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"You do realize I have never agreed on buying this shit from IKEA," I grunted as I watched Izaya unpack the instructions and take some kind of a silver tool in his hands. I've never been good with fixing furniture.

Izaya looked over at me, his hair bundled up with a tight headband. He looked more like a home-wife than my husband. "We needed a new wardrobe," he said.

"We could've just bought a normal wardrobe, instead of getting a piece of crap that we have to build ourselves," I said.

"I told you I didn't like any of them."

"You barely like anything."

He smirked. "Oh, I have things I particularly like, Shizu-chan, and they involve you on a couch with your pants down –"

I stopped him midsentence by kissing the corner of his lips. He blushed slightly and smiled. I knew that smile. He leaned closer and I pushed him back. "Control your hormones, Izaya, we have a wardrobe to make. Shinra won't babysit Kai forever," I said. Izaya pouted.

"We can have a quickie," he said.

I shook my head and grabbed the instructions from him.

It has been so long since we started a life together. I could hardly remember all the drama that happened after I found out he was not my original soul-mate. We managed keeping the tension away from our lives, enjoying every day of our parenthood and marriage.

I couldn't exaggerate the amazingness of the day Izaya and I got married. I was so fucking nervous I would trip down or accidentally kill someone, Celty had to punch me in the face to make it all better. Izaya and I agreed on wearing suits, although I preferred seeing him in a dress. He disagreed.

The way he walked down the aisle, the suit white and glowing in the light, led by one of his sisters was endearing. We couldn't keep our eyes off of each other. After the 'I do's' I kissed him like it was our first time. No matter how many times I had a chance to taste those lips, I've never felt regret. We had to go through all of those shadows crossing our pasts in order to life a peaceful life.

Except it wasn't really that peaceful, now that we had a toddler in our house, who, apparently, was as rough-tempered as Izaya.

Kai was not an ordinary kid. Izaya and I witnessed all of his little victories in about two years. Today, Kai could walk, run and annoy the shit out of me just like his second Father. His hair was light brown, resembling my hair before I started dying it. Izaya always bugged me for the brown roots so that I'd dye it more often but I kind of liked the way people stared at me and Kai. Even though Kai didn't have our genes, he looked a lot like us. He had Izaya's traits as well as mine.

We have just moved into a new house, and Izaya was more than ready to refurnish everything. Which resulted in a new wardrobe I hadn't wanted to buy.

"Where the fuck does this go?" I asked Izaya as I was holding a board no longer than my leg.

Izaya bit his lip and went through the instructions. I was temporarily distracted by the way he looked but he pointed at some screws and held up the silver thingy in his hands. "It says here that we need to screw it to the longer board," he said.

"Which one?" I asked.

He got up and looked at all of the equipment we had. "They all look the same to me."

I almost threw the wooden thing out of my hands. "Izaya, for fuck's sake –"

"Calm down, Shizuo, I'll figure this out."

It went on for a half an hour. Izaya managed finding the right boards and started jiggering with the silver thing. I helped him out by reading the instructions, sometimes showing him pointers.

It was fine until we found that one screw was lost and two boards didn't meet.

Izaya was lost in thought, looking at the unfinished wardrobe. I walked around it to make sure we had everything done right.

"You sure you counted all of the screws before we started?" I asked, touching the smooth surface of the wood. I had to give it to Izaya – the wardrobe did look nice. It would look nicer if it was finished.

"I did," he said. "Hold on."

He looked through the boxes. The strange thing was, this wardrobe was so small, yet it had to be put in about a dozen boxes beforehand. I decided I should help Izaya out.

We rummaged through the materials, searching everywhere. Izaya looked like he was about to give up when I saw one of the screws hiding beneath the boxes. "Here it is," I said.

Izaya smiled. "Now we can finish it!"

We stood up, obviously wishing this would end sooner and looked at the place we had to put the screw in.

That's when I froze.

"What do we do now?" I asked, glaring at the hole which, apparently, needed the whole wardrobe undone and started from the beginning.

Izaya gulped down, probably already annoyed with the wardrobe. "I have an idea."

He gave the silver thing to me and guided my hands to the hinges of the wardrobe. "You push the screw there, I hold this and we pull together. That should work."

I couldn't see how this could go wrong, so I agreed.

Izaya was behind my back, his face pretty close to my neck, sending shivers down my back. Well, fuck.

"Okay, on three –"

"Wait, what am I supposed to do?"

"You hold that one screw –"

"This one?"

"No, that one –"

"So I need to pull this one out, or –"

"No, Shizuo, you push that one and then get this done –"

"Alright, on three?"

"Yeah, okay. One, two, three –"

"Wait, Izaya –"

"No no no no, hold it –"

"What the –"

"Shizuo, you didn't have to fucking take it out –"

"Oh, I'll put it back in –"








We got so tangled up, I didn't feel the moment we started falling. The screw I was holding was suddenly on the ground. I pulled Izaya to me before we hit the surface alongside the screw.

Izaya smelled so deliriously nice, I didn't want to let him go just now. Apparently, Izaya didn't want to continue doing our work either, so we just stared at each other and I saw the smile return.

"Sex beside the wardrobe?" he asked.

"Sex beside the wardrobe," I murmured and immediately felt his lips on mine.

I didn't hesitate attacking his tongue the minute I felt it poking at my upper lip. Izaya let out a muffled moan when I bit his tongue playfully and I opened my eyes just to see a smirk shadowing his face.

I pulled on his shirt and took the headband off, leaving Izaya half-naked before me. I turned him around so I'd be on top and started kissing down his neck, earning ragged breaths with every kiss I placed on his skin.

He felt so hot against me, so unbelievably amazing, I couldn't figure out how after all these years, I still couldn't get enough of his voice and flesh. I mouthed one of his nipples and felt it harden against my tongue. Izaya wrapped his arms around my back, digging his nails into my skin.

I started unzipping his jeans, when he stopped me. I looked up.

"Lube," he said in a raspy voice.

It took me about eight seconds to run to our bedroom and snatch the lube out of the drawer. I got back to Izaya, who was already taking his jeans off. I pouted. "Hey, I wanted to take everything off."

Izaya glared at me. "Oh, get over here."

I pulled him to me, kissing him feverishly, with a fierce passion, knowing no boundaries. I felt like my soul could combust any second from all the love I felt for this man. Izaya's hands traveled down my body, exploring the spots he knew I liked being touched.

He wriggled out of his boxers and I was almost up for a little bit of foreplay, when he stopped me. "Sex now, foreplay after we're done with the wardrobe."

I shrugged and smiled a bit because he was as hard as me. It surprised me that he'd get me hard with a single touch. It took barely any effort. He turned me on too much.

I somehow got rid of my own pants and Izaya licked his lips. He touched our dicks together, slowly rubbing them. I poured some lube on them and Izaya mewled under me.

The sound of his breaths, moans and whimpers were what drew the line in my head. I quickly found his entrance and entered raw.

Thankfully, Izaya and I did this a little too often, so I knew for a fact it wouldn't hurt as much. He squinted for a second but relaxed just as I started moving.

I found out he was into rough sex about three years ago. He and I were having an intimate moment, where Izaya performed his amazing oral skills. I don't know what drew us into sex that day but I do know Izaya begged me to go deeper, harder and faster. The impact was amazing. I enjoyed it, he enjoyed it. There was just one down side because of it. Izaya couldn't walk for two days after we were done.

We rarely had rough sex because of that but today I wanted us to reach that climax hard and fast. Izaya was moaning pretty hard with every thrust I made. I gripped his legs and pushed them to his chest (he was very flexible) which intensified the feeling for the both of us.

I jerked him off while whispering his name and going in and out at a fast pace. Izaya's eyes were closed but his fingers and voice told me different stories. He was inside of his little world full of pleasure and lust, which drove my mind every time. Sometimes, when we talked until three a.m in bed, Izaya drove me nuts when telling me his little sexual fantasies. I imagined them every time we have sex so that I'd fulfill them all for his liking.

This was way better than a fantasy.

He twitched violently, his voice caught up midway and he came all over my stomach. I thrust exactly seven times before releasing my own load and I collapsed on top of him, my mind spinning.

I felt like my back was scratched to blood which proved true. Izaya kissed my cheeks, my nose and then my lips. I got out of him and smiled.

"Want to go again?" Izaya asked immediately. I rolled my eyes.

"Let's finish the wardrobe," I said getting up and finding some tissues for us. "Then I'll give you the treat."

"Oh really?" he cocked his eyebrows up playfully as I was cleaning him.

I gave him a mischievous smile. "It involves you, a bed and probably my mouth."

Izaya quickly found the last screw, took the silver thing and glanced at me before getting back to work.

I walked up to him, hugged him from behind, kissed his naked skin and huffed some hot air on it. "I love you."

Izaya froze for a second and turned his head to face me. "And I you."