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An Umbreon Glaceon Forbidden Love Story

Chapter 7


I sat at the door to King Pine's study, watching the Leafeon as he conversed with his wife and group of representatives. The representatives were to go to the Grass Kingdom and try to make peace with them before the arguments elevated to attacks. The Grass Kingdom had sent their army, led by King Knight, a Serperior, to the Water Kingdom's Ivory Mines. They had become enraged at what little ivory they had been reciving. King Pine led his army to the mines as well, confronting the Grass Kingdom king. They managed to not rip their throats out, but King Knight left with a threat that he would return once again. With revenge. King Pine had the army send out watchouts at dawn, midday, dusk, and midnight to patrol the Water Kingdom lands. He also ordered guards around the town, to be ready incase an attack was launched. King Pine had sent his royal messenger to explain that the miners were running out of ivory in the current mine and were opening a new mine, but King Knight refused to listen he had replied that if King Pine had actually been keeping watch on the mining project, he would've doubled the workers, doubled the mining speed, and doubled the shipping orders. King Pine was enraged, but is reacting calmly, prepping his five representatives, two Staraptors, a Blastoise, a Starmie, and a Bibarel, to visit the Grass Kingdom and try to come to an agreement with King Knight.

They were in deep conversation when I heard the footsteps. I jumped up, bolting to the king and standing in front of him protectively. The representatives and the queen crowded behind me as the doors burst open. I expected an attack, but instead I saw a Pichu, bloody and exhausted, out of breath. King Pine jumped forward, staring at the Pichu.

"Master Bolt! What happened? Are we under attack?" Master Bolt shook his head, spattering blood drops in the aqua floor.

"No." His voice was hoarse and strained. "I was checking the Shadow Field, as I always do, and I-I was attacked."

"By who?"

"I didn't get his name, but he was an-an odd Umbreon. He had... had rings on his ankles." An Umbreon with rings on his ankles? A mutation Pokémon, perhaps? "He-he said he would come back to-to get revenge on you, King Pine. He said that you-you sent him away, and he-he..." Master Bolt fell to the ground, and King Pine rushed forward, calling for help. He sniffed Master Bolt, eyes widening, full of shock, then he looked up at me.

"Geno, alert the guards."


I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself, but it was hard when you were staring into the eyes of death. Devil took a pawstep forward, his claws glowing white as he got ready to use a Slash attack. He burst forward, snarling and raising his paw to his shoulder. I dashed away, but when I skidded to a stop I felt something sliding down my shoulder, hot and sticky. I looked down and saw a deep gash on my shoulder. I was hit? I looked back at Devil, who was smiling widely. He slowly lifted his paw to his muzzle, dripping with blood. My blood. My blood... He flicked his pink tongue out and licked it clean, smirking at my look of horror. Then he bared his fangs and lunged at me, mouth wide in a Crunch attack. I let out a squeak and shot a small Shadow Ball at him, deterring him for a second before he leaped at me with Double Edge this time. I used my Quick Attack to dodge, flying to the other side of the square before charging up another Shadow Ball. I can't leave Fang and Ray, as much as I despise Ray. He'll kill them for sure. Devil spun around and used his Flamethrower, the beam of fire speeding towards me. I unleashed my Shadow Ball and jumped out of the way, shooting three more Shadow Balls at his still figure. They hit the mark, exploding on contact and letting out puffs of smoke. I stood panting, feeling my energy drain. The gash in my shoulder oozed blood, and the pain soon became fiery. But I ignored it, narrowing my eyes to look through the smoke. Suddenly Devil lunged out of the dust, mouth gaping in a Crunch attack. He was coming on fast. Too fast. I cried out and used my Quick Attack to meet him in the air, slamming into his stomach with all my body. I heard him huff out as we tumbled to the floor. I practically flew off him, gasping as he stood. He looked up from the ground, eyes blazing with fury.

"You little runt! You bitch! I rip you apart! I'll chew you up and spit you out! When I'm done with you, not even your spirit will be recognizable, and you'll even be rejected by Giratina!"

"You won't do any of that!" snarled a voice behind Devil. He spun around, growling menacingly. I looked to the side and gasped. It was my mother. She was facing Devil, the gills around her neck flared up in fury. Devil laughed at her.

"And who are you?" he sneered. "The queen? Queen Mist?" He laughed loudly, mockingly. "All I've heard is that you are gentle and weak. You can't beat me."

"Oh really? Then maybe you can set them straight." My mother bared her teeth and flew forward with incredible speed, speed I didn't know she possessed. She skidded to a stop before Devil, who was dumbfounded, and jumped on his back, charging up a blue orb at her mouth. Water Pulse. She jumped off and unleashed the attack, which barreled down on Devil. It was so powerful it created a small crater as Devil was crushed into the ground. He lay there, drenched in water, unmoving. Then he stirred, jumping up and bolting away, out of the kingdom.

My mother was by me in a second. "Oh! Crystal!" she cried, sniffing at my wound. She cleaned out my wound with her Water Pulse, and by then the town Pokémon were emerging, checking if it was safe. I saw a familiar figure racing towards us. Mistress Madeline. She was holding something white in her hands. She stopped before us, holding the white thing before us. It was cobwebs, smooth and silky.

"Here. Use this to stop the bleeding." My mother smiled back in gratitude and grabbed the cobwebs in her mouth, spreading them across my shoulder. I relaxed, sighing deeply, releasing the tension in my body. It was over. Devil was gone. For now, my self-conscious whispered in the back of my mind.

"Fang!" I heard the cry. I looked over and saw Mistress Madeline rushing over to the Arcanine. Oh no, I forgot about Fang and Ray!

I gasped. "Ray!" I looked over to the pile of rubble, spotting a spot of pink fur. My mother followed my gaze and rushed over, calling Riley over, who had followed Mistress Madeline. I sighed again, knowing Ray was taken care of. Then I ran over to Fang and Mistress Madeline as well as I could, hoping Fang was ok. He took a lot, and the wound on his shoulder would be bad. I stopped and crouched besides him, sniffing him. Mistress Madeline had flopped down and was cradling his head in her lap, stroking his head and ears.

"Oh, Fang. What have you gotten yourself into now?" Mistress Madeline murmured, eyes half closed. I blinked and shifted my gaze to his shoulder, trying to push down the horrible feeling in my stomach. His shoulder was ragged and covered in blood and dust. It was still bleeding, and I swear I saw the white of the bone. I breathed in sharply, almost gasping in fear. I could feel myself trembling. His wound was twenty times more horrible than mine, and I was frightened for the Arcanine. What if my mother couldn't heal it?

I spun around and searched for my mother. She had awoken Ray, and was rushing over to us now. Ray shakily followed a Audino to a medium size building, disappearing inside. I turned to my mother, who was looking at Fang's wound. She frowned but immediately got to work, getting Riley and another Machamp to lift him up off the rubble of stones and onto level land. Then she washed him with water, clearing his fur of blood and dirt. Finally she started on the wound. She carefully washed it out, asking Mistress Madeline for move cobwebs. Mistress Madeline nodded and bolted off. I've never seen her go so fast.

"Crystal, you should go and rest. I'll come wake you a sun high for lunch," my mother stated without looking up. She was using a shard of ice she created to pick in the wound. She seemed very concentrated, and I didn't want to stay if I was distracting her. I nodded, realized she couldn't see me, then placed my tail softly on her flank before standing up and padding off. Mistress Madeline had returned, handing the wad of cobwebs to my mother. I glanced back at Fang, shivering at imagining being awake with the wound. I shook myself softly, careful of my shoulder, and padded off. I saw a blue and yellow blur racing towards me. My step-father.

He skidded to a stop besides me, looking furious. "Devil attacked?" he asked, scanning the square. I nodded softly, looking at the floor. "And Ray? Was she injured?" I looked up, biting back a growl. And I'm very fine, thanks for asking, step-father. I nodded, and he snarled. "Where is she? Was it bad? Oh, damn that Devil!"

"She's fine. Devil just knocked her unconscious." My voice held anger, and I cleared my throat. "An Audino took her into that building." I pointed my tail towards the white building with a red cross above the doorway. King Shock nodded and raced off, leaving me standing alone. I glared at his back.

"'Is Ray ok?' Oh, she's fine, and I'm just over here bleeding my ass off-" I shut my mouth and looked around. I didn't mean to swear! Really! It just-just came out! I was mad, and-and...

I bolted towards the castle, slowing down as I reached the top of the golden steps, panting. No one heard. It's all good...

I sighed again and unconsciously glanced over to where Fang usually sat, guarding the castle. It struck my heart not seeing him there. I padded slowly into the castle, Pokémon rushing around, worrying about the town square destruction, and what if Devil returned. I dropped my brown ears to my side, ignoring the chatter and dragging my sorry as- No! Not that again! Dragging my sorry butt up to my room and flopping down on my bed. I didn't realize how tired I was until I was in bed. I settled in but spotted something blue in the covers next to me. I pawed it out, realizing it was a berry. There was a note.

Your mother says to eat up. It'll help heal your wound. -Queen Mist's servant.

I smiled and chowed down, gulping down the Oran berry in a few bites. Feeling much better, I settled down into a deep sleep.

-Night Blade-

Night Blade. The name bounced around in my head as I finished up my meal: a Hoothoot that was too stupid to check its surroundings and the berries it was pecking at. Night Blade. I recalled the night I got my name. The Pichu, I think it was, Sarah, and the fuzziness that followed. I had awoken in a tree den, awarded with a head ache, numb paws, and an aching body. The outburst at the tree had done numbers on me, but I couldn't let that stop me. I had learned a new move, what I once heard was Faint Attack. I could remember the power I had when I used it, and I smirked. Then I got to cleaning my bloody paws, each gentle stroke sending paralyzing pain up my spine. It took about half an hour, but I finally got them clean. They looked no better though, chipped, cracked, practically hanging off my paws. I had destroyed them in a mere few minutes, and I was furious at myself. How could I be so stupid?

Now, after eating plenty of Oran berries and dripping some juice on them, my claws had healed. Or healed enough to pierce the windpipe of a foolish Hoothoot.

I scraped up some dirt and buried the bones, taught at a young age from my parents that if we ever ate another Pokémon we had to bury their bones to honor the life they gave up for us to live.

Night Blade.

I shook myself and stretched, looking around lazily. I was content with this life. I ruled practically every piece of this land, except for a few where I couldn't travel through due to poisonous air. If I wanted to sleep here, I would sleep here, no problem. If I wanted to sleep in the middle of Misdreavus Clearing, no one would bother me. I had everyone who challenged me beat, except for one...

I sighed and rolled my shoulders, scanning the forest. It was getting close to winter. The leaves have been falling off the trees, and I would have to find a warmer den soon, or make my present one cozier for the cold that would arrive soon.

"Still aching from that battle last time, eh, Night Blade?" sneered a familiar voice. I lowered my ears and slowly turned around, taking my time. Crush stood there, cracking his knuckles loudly. "Heard around here that you finally got a name." he roared, laughing loudly. "Finally!" He continued to laugh. I was losing my patience.

"Get outta my face, Crush. This is my land." I spat darkly. Crush immediately stopped, and if looks could kill, I'd be keeping company to Giratina.

"Oh! I'm sorry! Am I on your land!" he feigned shock, curling his lips up to growl at me. "We'll see about that. Ready for another beat down, Night Blade?" His claws glowed white as he readied his Slash attack. I smirked and got into a battle stance, ready to show off my new moves. He pitched towards me, growling, but before he could get further that a few pawsteps I narrowed my eyes and looked straight into his. He abruptly stopped, eyes glowing red. Then he slashed at his chest and shoulder, roaring like a mad Pokémon. I smirked. It worked. I bared my teeth as I got ready to lunge at him with my Faint Attack, feeling the power surge through my body once again. Starting at my paw, and growing. Oh yes. It was incredible. I blasted forward, straight into Crush's chest. I jumped back, skidding back on my paws from the force of the attack. Crush toppled over like a tree, crashing to the ground and kicking up dust. I was panting lightly, but I felt good. Oh, I felt very good. I felt empowered. I could feel it. A new move, coursing through my veins. It was like a freezing fire, a burning ice, stone-hard electricity, electric liquid running through my veins. Very nice.

"Ready for more?" I snarled out, loading up my new attack. I felt... incredible. As if my attack power had doubled. I bared my fangs at Crush in a smile as he stumbled up, then flew towards him with such intensity we both flew back into a tree. I rolled off onto the ground, but I jumped up, laughing and panting all at the same time. Crush was actually in the tree, splinters in his fur and around the tree. He opened his eyes and glared at me.

"You," he spat my name. "You're not normal. I knew it ever since I saw you. You're a freak, a monster born to Giratina herself." He ripped himself from the tree, leaving tuffs of fur. "I'm outta here. But trust me," he looked me straight in the eyes, "I'll beat you soon. Monster or not, no one messes with Crush and gets away with it." Then he stomped away, fury in his wake. I snorted and rolled my eyes. He was just too weak for me. He was afraid I would beat him.

I turned and caught the eyes of a Pokémon in a tree. Sarah.

"Yes, Sarah?" I asked as I settled down to groom my fur.

"Sonny, you can call me auntie, or granny. I've always wanted a nephew or grandson," she said thoughtfully.

"Granny? Ok..." I said, uncertain. Then asked, "Don't you have any grandchildren?"

"Oh, yes. Six of them, but I've never met any. My children flew away long ago, leaving me here to turn into a bag of old bones." I blinked and felt something stir in my chest. It was cold, yet warm. I had felt it before, long, long ago. Towards a Starly with a broken wing. Sympathy.

"Really?" I lapped at my fur, a growl rising in my throat. "Those bitches."

"Now, sonny, no need for language." she chided. In the slowly fading canopy of leaves I saw Granny stir her wings, eyes blinking. "I suppose it's just too far, them living in the Flying Kingdom."

"But aren't they grown Pokémon now? Not hatchlings?"

"I suppose." I heard her sigh, all her pain and sorrow in that one breath. I blinked and stood, walking up to the tree she was perched in.

"I'll be your grandson."


I blinked my eyes open at the rapping at my door. "Crystal?" It was my mother. Must be sun high.


"Oh, good. You've woken. Lunch is in one hour. Be ready. And Fang in ok. I was able to patch up his wound." I sighed in relief, my shoulders slumping. Good. I pricked my ears, listening to my mother's fading pawsteps. Then I scrambled out of my bed, only to get entangled in my covers. My heart was racing as I freed myself and raced over to my cabinet, stomach doing flips. I shakily opened it and retrieved a red sack with a golden drawstring. As I pulled it out a transparent blue shard fell out. It landed on the floor with a dull thump, and I looked at it staring at my reflection. Tan fur. Creamy mane. Big brown eyes. Well, not anymore.

Taking a deep breath, I placed my paw on the shard. I held my breath, feeling nothing. Oh no! It's broken! I'm broken! I panicked. Then I felt a tingle. I started at my paw, then flew up to by body, like a shiver. I gasped as everything went white, a swirling mist. I felt my power grow tenfold, my body change, my spirit change. It was indescribable. Then in a flash it was over, and I was still standing on the floor to my room. I blinked and looked around slowly, frightened. What if it didn't work? I slowly lead my gaze down to my paws. I gasped. They were a rich shade of blue. I twisted my head to look at my tail. It was pointed at the tip, with the same rich blue in the shape of a diamond at the end. I squeaked.

I evolved!

I danced around in my room, jumping and prancing and bounding. Then I spotted myself in the mirror.

I gaped at myself, taking a step forward. I was a beautiful light shade of blue, almost white and glowing, with two diamonds on my back in the darker blue color. My ears were the shapes of a diamond as well, and I had these long furry things hanging from what looked like a crown made of ice at the top of my head. And my eyes, oh, they weren't brown anymore! They were azure, a hundred colors of the sky. Oh, when Arceus created the Glaceon, he had nothing but beauty in mind. Like a Gardevoir, or a Vaporeon, or Articuno. Beauty and ice. I couldn't belive that I was looking at myself. I had transformed into something wonderous. Something that I couldn't believe. This is me?

I took a deep breath and looked down. No, I was exaggerating. I wasn't beautiful, or incredible. I was me. Crystal.

"Now, what should I do?" I murmured to myself. I felt kinda warm. That's it! I looked around, realizing that now that I was an ice type, temperatures that were normal to my Eevee form would be slighty warmer to my Glaceon form. But... did I have and ice attack? I mean, if I didn't, then I was anything but an ice type. I closed my eyes and pulled all my willpower into one attack. Any ice attack, please...


I gasped and looked ahead of me, where a ridge of ice stood where there had been carpet. I breathed out in delight. Ice Beam! I let out a whoop and started to spray down my room with the ice attack, avoiding my floor, the windows, my bed, the door, and any furniture. I looked around at my work. I was surprisingly super accurate, being able to shoot the ice right on the wood framing of the window, getting none on the glass itself. I was delighted at the recreation of my room. When I huffed out I could see my breath, and the crystals all around the room were beautiful. On the high ceilings I had gone big, creating stalagmites that hung down a few feet. I smiled at them when my door opened.

"Crystal, honey, I heard a noise-" It was my mother, and she froze when she saw my room. "What in the name of Mew!?" Then she looked at me. "Crystal? You-you evolved?" She broke out into a huge smile, rushing at me and covering my face and ears in licks. I faintly wondered if I tasted like ice.

"Mom, please!' I begged, pulling away. My mother smiled with glee, placing her paw on mine.

"Oh, Crystal! You're beautiful! Look at you, all grown up. Oh, if only you're father were here to see you now. He's probably is watching now, up there with Mew, and Arceus, and your grandparents." I smiled at her, but inside I still burned with rage at my father's murder. I was one step closer to being able to defeat his murderer. "Oh, I'll go tell Shock. And you can go find Ray. I hope you two get along now." My mother gave me a kiss on the cheek and rushed out, practically floating. I smiled at her happiness and bounded over to my bed. I saw the black scarf I left on it this morning, crumpled and abandoned after this morning's events. I slipped it on, wrapping it around my neck loosely. Then I checked my wound, removing the cobweb bandage. I was surprised to find it healed, only a small read wean that would turn into a scar left in it's place. Boy, Pokémon sure healed fast.

I bounded out of my room and out of the castle, receiving awestruck looks from the castle workers. Outside the Great Doors the Empoleon on guard, Shell was his name, looked at me in astonishment. "Princess Crystal?"


"You look amazing! Congratulations on your evolution!"

I smiled shyly. "Thank you, Shell." Then I bounded off again, through the town, past all the Pokémon who were staring at me. I could hear their chatter.

"Is that...?"

"I believe so!"

"Princess Crystal?"

"She evolved!"

"I knew she was to become a Glaceon, but wow!"

I smiled shyly at all the comments, looking down at the ground or up at the sky. Then I stopped before Mistress Madeline's work-in-progress shop house. I was about to enter when I heard my name be called. It was King Shock.

"Crystal," he said, padding up to me, eyes dark. I twitched my ear. What did he want now? "We need to talk," he practically hissed. "Today when Devil attacked, Fang and your's priority were to protect Ray, but-"

"EERRR! Whoa!" I interrupted. "Protect Ray!? My priority? Since when did I become that bitc- that snob's personal guard?" I spat, amazed. King Shock bared his teeth at me.

"Everyone's priority is to protect Ray's life. She is the heir to the throne-"

"Uh, excuse me, but last time I checked Ray was also a Pokémon, not a fine crystal doll. Plus, she was the one that challenged Devil in the first place when she could've run away!"

King Shock looked furious now, but I didn't care. I was through with his crap. "Ray is my daughter, actual royalty, and if you cannot accept that, then you are confined to your room-"

"Uh, I don't think so!" I hissed, standing on my toes. "You can't do anything to me! You aren't my father!"

"Now I am! I married your mother, swore oaths-"

"I don't give a shit about your oath or marriage contract! You're not my father, never have been, and never will be! And you know what? Fang has been more of a father than you!" I froze. Where did that come from? But now that I say it, it's true. Fang had become my father figure ever since my father died.

"Oh really? Well then, I demand you as your king that you are to be confined to your room-" I didn't hear anymore. I turned and bolted off, rage giving me speed. I hated King Shock. I hated him with a passion. I raced off, through the snow and the Battle Field, to anywhere but that kingdom with that king. As I was running I didn't realize warm tears were running down my cheeks. I stopped to rub them off with my blue paws, but they just kept flowing until I was in a huddled shape, crying my face off, sobs raking my body.

Why did you have to die? I cried to my father. Why? If you didn't, we would still be by the sea, watching the sun rise and set everyday. I would evolve at the Crystal Ice cave, with you and mom there. Instead I'm here, living with a monster. I just lay there in the snow, sobbing until my tears dried out. Then I kept running, running and running until it was night time. I looked up and saw a forest, but it was shrouded in mist. This must be the Dark Lands. My mother told me about them; that they were filled with horrible Pokémon that had been exiled from their kingdoms. A place created by Giratina and Darkrai themselves, she had stated. But it didn't seem too bad. It was peaceful, and I desperately needed a place to sleep. All that running and crying had exhausted me. Was my mother worried? Surely not, after I had evolved. I took a calming breath and entered the forest, blinking my eyes. The fog made everything seem blurred, but I could still find my way. I padded around for a bit, oblivious to the crimson eyes that watched me.

-Night Blade-

I sat up from the murky shade of a tree, the wind rattling dead leaves on the cold ground. Someone was near. Someone who didn't belong here. I could feel it in the air and smell it in the wind. It was a female, an ice type by the feel of the wind. It had turned cold as it blew past her. I jumped up and melted into the shadows, following the scent to the source. There. I saw through the trees a bright Pokémon. That was her.

I slid forward, watching her stumble around in the dark. It was almost amusing. But her figure, it was familiar. Too familiar. It brought back painful memories. She was a Glaceon. Like my mother.

I growled, angered that she would dare come into my territory. I could feel my fur stand on end as my anger spread through my body. She seemed to hear my growl because she pricked her ears and looked around, blue eyes alarmed, the same alarm I saw when I brought down my prey.

I snarled and lunged, flying out of the bushes. The Glaceon shrieked and bolted, but I gave chase. She couldn't get away. She would pay for the memories she brought back. She swerved and dodged the forest traps, amazingly agile with great reflexes. But I kept on her tail, herding her towards my destination. She took a turn to the left and I smiled. Bingo.

I put on a burst of speed, catching up to her, then stopping as she skidded to a stop before a stone wall. I smiled. I had her trapped.

She spun around as I approached her slowly, menacingly. I could see her trembling, her eyes wide and frightened.

"P-please don't hurt me, s-sir, Umbreon.."

I froze.


My claws slid back into their sheaths as I stared at the Glaceon. She was staring at me with a pleading gaze.

"What.. did you call me?"

"U-Umbreon..."she squeaked out.

Umbreon. I'm a Umbreon.

I stared at the Glaceon. She was different than my mother. Younger, smaller, and her fur... it was like it had the stars in it. My mother had fur like the ocean, but this Glaceon had fur like snow, almost pure white. And her eyes were a million shades of blue, from the midnight dark to the dawn light.

I backed up, taking a stumbling step, then bolted away, my head spinning.



I let out a cry and bolted away, running for my life from the Pokémon that attacked me. But he was giving chase, I could hear him. I whizzed past the forest, dodging the undergrowth and going the opposite of where ever this Pokémon went. Then my heart stopped. I had reached a dead end. A stone wall blocked my path. I spun around, finally seeing my attacker fully. And I was stunned, frightened, and in awe all at once.

He was an Umbreon, but I've never seen one like him. He was basically a normal looking Umbreon, but at his ankles... he had yellow rings. That was abnormal. Normal Umbreons only had rings on their ears, tail, forehead, and forearms and thighs. But he, he defied nature.

Then he took a step forward and I tried to cower down lower. "Please," I pleaded, "don't hurt me, s-sir, Umbreon." Then he froze, to my surprise, claws sheathing as he started at me with those amazing intense red eyes. I felt my fear melt away, replaced by curiosity.

"What.. did you call me?" His voice was soft, yet deadly. It sent shivers up my spine, and I was an ice Pokémon.

"U-Umbreon..." I stammered out, embarrassed that my voice came out as a squeak. He just kept on staring at me, eyes so intense I thought I might melt. I felt my face flush, but he wouldn't look away. Then he was gone, taking a stumbling step back and flying off. I watched his disappearing figure, blinking once and then twice again to make sure I wasn't seeing things. Then I stood and shook myself, woozy from lack of rest. I should find a place to sleep fast before I fell unconscious. I turned and looked back into the murky forest, mind racing.

What an odd Umbreon. A very interesting Umbreon indeed.

I nodded to myself and I padded around the stone wall, surprised to find that it was actually a deep cave. Perfect. I cautiously entered, looking around to make sure no other Pokémon was in here. My nose was useless in this place, because everything just smelled dark and murky, like mud.

I settled in a shadow of the cave, hoping to disguise my white pelt for a while so I could catch a few zzzs.


"What are you doing in my cave!?" I jumped up, scared stiff as the roar rang out, echoed by the cave. I looked up and saw a Ursurang glaring down at me, his arm glowing white. I realized a second before the attack came flying down on me, just barely dodging the Hammer Arm. I skidded to a stop and shot a hasty Ice Beam at the Ursurang. He quickly dodged it, smirking.

"Wait a second... You're Princess Crystal, of the Thunder Kingdon, aren't you?" He growled and snatched me up like a rag doll, swinging me in the air. "I wonder how much ransom I could get from you?" He then swung me against the wall. I smacked into the stone, feeling a numb pain, then flopping to the floor, eyes half closed. I could feel my mind border on the edge of fainting and conciousness.

No... I cried to myself. I can't faint... I-I must escape. But I could feel my mind fading away, and if I didn't act quick, this Ursurang would take me prisoner.

Then I heard a snarl. "What, picking on defenseless sleeping Pokémon now, Crush?" It was that velvet voice. The Umbreon.

"Night Blade! Come to save your new girlfriend?"

"No, here to beat you once and for all." All I could hear was snarling and growling, and then stomping footsteps fading into the distance. I sighed and closed my eyes, but blinked them open when I heard two soft thumps beside my head. I looked over and saw two Oran berries next to black paws with yellow rings. I looked up and saw the Umbreon, Night Blade, sitting there, watching me with those incredible scarlet eyes.

"Eat, before you're knocked out for sure." His voice was soft, but emotionless. I slowly rolled onto my stomach, wincing at the ache in my body. I looked down at the Oran berries, then up the Night Blade. His eyes narrowed at me and I lowered my gaze, slowly taking a bite of the blue berry. It was bitter and tasty, and I didn't realize how hungry I was until I swallowed. I wolfed down the first Oran berry, and damn it, I couldn't help it when I started to cry as I ate the second one. This Umbreon had chased me, then saved me and was now feeding me, and he didn't even know my name. Why was he being so nice? I wrapped my paws around my face as I sobbed, my face hot as I cried in front of Night Blade. I choked down my tears and took deep breaths to calm myself, peering up at Night Blade. He looked uncomfortable, as if he didn't know what to do. Then he spoke up.

"What is a princess like you doing here?"

"You... know I'm a princess?" I asked, shocked.

"I overheard Crush. And what exactly are you doing here?"

"Uh..." I looked down at my paws. How could I answer that? "I had a fight with someone, and ended up here."

"You need to leave. You don't belong here." I looked up, but Night Blade was already padding away, rings glowing eerily in the mist.

"But... I don't know how to leave..." I murmured, standing up and stretching. I felt much better now. I padded out and looked around, then up at the sky, wondering what time of day it was. But I couldn't see past the branches of the tall trees. Then I heard a rustle, I looked over, heart leaping. Night Blade?

"I see you've met Crush and Night Blade." a female voice ringed out.

"Who's there?" I asked, making sure my voice sounded confident.

"A friend." Out of the bushes came out a Mightyena. She was young, around my age, with a stance that showed that she knew her place here. "I'm Ghoul."

I bowed my head in greeting. "I'm-"

"Princess Crystal. I know. I also heard Crush." She smiled, and then stretched, a moany dog sound escaping her throat. She seemed like a carefree Pokémon. "So, what's a princess like you-"

"Doing here?" I finished, chuckling lightly. I stretched again, then sat down on the cold ground. Ghoul mimicked me, sitting down and brushing the ground with her bushy tail. "Well, I had a fight with my step-father, and I ran away. It seems like I ended up here, and I needed a place to sleep. Then Crush attacked and, well, here we are."

"Ah. And, why did you fight with your step-father?"

I lowered my ears. "It... over nothing, really."

"Oh." I looked up at Ghoul. I could see it in her face she wanted to know more. But I didn't really want to tell her, and I was thankful she wasn't pushing.

"And... that Umbreon, Night Blade..."

Ghoul looked up, smiling. "Ah yes. Night Blade. You want to know about him, huh?" I nodded. "Well, he appeared out of nowhere a few weeks ago, a lost Eevee consumed with rage. He was rambling about a King Pine, and how the Leafeon had done him wrong. Then he touched the Moon Stone he was carrying and dropped, evolving into a Umbreon. He looked like a normal Eevee, but the whole place was shocked when he evolved with those extra rings. They all thought he was some sort of evil demon sent by Giratina, the Pokémon of this forest. So they all stayed away, avoiding him at all costs. He eventually trained up to a high level, but when he challenged Crush for the first time, he was brutally beaten, shot down with Crush's Hyper Beam. After he woke up, Night Blade kept on training, night and day, almost to the brink of fainting on multiple occasions. He quickly lost his basic Eevee moves to more brutal moves: Faint Attack, Confuse Ray, Shadow Ball, and his recently learned one, Foul Play. That's his most deadly one, that Foul Play. When Crush challenged him again, Night Blade had him finished, but Crush called him a monster, a creature born to Giratina herself. Then he stomped off, vowing revenge." She laughed. "Whew, that boy's gotta problem, picking fights like that. But he can hold to his word, that's for damn sure." Then she blinked, looking up, but not looking up. "But, I do remember overhearing a conversation about him. Before he actually got his name, while he was still an Eevee, I heard that he lived in the Water Kingdom. He lived happily, with his mother, a Glaceon, and his father, a Jolteon. But one day there was a deadly attack in the Water Kingdom town. He was there with his mother and father when a Houndoom named Devil attacked." I stiffened up, eyes widening. Ghoul seemed to notice my reaction. "Met him, eh? Well, anyhow, he attacked, and his first victim was his mother." I froze, staring straight at Ghoul.

"No..." I choked out, barely. He... lost his mother?

"Yes. And then the father attacked, but Devil quickly took him down too with a bite to the neck. He took down three more, I can't remember who, but after that Night Blade was on his own, no one to look after him. King Pine did nothing, though he knew of Night Blade. So, Night Blade grew up reckless, stealing from the markets daily just to survive. He didn't even have a name, but I think he might of wanted to evolve into a Jolteon, like his father."

I blinked, feeling my eyes water. And I thought my life was bad. Night Blade... he had lost both his parents, and then grew up with no one...

I closed my eyes tightly and held back my tears. Then I looked up at Ghoul. She was looking at me with calculating eyes, as if judging me.

"A-and you? Why are you here?" I stammered, trying to calm my nerves. She blinked and smiled, her eyes soft and calm again.

"I was born here, and decided to stay after my parents left. I live comfortably here. Despite the nasty rumors spread around The Land of Silver Moon, the Dark Lands are very peaceful. I don't know where they came up with the idea that this place is horrible. It's just a dark forest."

"I'm glad I know. My mother told me, when I was younger, that there were evil Pokémon here. I guess she was exaggerating a bit!' I giggled, laughing with Ghoul. Then I looked up at the sky as a snowflake fell down. Soon the whole clearing was full of the tiny white crystals. It reminded me that I was supposed to be back at the castle. "I should get going." I stood and stretched, looking at Ghoul. Her eyes were dark with sadness.

"Oh, yes. Back to your kingdom." She stood as well and waved good-bye with her tail, smiling. I smiled back and turned, but whipped around quickly.

"Ghoul, would... do you want to live in the kingdom?"

She seemed shock. "What? Live in the Thunder Kingdom? Wow.." She looked down at the ground, then up at me, tail wagging. "Yes! I'd love that!" I smiled and nodded my head towards where I thought the kingdom was. We both rushed off, racing each other to the edge of the forest. That was bad idea, though, because when we got there we were both drained of energy. We had to walk back to the kingdom, and since it was dawn when we left the forest, it was about sunhigh when we reached the village gates.

"I hope my mother hasn't worried," I thought out loud, and Ghoul looked at me. We padded into the town square, but there was a crowd of Pokemon there. They were chattering quickly, and I got a bad feeling in my stomach, like a rock had formed in it. What was going on?

I shouldered through the crowd, Ghoul following me. The closer I got to the 'main attraction', the worse the feeling got, until finally I thought I was going to throw up. I burst through the last wall of Pokémon, my heart stopping.

The shriek rose up from my chest, strangled and blood curling.


Wolfy: Oh yes. SUSPENSE! What happened to Fang? Didn't Mist kick ass?! Crystal FINALLY evolved, AND OMAGAWSH THEY MET! BAM! AND OH MY ARCEUS! Night Blade's parents are Thunder and Shard! (From Shadow Snivy's Thunder and Ice) (Not really the parents xP) (Check out that story! It's epic!) I hope you liked this chapter! And if you're wondering about Crystal's 'star fur' and Night Blade's extra rings, it'll all be explained later in the story. ^-^ BE PATIENT! Follow, Review! And yeah, the land where the kingdoms are is called The Land of the Silver Moon, because they experience a 'silver moon' two times every year. I won't tell you what it is yet though! xP