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.71192 - well, the clocks have their own way of working, at least that's how I understand them. They will decide when exactly you have to meet your soul-mate. It's main purpose is to change your life. Other clocks, like Shinra and Celty's did the same. They knew each other from a while ago, yet, they were matched after a few years of being friends. Mysterious ways, huh.

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I called Tom right after I woke up in the morning. With a terrible headache.

"Seriously?" I could hear the surprised tone in his voice. "Of all people?"

"I'm not gay," I said.

"I guess you are," he chuckled.

I groaned.

"Tom, can we just forget about it?" I said. "I'm gonna work tomorrow."

"No need," he said. "I'm going on a business trip anyway, so you enjoy your week of freedom."

I lifted my eyebrow. "What the –"

"Look, Shizuo, you have to have some free time, or else you'll end up sleep-deprived. I know it's going to be hard knowing Izaya is your so-called soul-mate."

"I hate him."

"But the clock never lies," he said, copying the exact words of Shinra. I sighed.

"Okay. A week free. Great."

"Do something relaxing, alright?"

"Yeah, yeah. Good luck, Tom."

"You too, Shizuo," he said and hung up.

I tossed my phone on the little table in front of my couch and buried my head in between my knees. I didn't know how I'd be able to cope with the idea that I'll spend my time alone. Sure, the city had a few pubs where the unfortunate people came and hung out. The clock was ruthless, in a way. You couldn't tell if you're really going to meet your soul-mate. Some of them die before the clock ends ticking. I couldn't imagine the hurt those people felt when they weren't touched. They probably just stood there, taking it all in. Understanding that there is nothing left in their future. And then there were those, whose soul-mates passed away after they met. I couldn't say which side of it was worse, especially now, when I'm facing the probability of never having a real soul-mate again in my life.

Why Izaya? It was a concept I couldn't comprehend even in the slightest.

Then it hit me. I could go to one of those pubs. No big deal, right? Everyone would understand. I'm the monster of Ikebukuro. No wonder my soul-mate is dead or something. At least I won't feel worse than they do. I couldn't bear the idea of seeing other people in normal bars. Their clocks were still ticking or stopped like mine, but they probably had their soul-mates going with them. I decided I should take Tom's advice and go chill somewhere. Relax. Haha.

I grabbed new clothes thinking, fuck it, I'll dress up again. This time I was wearing a bright red jumper which reminded me of a really familiar person, but I couldn't really catch who it was. Shrugging, I dressed and grabbed my phone, wallet and my keys.

The trip to the pub I had my eye on wasn't eventful at all. Surely, the talk about 'Shizuo fucked up his soul-mate clock' already reached everyone's ears. Well, fuck it. I'll get hammered and it's going to be okay. I'll drink away this slight pain I've been feeling. Maybe it'll cure this migraine in my head.

When I opened the doors to the pub, I was met by a cheerful yell. Hoisting my eyebrow up, I recognized the person immediately. Masaomi Kida? What the hell was he doing here –

"Shizuooo!" he shouted again. And surprisingly, I saw him dragging Mikado with him. Okay, I was confused.

"Uh, what are you guys doing here of all places?" I asked, shaking Kida's hand as a hi.

"People are nicer here," Mikado answered, gripping his soul-mates fingers tighter. Yeah, well, seriously. They were together for what, a year?

"Sure," I snorted and they showed me their table. I quickly ordered three beers and sat there, sipping on my first one.

"How've you been?" Kida asked, and I could see Mikado's eyes unsure of what was happening. I bet he was questioning why the hell was I here too.

"Meh," I said. "You?"

"Best days of my life." Kida smiled from ear to ear. Mikado blushed, scratching the back of his head.

"Shizuo?" he asked.

"M?" I answered, quickly gulping the rest of the beer. Man, I needed to get drunk faster, fuck.

"Why are you here?" he asked and Kida glanced sideways at his soul-mate. Something clicked in his eyes.

"Come to think of it, yeah," he said. "Why are you here?"

I quietly flashed him my wrist.

"She didn't come?" Kida asked, worry in his voice.

I considered telling the truth, but nah. Who the hell cares anyway. "Something like that."

"I'm sorry." He was actually sincere. I nodded in response.

We proceeded drinking to our hearts content, no small talk about this whole 'destined' thing whatsoever. I felt dizzy and warm inside after my fifth beer, while Kida was hiccupping from too much alcohol in his system. After a while, Mikado tugged Kida's arm and smiled.

"Let's get you home, idiot," he said and Kide hurriedly caught a kiss from his lover. I groaned.

"Bye bye, Shizuo, until next time!" Kida sang out while Mikado paid for their drinks. He looked at me and shook his head slowly. I sighed, showing him I supported him. I raised my beer to them when they were exiting the pub.

Left alone, huh?

Well, it wasn't long before a woman slightly older than me appeared in a seat next to mine. I welcomed it. Because why not?

She was even more drunk than I was, probably not even understanding who she was flirting with. Eventually, I asked her if she wanted to go back to my apartment with me, and she gladly agreed. At least I would have some company with me for the night. Drinking my pain away was the best idea I had today, right?

I still had some of my beer left and she ordered one of those girly drinks, so we chatted for a while. She wasn't the brightest, so I caught my thoughts wondering off somewhere into my dreams. I was thinking about better days. When I hadn't met Izaya. When everything was going smoothly. I was living off of a quite small salary, not that I was complaining, of course. I couldn't get myself a better job even if I tried my hardest. I would pick up a fight or whatever and they would fire me after three seconds. The woman was slowly working her way down my shirt. I barely responded, horrifically bored and disinterested in her eager ways. What the fuck was wrong with me? Maybe taking her to the apartment would surely turn the tables around. But now, I didn't feel the pull toward her.

I paid for our drinks and we got out of the pub. She was unusually happy, singing her way to the apartment. I chose the longer route, just to clear my head with fresh air. Why wasn't I attracted to her? Naturally, I would've been all over her in a matter of seconds, but now… I couldn't concentrate.

We were nearly at my apartment building, when I thought I heard something. My drunken mind led me to a conclusion someone was getting beaten up in one of the alleys. I shushed the woman beside me and decided I should check this out. Even drunk I was prepared to bust someone's ass. And man, did those guys pick a wrong time to try beating up someone from this neighborhood.

I saw seven guys throwing mad punches, one after another. They were screaming absolute idiocies, much too sad for my tastes.

"Oy!" I called out angrily. The woman was already shouting my name but I chose to ignore her until I was done with these guys.

"Wait, wait, you guys," one of the idiots silenced them. "Look at that blond there!"

They burst out laughing. I cringed up a smile. This was going to be good.

"Aren't you a pretty sight?" a douchebag with a sideways cap snarled. I snorted.

"He's laughing!" another said. "What's your problem, bro? Can't you see were a little busy here?"

I shifted to my side a little, catching the sight of a guy (?) clutching his sides. I couldn't see his face though. Just the side of his black hair and a trickle of blood.

"Could you guys spare me a fight and get outta here?" I said, my voice raspy and low.

They all laughed. "Who are you to tell us what to do, blondie?"

I cracked my knuckles. I saw one of them cringing a bit. I think he understood who they were dealing with.

"You dare defy Heiwajima Shizuo?" I growled. "You dare talking back at me?"

Something clicked inside of their little skulls.

I moved forward and punched the sideways cap guy in the face. He flew ten feet away from me, his head dunking into the alley-way's wall. The other made a run for it before I would've beaten the shit out of them.

I heard a low moan of pain from the person up front. The woman ran beside me, clinging to my arm like a lost puppy, praising my strength. I shook her off.

"He's hurt," I said and she moved a little away from me and the body.

The guy was definitely in quite a hassle. It looked like he was getting some weird punching for at least an hour. Other than the trickle on his head, he seemed fine. How was that even human?

I touched his shoulder, kneeling beside the guy. The dude winced, shifted to his side and opened one his eyes.



My eyes widened in horror. Flea sounded so desperate. My insides flipped and not even a single thought of abandoning him or leaving him to die crossed my mind. I slowly placed my hands on him, lifting him like a feather. Wow, the Flea was really light. His body fit straight into my hands. Even though I was drunk, I could easily find my way to the apartment and take care of this menace. He was an asshole, yes, but no person should be left alone after they endured this kind of treatment from a gang.

The woman started asking what I was going to do. I explained to her that even though I kind of liked her, there was no way I could leave this guy in my arms unattended. She hmpf'ed me, turned on her heel and stomped away. I know, it might've sounded stupid to her, me taking care of the most hated guy in Ikebukuro (next to me) but frankly, I didn't care as much. I just carried him to my apartment.

And boy, was I happy that I was the one to find him in the alley-way.

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