Flea was growing more attached to human feelings. It was hard for him to understand how things worked, since it was the first time in his life he actually felt something for a human. He still worked as an informant, but at least now he didn't cause commotion in Ikebukuro.

Izaya had found new ways of surprising me in the terms of sex. Our intimate life was fairly amazing. I couldn't get enough of Izaya and I was happy he felt the same way about me.

A year after our relationship started, I proposed.

See, in this life, everyone could get married. Every single of our friends have been asking us over and over – when are you two going to get married? But Izaya and I took it slow. Despite the fact that Izaya was a hot-headed asshole, I knew he liked this change in our relationship as much as I did. We were really meant for each other. We fought, like all the couples do, but those were good fights. Not to mention the hate-sex we had after those.

I was the happiest man alive to receive a yes from him when I was sitting on my one knee and handing him the ring. I had everything.

Three years we were together and I haven't regretted a single moment with him. I still felt the rush of love when I woke up in the morning next to him. I still got the butterflies when I kissed him. And he still drove me insane when we shared the most intimate moments in our bedroom.

Today, we were standing in front of a building we talked about for ages.

I took a deep breath and pulled him closer to me.

"You have all the documentation?" I asked seriously.

"Shizu-chan, what do you take me for," he said and glared at me. "We've been planning this for months now."

"I'm nervous."

"So am I, brute," he teased me and we went inside.

A woman stood there, waiting. She smiled brightly and shook my hand.

"The Heiwajimas? How nice to meet you."

Izaya couldn't stop looking around. He didn't even care about the woman in front of us.

"Is everything ready?" I asked, my voice shaking slightly.

She nodded and pointed at the door to her left.

"After all the documents are signed, you are welcomed to the waiting room over here. There is no need to panic, the adviser told us you were exceptionally well-prepared for this."

I smiled and we both followed the woman to her office. I saw Izaya's eyes linger on the door. We were both anxious of what we would find there.

He signed the papers right after me and stoop up. "Can we go now?"

The woman was surprised by his eagerness, but smiled softly afterward. I guess she was used to things like this happening.

"Of course."

We took deep breaths before going inside.

Izaya was the first one to enter and see who was lying in a little rocking bed.

"He's amazing," he whispered and clutched my hand.

I knew it the moment I saw the kid in that bed. He was our child.

Izaya and I signed up for adoption a while ago. We didn't know we wanted kids before we saw Kida and Mikado adopt one. Izaya was fired up by this idea, so I caught on and prepared myself for being a father.

Izaya looked at the woman, clearly asking for permission to hold him, our kid.

I smiled at the thought that he now was ours.

Izaya moved closer and slowly raised the baby out of the bed. He was sleeping soundly, probably really attached to the heat Izaya's body provided.

He smiled at the baby boy and sighed. "I can't believe this is not a dream,"

I rolled my eyes and wrapped my hands around his back, placing my head on his shoulder and looking down at our son. "It's not," I said and kissed Izaya's neck. "It's far better than that."

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