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~Getting Hit on by Jack Frost~

If there was one thing that the newly appointed Guardian of Fun loved about Burgess in winter was that it was in winter. Jack Frost couldn't believe that Thanksgiving was finally over and that he was allowed to spread his cold, wintery goodness once more. He was 'allowed' because the Turkey of Thanksgiving had not apparently forgave him for the last blizzard from a year ago. The last thing Jack wanted to do was to piss off another talking animal of a national holiday.

The winter spirit was flying with the help of his wind and brought thousands of little flurries through the air. He made most of the northeast coast frozen by early noon. A rather good accomplishment if he thought so himself. The welcome sign for Burgess could be seen from his view and Jack began to work his magic.

In a matter of seconds the autumn covered Pennsylvanian town was bombarded with strong winds and snowflakes. Jack smiled when he saw kids flooding out of the schools and heading towards the town park.

"Better get there and make plenty of ammo for 'em." Jack thought playfully as he ordered his wind to get to fly lower.

When he spied a few grumbling adults he used his crook to swipe a tree branch and icy slush fell on them. Hey, if they didn't enjoy his work then why did they bother staying outside?

Jack flew low to the ground as he headed towards the park, of course he didn't worry about many kids seeing him. It was less than eight months ago that he finally got his first handful of believers, so the odds of any more children seeing him were-BLAM!

Immediately Jack was slammed into the ground and nearly dropped his staff. Pain passed through Jack's body as he tried getting up and winced slightly. He rubbed his through his white hair to inspect any possible lumps. When he heard a groan the winter spirit opened his blue eyes to see a person in front of him.

A teenage girl to be precise, well at least from the back she looked like a girl. She too (Jack finally decided to dub the person as female) was on the ground while sitting on her bottom. The girl's hair was in a long red braid that reached her mid-back. When her head turned he could see that her skin was rather pale with slight pink cheeks that Jack assumed was from the cold. Her eyes were a very unusual gray that almost appeared steely or some other metal Jack couldn't think of at that. Moment.

While smiling sheepishly Jack said to him and somewhat to her, "Hey, I guess I'm sorry for…uh…running into you like that. But then again you can't even see-" "Look, could you just help me out here please?" The girl asked, not noticing his shocked expression. "I lost my cane and-"

"Wait," Jack staggered slightly. He raised his hand before asking, "Can-can you hear me?"

"Yes," the red head said.

"And you can see me?" If it were a yes then she'd be the first teen-"No," she answered with a slightly bitter tone.

And now his dreamland fantasy shattered completely. "What?"

"I can't see you, pal. I'm blind." She waved her hand over her face to prove her point.

Well now Jack was royally screwed.

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