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I visited Shinra after three days of my little sleep-over with Izaya. Having headaches wasn't helping me cope with the occasional ideas about relationships.

When I appeared in front of his door, I could clearly see he wasn't expecting me.

"What, no hi?" I asked jokingly. He smiled and invited me inside.

"I suspect you're not visiting because you missed me?" he shouted from the kitchen while I made myself comfortable on his couch.

"You wish," I said.

He strolled into the living room holding two cups of black coffee. I tasted it and dropped a few sugar cubes in. I looked around for Celty. She was probably out in Ikebukuro.

"Well?" he unbuttoned his medical coat. I sighed.

"I've been having headaches and Flea said he would leave the clothes he borrowed at your place."

He choked on his coffee. "Clothes? What clothes?"

"Long story short – we still hate each other." I didn't want to give him the wrong idea. Izaya and I would never be lovers. Impossible. I agree that it might sound strange that Izaya had clothes borrowed from me.

"So you guys engaged in some curious activities, eh?"

I grunted. "Don't push it, Shinra."

"You did!" he squeeled. "Two enemies together, how interesting!"

"No, we didn't," I snapped. "He just spent the night at my place."

"Oh. My. God!" he almost dropped his mug.

Glad he didn't do it himself, because I slowly put my coffee on the table and punched him in the face.

Shinra gripped his nose which was already showing signs of being broken. Once again, I picked up my mug and sipped slowly. It was kind of hot.

"No clothes?"

He shook his head and leaned back, still holding his nose.

"Sorry for the nose, but damn, Shinra, keep your conclusions to yourself next time."

Shinra waved it off and got up from his seat, rushing to the kitchen. He got back with a band-aid on his nose and with a bottle of pills.

"These should work on your migraine. Be sure to drink one pill before you go to sleep."

I thanked him for the pills and coffee, ready to go back to my apartment and maybe order some Chinese. Which reminded me, I needed something sweet in my organism. Tom called letting me know he transferred a sum of money into my account. I guess he felt pity. I gladly accepted it, since I knew I'll be needing more sugar from now on.

Shinra walked me out. I could see the area around his nose already swollen up. Well, come to think of it, Celty will rip my head off when she sees what I've done to Shinra. Fuck.

I took the elevator down, my hands in my pockets, a cigarette dangling in the corner of my mouth. I swore to myself that I'd beat the crap out of Izaya if he didn't pay me back for the pack. Fucking Flea doing whatever he pleased.

Speak of the devil. When I got out of the apartment building, my eye caught a single color – raven. I focused on the whole picture. Izaya was standing next to a vending machine, grabbing a can of soda and carrying a small bag. I decided I could avoid this and headed in the opposite direction.

"Well if it isn't Shizu-chan himself!"

I flinched and stopped dead in my track. Fucking crap, how I hated that stupid nickname, fuck you, Flea, burn in hell, god damn good for nothing idiot –

I turned my head to see him strolling to my direction. I rolled my eyes. I wasn't in the mood to play catch and kill.

"Where the fuck are my clothes?" I asked through gritted teeth.

He held the bag up. "I was just about to go to Shinra's and hand them over. No use now that I met you on the way, ne?" He smiled. Oh shit, I knew he had something up his sleeve.

"What are you planning, Flea?" I demanded.

He raised his hands up in defense. "Me? Planning something? Sheesh, Shizu-chan, I'm your soul-mate, being honest with you is in the contract."

I rushed to his side and pointed my finger to his chest. He didn't even move a muscle. What the fuck.

"Listen here, Orihara," I said, his face dangerously close to mine. I tried keeping my voice down. "I don't fucking care if we're destined or not. I want your face as far away from me as you can possibly manage."

"If you put it that way~" he said after pausing. His glorious ruby eyes flickered with interest. "I guess I'll just give you these and go."

He put his hand on my chest, pushing me away. I felt a strange sensation when he touched me but ignored it completely. I thought it was disgust. Izaya lifted the bag and I took it away from his hand. Once again, I saw the casual engraving on his skin, which will never fade away, no matter how many times you'd try to hide it. 00:00:00. I didn't understand. Was this the way God himself wanted to punish us for all of our sins? Then that guy should know I hadn't asked for this inhuman strength. He should know I hate violence more than anything else.

A squeal drew our attention from each other. I casted a glare to the side it came from.

A woman wrapped her arms over a man's neck, kissing him in front of everyone passing by. This scene would be partially embarrassing to watch but one little thing changed my position immediately. The man was holding a bouquet of flowers, really beautiful ones. It hit me hard in the chest. They looked so happy. She wasn't afraid of him, she just fell madly in love without hesitation. He seemed to respond just as eagerly. I guess you didn't need to hide your ultimate feelings when you got destined. You'd be bound to one another.

I glanced at Izaya, whose gaze was also fixated on the couple on the other side of the street. His look seemed to be empty. For once, it scared me to know we were exactly like them. We were standing here, aware of the existence of the bond, although we didn't share love or any good feeling at all. We hated each other so much, it wasn't even fair we could stand so close now that we saw a match being destined.

He coughed and looked over at me, finally catching my eye. The flicker in his eyes reappeared.

"If we're done here, I'm gonna go," I said and turned on my heel.

I didn't receive an answer. Nor did I want to hear one. I was too caught in the moment of the couple. I wondered how they would spend the day. How would they plan their future. They'd surely marry. They'd have kids. They'd have someone to love for the rest of their lives.

I looked into the contents of the bag but there were only the clothes Izaya washed and neatly folded. How does he do things like that, seriously, it's like I barely knew the guy.

Then, I felt that tingling sensation you get when you know someone is following you. I knew it wasn't someone very skilled, because they surely made a lot of noise behind me a few times. I just had the anxious feeling, which I took for granted.

Okay, how do I deal with this? Turn around and punch the stalker? I could see the person when I tilted my head a little to the side and it seemed oddly familiar, until –

"Why the fuck are you following me?" I growled, turning to see Izaya, who has his hands tucked behind.

"Not following~" he sang out. "I just have a lot of important adult stuff to do, Shizu-chan. I happen to have an appointment in the direction you're going."

I sighed and started walking faster. Damn that Flea, making me pissed off for no real reason. I couldn't wait to get back home and eat that delicious roasted chicken with that bittersweet sauce. My mind was again filled with food. At least it made my anger fade.

I almost walked past a grocery shop when I remembered I needed to buy some sweets for myself. I intended to watch a movie marathon and do absolutely nothing for a day. I was just about to buy three chocolate bars when I, again, felt the unmistakable feeling that I was being followed. This time, it was unmistakable because I could literally hear him breathing next to me.

"Seriously, stop following me, it's so clear you don't have any business to attend," I growled but he just pointed at himself, dumbfounded.

"Shizu-chan, I would never!" he said. "I needed to buy, um –" he looked at the chocolates and frowned for a nanosecond. "Black chocolate. My favorite. Yum, yes, proteins or whatever they're called."

"I told you, get out of my face." I grabbed some more chocolate, eager to get out of this store. Being in the same area as the Flea made me uncomfortable. I still wasn't in the mood to kill him. Why? I don't know myself.

He followed me to the cashier, putting his chocolate on the counter at the same time I did. The cashier looked at me when I drew out the money to pay her. Izaya was incredibly keen on being close to me today.

"Flea, fuck off," I said, taking my chocolates.

"Why would I listen to you," he answered, kindly receiving his change and grabbing his own chocolate. "I said, I have some things to do."

I stormed out of the grocery store, just to be chased by the raven haired one. Oh fuck no.

"WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM?" I shouted and he looked me dead in the eye. He approached me without a drop of hatred, taking a bite of that black chocolate.

"My problem?" he said, licking his lips. "My problem? It's the other way around, Shizu-chan, if you haven't noticed yet. And I thought you had brains."

"Eh?" I groaned, ready to punch him out of his shoes. Okay, I lied. I wouldn't punch him. Which was strange, right?

"Look at yourself." He gestured to all of me. "On a day like this if I even came closer than a mile from you, you would've tried killing me on the spot. But today you're different. I wonder why."

His eyes narrowed with the last sentence. He seemed genuinely interested.

Well shit, now I was interested too.

"I can kill you whenever I want," I said, my hands turning into fists.

"Why not now?" he challenged me, sucking on a bit of chocolate. Fuck, focus. Focus.

I was prepared to punch him when Izaya shifted even closer, our faces nearly inches away from one another. My breath caught in my throat and Izaya's rubies were fixated on mine, sweeping me off my guard just like that. We stayed like this for a minute or an hour or a decade, I didn't know. All was strange to me.

Then, he drew back. "Figured," he said, smiling again. He threw the chocolate away into the trash can.

I was dead frozen, following him with only my eyes as he walked away. His back was lean, quite stubborn looking if you took the ridiculous coat away.

"I hope you liked the meal I prepared!" he shouted, not bothering looking back at me. "Also, do forget about cigarettes, ne?" He actually turned his head sideways, wearing a wicked grin on his face. Only then did I notice what he was holding in his hoisted hand. My cigarette pack.

I finally drew a large gulp of air in and felt the anger rushing into my veins.


But he was already gone, rushing away from me, ready to play hide and go fuck yourself.


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