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This You Should Know


~When I Tell You~

By AmourApricot

It was a typical day at school.

Yep, everything was normal.

That is if you call being bullied by mean girls all day and having people hate on you for no reason normal. For me it happens everyday. So, yeah, it's normal. Regular, typical, normal day. Weird huh? No not really, not at all. I hate mostly everybody at my school. Because they all hate me. Yes, it does make me sad. Yes, it does make me angry. Yes, it does make me feel like I don't belong. But, I wont be here forever. Nope. When sixth grade is over I will lose all these people. But it isn't even halfway through the year yet. Ugh.

I sat at my desk, working on an examination, test, if you will, just like everybody else in the class room. The only sound was the clack clack clacking of pencils hitting the paper and the desks. Nikaido-sensei was reading a book at his desk. Class was almost out and that means the test was almost finished. I was working hard and getting it done. Like everybody else.

Just as I was about to read the last question-

DING DING DONG! The bell rang.

"Alright students, if you didn't finish the test you will either have to come in early in the morning or after school today to finish," Nikaido spoke.

Many kids groaned and booed at this.

"If you choose not to come in at either of those times then you will get detention for not finishing." Yet again, more kids groaned and booed.

"That's it!" He said and then the class started filling out of the room into the busy flow of the hallway. I grabbed my books and walked out, heading toward my locker. I passed many talking kids and lockers and rooms until finally mine appeared. Oh, and would ya look at that. Guess what? My locker was right next to the 'Fabulous Miss Saaya's' locker. I suppressed a groan as my feet carried me closer to the metal door.

Most of the time I'm bullied, it's from her and her stupid friends that think they're everything apparently.

Now I had to go eat lunch with these monstrosities.


I walked up to my locker and started churning the lock, hoping it would open quickly. Then out of every single kid that could have walked up to me at that exact moment in time, it just had to be Saaya and her 'Posse'. I finally opened my locker.

Too late.

She walked up and raised her hand high above her head as if she were getting ready to ask a question. It caught me off guard when he brought it down, literally slapping all of the books out of my hand. They fell to the floor in a clumsy heap, along with all the extra papers that were stuck in them. Papers went flying everywhere. My math book landed on my toe and I flinched, trying to not let anyone see my pain.

Nobody stopped at this of course. They barely even noticed. They just lived on and continued their day. Walking past. Ignoring me.

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry Amu. Did I just do that?" she said in the most high pitched, annoyingly sarcastic voice ever.

"Here, let me help you." She kneeled down and gently let her knees touch the floor. Even though all the girls were wearing the same uniform, her skirt seemed to be much smaller than everybody elses. She petitly grabbed all of my books and papers then stood up perfectly.

She flipped her head so her hair was out of her face.

Now watch.

"Here, why don't you have these back," she said in the same sarcastic high pitched voice. Then she shoved the books and papers hard against my chest.

The wind expelled from my lungs faster than I could draw breath. I clutched the books to my chest and stumbled back a couple feet, finally catching myself. I gasped for the fact that I lost myself there for a moment then regained my breath and balance.

"See you at lunch. Loser." She said the word 'loser' like it tasted bad then turned that perfect little head of hers away and walked away along with the many laughing, stuck up girls behind her.

I sighed.

Again, many of the papers that were stuck in my books faltered to the floor, making swish swish sounds as they floated freely in the air then gently landed on the ground.

The most popular group in school walked past me as I watched the assignments slip from my grasp. They stopped for a moment and looked at me with confused faces. Well, this popular group had a leader just like Saaya was the stupid leader of her group. Guess who was the leader? The most popular guy in school. And who is this you may ask? Guess.

The most popular guy in school is, wait for it...

Tsukiyomi Ikuto!

I knelt down just as Saaya had and started picking up the many faltered papers. Noticing they still hadn't moved, I glared in their direction.

"So did you enjoy the show? Or were you ignoring it like many of the other kids that ignore everything that happens to me?" I spat the sentence out angrily. I wasn't happy about what had just happened. Many of the boys snickered and some actually laughed. Ikuto just continued to stare at me confused. Now I glared directly at him. He then looked away with a blank expression and continued to walk downstairs to lunch. All the boys followed and then I was alone in the hallway. That meant everybody was in the lunchroom eating by now. Except for me. The one lone person in the hall.

I sighed again then gathered the rest of my papers and shoved everything in my locker. I grabbed my jacket because I always go on the roof for lunch after I 'Pretended to eat.'

Then I started making my way towards the lunchroom. Otherwise known as:

Hinomori Amu's worst nightmare.


I sat awkwardly alone at my table, fidgeting with my hands and legs, attempting to preoccupy myself.

Of course, who would want to sit next to me? The loser girl who everybody thinks is a joke.

I picked at my salad with a fork. Again, I didn't eat. All because of a special someone who hates my guts. You got it. Saaya. I remember the exact day I started not eating, or, stopped eating. It was the day she called me fat in front of the whole classroom. It was also the day my best friend left. And let me note that I was never, and still not, fat. But my best friend and I would always find it tasteful to enjoy suckers during school.

Well, the day she left she gave me a blueberry blow pop, which was my favorite. By the time she was gone I hadn't eaten it yet. So during class I unwrapped it and started licking it, remembering how her and I would always have sucker eating contests. Class didn't start yet so I figured why not.

I didn't realize the trouble that came with it.

The prominent girl Saaya came up to me and started making fun of me for no reason. Before that, I was never made fun of or bullied. It all started the day my best friend left.

I sat there quietly, waiting for class to start. I was slightly upset because right before that my best friend left me. I got out the Blueberry flavored blow pop and unwrapped it, revealing my favorite sugar-coated candy.

I started licking it happily, thinking of my best friend.

But soon that was ruined. The popular girl known as Saaya, who I never really thought of to be mean until that day, came up to me.

"Oh, well if it isn't little miss lonely Amu. So I heard your best friend left you. How did that feel? You must be pretty lonely," she said.

I sat there kind of confused. I looked up at Saaya with my sucker in my mouth and gave her a questioning look. "Um, excuse me?" I asked harmlessly. My eyes darted nervously from side to side. Saaya just flailed her head back and laughed. I watched as I thought the curly read head was going insane.

"Oh Amu, you crack me up. She was your best friend wasn't she? Well now she's gone and you have nobody. You know what that means, don't you? You're my new little play toy." She pointed swiftly at me then lowered her finger.There was a preppy girl smirk plastered across her face.

At this point my confusion had grown to the point of overflowing. What did she just say? Her new little play toy? What the hell is that supposed to mean?

"I'm sorry, I really don't know what you mean..." I said innocently. And I really didn't. Can't a girl just sit and enjoy some calories?

"Oh Amu, get a hold of reality will ya. You're now the loser kid of the school. No one to talk to, no one who wants to talk to you, so now I can bully you all I want and nobody will even care." She smirked.

Bully me?! What the hell?! How did it turn out like that?

"Well if you have nothing to say then I'll be on my way then. Oh, and by the way, you better get your little fat self prepared, you sucker eating fatty loser," she spat, then pranced off. All I could do was sit there in my seat and stare at the chalkboard. Tears began to fill my eyes as I took the sucker out of my mouth.

What...was that...?

My emotions jumped from confused to sad to angry in a matter of seconds. I didn't know what to do. I threw the sucker at the wall and it shattered into small pieces and crumbled on the floor. I ran out of the room and made my way towards the bathroom.

That was horrible.

I shivered as I recalled that day. That was probably the worst day of my life. It sucked.

I twirled my pink hair in my fingers and played with it for a while. It gets boring without Yaya around. I always wished she never left. But unfortunately she just had to move away. Her stupid family decided it. I never used to get angry at anything because Yaya and I always had so much to laugh about. But ever since that dreadful day, I've been angry about everything and at everything. See, I just called her family stupid. Ugh, sometimes I really hate me.

I looked around and noticed everyone talking and laughing together. Having fun.

Having fun.

Fun was something I hadn't had in a long time. At least at school. Maybe at home. But it's not like there was anybody to have fun with at home either.


I looked around again without actually looking up, just scanning the expansive area between my lashes. I saw lots of food and lots of people. Duh. I saw Saaya's group sitting with Ikuto's group. Saaya was of course, sitting next to Ikuto. She was hugging his arm and laughing. I looked away in disgust. As if I want to see that. G-R-O-S-S. Ugh that made me so mad. Yet another thing that made me angry. Saaaayyyaaa. God I just hated her. I didn't think one small emotion could be so impossibly overwhelming but it made my insides quiver with a certain burning passion that made my teeth clench.

I wish I could do something about it. Her bullying, I mean. But I'm just...useless. I can't do anything. What could I do? I'm just the loser that no one cares to take the time of day to even glance at anymore.

I absolutely hate it.

I actually looked up and saw Saaya and her group making their way towards me.

Oh no.

She finally stopped once she was standing right in front of my small round table. So did the rest of her group.

"Hey, loser," she spat, looking mighty pleased with herself.

I glared up at her. What could she possibly want?

"I just thought I'd come by and give you a visit. You know you just looked sooooo lonely. That doesn't really matter though, does it? You always look lonely," she giggled. She had that same 'Preppy girl' smirk. I just kept glaring at her because I knew that she would either laugh at or make fun of a single syllable that flew past my tightly shut lips. I worked hard on keeping them pressed in that same impassive line. "What, no comment? I guess your just too surprised to see me. I am just amazing, arent I?" She laughed at herself. I think she just likes to hear herself talk. I felt like that was something I should say to her face because it was obvious that I wasn't speaking to her and she was still talking to me.

"Saaya I think you like hearing yourself talk," I said, feeling a little too confident with my rule-breaking comment.

Her facial expression changed faster than I could blink.

Oh, that was a good moment.

"Excuse me? What did you just say?" she asked, overly oblivious.

"I guess you'll never know because it's clear that you don't understand what I'm saying. You might wanna get some hearing aids, you're getting a little old," I replied. Ha, this was fun. But again I didn't realize what consequences would come with me saying that. Her face flushed red like a tomato.

She burst. "Do you honestly think you can say that to me and get away with it?!" she yelled.


Everybody looked over to us. They all stared wide eyed and confused. I just wanted to die.

She walked over closer to me and picked up my plate of salad. Before I knew how to stop it, she drew her arm back and threw it at me with dominant force. My mouth gaped open as the leaves and other condiments splattered across my face and over my uniform.

"Hahaha!" She laughed. "Oh,look at that, little miss Know It All gets salad dumped on her. You feeling tough now? Smart one, don't get on my bad side," she seethed, voice dangerously low.

Omg. I can't believe this! All the kids in the lunchroom started laughing. So did Saaya and her group.

This is so embarrassing! I hate this! I hate this and I hate Saaya and I hate everybody in this lunchroom! My eyes filled with water, putting me on the verge of crying. I put my head down so my bangs covered my face.

"Hahaha! Oh, poor little Amu. Did you spill your food? Here let me help you," she grunted with an evil smile. She took hold of my carton of chocolate milk and opened it. She took it and poured it all over me, making circle motions to make sure every inch of non-food-covered clothing was drenched in the sugary liquid. I gasped and spread my arms wide, gaping down at my dirty figure.

Everybody started laughing harder. Some of them were bending over and falling they were laughing so hard.

I had it. That was it. I couldn't take anymore of that. "Haha! Poor little Amu!" Saaya scoffed mockingly.

The tears that had been stinging my eyes started falling down my cheeks. Warm, wet tears fell from my face onto the table. My hair was soaked and so were my clothes. Not with water but with food. I stood up, slapping the table, making the sound reverberate through the air.

I ran towards the doors that would get me out of this hellish void. On my way, I didn't realize that there was a foot sticking out, waiting for me to swiftly run by and trip on it. And that's exactly what I did. I tripped and fell to the floor, catching myself, luckily, with my hands.

Everybody laughed harder. I got up and ran out, leaving a whole lunchroom full of laughing kids.

I went to the only place nobody would find me.

The rooftop.


I was finally out of the lunchroom and on the roof of the school. My secret place where nobody knows I go.

I was still trying to pick the salad out of my hair and shirt. My hair was still wet and gooey along with my shirt and skirt. So really, I was just a mess all around. There was a bit of a breeze so my hair would probably dry faster than if there wasn't one.

I hate everybody! I hate everybody in there and everybody at this school! I hate this school and I hate my life! This school is stupid I absolutely, positively, hate hate HATE this school! I hate Saaya and her group and Ikuto and his group! This is so stupid! I hate this!

"I HATE EVERYBODY AT THIS STUPID SCHOOL!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. I was infuriated now.

I needed a break before I killed myself.

I stood up and walked over to the ledge and put my hands on it. I leaned back on my heels, taking in long, calming breaths. I lifted my head and looked out over the entire school. Everything seemed so perfect and beautiful, but on the inside everybody was cruel and deadly.

At least the view was nice. The trees were sparkling with perfection and so were the flowers and the pathway. The breeze made my hair fly every which way. My gross, slimy hair. I did always get bullied in the lunchroom but this, something like this has never happened to me before. Saaya never got that extreme. Never. And never would I have seen that coming. That was horrible. Way worse than the day Yaya left. Way, way worse. I felt so embarrassed.

Behind me, I heard the sound of the door to the rooftop make a creaking sound as it opened. Oh god, who could it be?

I whirled around to see something I absolutely did not want to see.

Ikuto Tsukiyomi.

Wha-? What the hell?! Why is that person up here?!

Just kill me now.

I froze for a moment, his presence scaring the crap out of me.

Holy hell.

Without him realizing it, I ran to the other side of the roof and hid behind the door block. I peeked around the corner to see what he was doing. He did the same thing I did. He went over to the ledge and put his hands on the bar and let the breeze take his thoughts. At least that's what I thought he was doing. He looked


I tried hiding it from everybody, even myself, but deep down I knew I liked Ikuto. I hid it most of the time in high hoped it wouldn't give Saaya another reason to make fun of me, but when I'm by myself he's all I think about. It's weird, yes, and of course he hates me like everybody else. He would never have the same feelings for me as I have for him. NEVER. Never ever ever. I really want to emphasize that because it will never happen no matter how much I may want it to. Nothing I will ever do will make anybody love, let alone like me. Realizing this fact I got really sad and my knees felt weak. I slid down with my back against the wall and hit the ground in a clumsy heap. I could feel steamy tears fill my eyes again. I wiped them away so I wouldn't cry. Now was not the time to cry. I can't cry now. Ikuto might hear me.

I sat there and hugged my knees to my chest. I looked out again with sad eyes. My bangs hung in my eyesight.

Suddenly I heard footsteps getting louder and louder. That meant they were getting closer and closer to me.

It was Ikuto walking closer to me, inspecting the pieces of salad that I had picked away from me.

Oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap! What to do, what to do...Ah! I could run to the other side of the rooftop and lose him. I stood up quickly to make my escape. As I was turning to start running, something warm grabbed my wrist and I was stopped in my tracks.

Even though I knew what to expect, I didn't want to turn around and face that person. I shut my eyes tightly, curling my lips in a hard line. Don't turn around, don't turn around.

But I did.

I turned around, scared and wide eyed, to find Ikuto grabbing my wrist for a reason I did not know.

Why, oh why, is this amazingly cute boy grabbing my wrist?

Whatever it was, he was going to let go. NOW.

I stepped back and put all my strength into snatching my wrist away from his grip. I succeeded, thankfully. I turned to start running again. "Hold it!" his amazing voice yelled. But his voice had some anger in it. He was definitely mad at me for something, but I didn't know what. He ran up to catch me and grabbed my wrist again.

"What do you want? Let go of me!" I yelled at him.

"No," he stated firmly, glaring into my eyes. I almost cowered underneath his intense gaze. "I have to take you to the principles office."

"Wha- why?" I blurted, astounded by this new information.

"I don't know! But I came to take you there under the orders of Nikaido-sensei. And you're coming with me whether you like it or not," he snapped, making me flinch at his angry words. Why did he seem so upset?

"Why should I listen to the likes of you?" I replied angrily. And why are you so mad? Don't look at me like that!

"I'm making you go there," he stated very matter-of-factly. "So you can just follow like the little piece of trash you are."

My eyes widened and something crushed at my heart as my stomach rolled nauseously. No- why would you say that? My mind was reacting so different from my body. It was hurt and damaged while my mouth wanted to spew so many explicit things at him.

"I am not a piece of trash. I am a regular girl. I am no different from you or anybody. I don't know why you people treat me so meanly! I never did anything to anybody!" I yelled, and tears started sliding down my face without my consent. No matter how much I didn't want to, I started crying softly. I glared up at him through the wall of salty liquid pouring out of my eyes.

His eyes widened, and for a moment I thought I saw what looked like hurt, guilt, and apology swim through those dark blue orbs before they turned back into angry slits.

"Let's go." He pulled at my wrist, walking to the door of the roof.

"NO!" I screamed, trying to snatch my wrist away but his grip gradually got tighter and tighter.I started flailing my body.

"Oh my god!" he yelled angrily. I didn't care that he was angry because I was not going to the principles office for something I didn't do. "Just listen, stupid!"

Stop it, stop yelling at me, stop calling me names! Why are you acting like this? Please!

"Make me!" I yelled back.

And to my surprise, he did. He stepped in close and let go of my wrist. His body was touching mine and my eyes widened. He bent down because he was a lot taller than me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He picked me up and started walking towards the door. My body was squished up against his while I tried prying myself free.

I started flailing my body again, but no matter how hard I tried, he never budged, and never let go.

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