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This You Should Know


~Our Birthdays!~
-Part Two-

By AmourApricot


If it wasn't for the towel wrapped around my body I would most likely be freezing. Goosebumps consumed my legs as I walked down the long hallway to the nearest elevator. Not even the carpet helped keep out the chill of the air conditioner. What place even has air conditioners on during winter anyway? Or...maybe it was still fall? Whatever time it was, it wasn't exactly one-hundred degrees outside anymore.

I groaned.

No matter what subject I tried to shift my mind to it wouldn't stop thinking about Ikuto. Ikuto, Ikuto, Ikuto. I swear to god that dumb boy is all I think about! I'm ganna punch a freakin' wall!

As rage built up inside me, I tried my best to push it back down. This wasn't the best way to spend a perfectly good night at a fabulous hotel such as this. Of all the things to be doing, obsessing over a boy wasn't on the agenda. However it's what was on my mind and I couldn't help it.

My lips still tingled from the kiss.

Of all the things Ikuto could do to me, hit me, punch me, trip me, push me, it just had to be kiss me.

I mean, of all the things!

Okay, I mean it's not as if I hated the kiss. I like him so obviously I have to like kissing him. It's just that it makes me feel...weird. Weird? No, I don't think that's the word to describe it. There was just that un-identified feeling when someone kissed you, or when you thought about someone, or when they talked to you. I can't explain it.

I hugged the towel around me tighter. A silver elevator was coming into view on the side of the wall.

Liking someone is so complicated.

It wasn't as complicated when Ikuto and I didn't talk, but now that all these things have happened it's gotten way out of hand.

Liking someone is easy when they ignore you, to put it simply.

Liking someone while they talk to you, go over to your house, buy you things, take your belongings, kiss you, and make you question every choice you've made is another story.

It's so frustrating sometimes. I feel would be easier if we didn't talk.

But I can't just ignore Ikuto. That's next to impossible. Even if I want to ignore him he doesn't make it much of an option.

Okay, you know what? No more thinking about Ikuto. Right now, I'm going to think about whatever it is the normal newly-turned thirteen year old girl Amu Hinamori is supposed to be thinking about.



"I don't see why you're so mad at me."

"Because you stole ALL MY CHOCOLATE! Maybe, did you think, that was even a minor possibility? No, of course you didn't." I threw the small now-empty duffel bag to the ground and kicked it away. Of course, things like this just have to happen on my birthday. Nothing normal goes on in my life anymore, obviously.

"I didn't steal it, stupid. I ate it. There's a difference," she said, kicking her feet back more casually than any other person in the world would have at that moment.

"Oh my god." I reached for something-anything-down at my feet that might have fallen out of the duffel bag. When my hand gripped a small square bottle of perfume, I raised the slightly heavy object and threw it at her. It sailed in the air for the slightest moment before hitting her in the chest, hard.

"Ow!" she yelled, squirming out of her comfortable position. She gave me a look that said why-the-hell-did-you-just-do-that?

"You deserved it," I growled under my breath.

The next moment a very loud knock sounded at the door that connected our room and my parents.

"Girls?" It was my mom. "What's going on in there? Are you two fighting? Do I need to come in there?"

"No!" We both said in unison, something that would probably never happen again.

She turned to look at me. "You're being too loud, stupid."

"Don't call me stupid when you're the F student," I retorted angrily.

Yep. I was right. Nothing on my birthday, or any other day for that matter, ever goes right.

"Amu, you have issues," she replied, rolling her eyes in an annoyed manner.

"Oh, I have issues? You're the one who got kicked out of your last school because you punched the first girl that looked at you the wrong way. Yet you dare tell me I have problems?"

"I said issues, not pro-"


"Hey!" My mom burst through the door, dressed like the usual mom-figure.

She didn't look happy or amused or anything of the sort. In fact the look on her face made me want to cower in fear in the nearest corner. I didn't think she could look menacing. There are still so many things un-known to me.

"If you two don't knock it off right now, you're both going to be separated," she said, glaring at each of us.

Actually, that didn't sound like a bad idea.

"Oh, goody, that's exactly what I wanted. Please take her awa-"

"In my room, is where one of you will be going if you don't get along."

With that I shut my mouth.

As if!

I wasn't spending my birthday night sleeping in the same bed with my mom like I did when I was little and had nightmares. Although sleeping in the same room as this-this horrible creature, was a nightmare of it's own.

My mom placed a hand on her hip, raising an eyebrow in the process. She looked like one of those interrogators you saw in movies, the ones that always wore the really nice and tight-looking suits. Although I would hardly call my moms worn out jeans, too-big-for-her white T-shirt, and fuzzy slippers an expensive looking suit. However, she did look scarier than those interrogators. Not always, but at the moment, I was terrified.

"Hm? Changed your minds?" She glanced at me, then at the girl across the room.

"That's what I thought."

With that, she turned around and closed the door behind her louder than necessary.

I flinched at the noise.

"Nice one, you little loud mouth," she hissed quietly.

"I wouldn't have been loud if it weren't for you," I seethed. God, I hated her. I told myself so many times I hated her, hoping that each time I said it it would make me hate her even more. Our relationship was more like a cat and dog's relationship. The feeling between us was certainly mutual. It was almost as mutual as the feeling between Saaya and I.

So everyday I told myself that I hated Ami Hinamori, who so very unfortunately was my twin.

The only bad, terrible, totally awkward and awful thing about having a twin was that no matter how different we may be, we still get mixed up. Well, people get us mixed up. Ami, who my parents had gotten so used to calling Amu, was the meanest self-centered bitch I have ever met in my entire life. I, on the other hand, at least have the manners to be polite when I know the time is appropriate and not get into fights with every person that has a face.

The only reason people call her Amu is because I was born first, and since she looks exactly like me, my name got jumbled up with hers in a twisted series of events. Ami basically just hates every living creature that breathes. She's accustomed to nothing except getting herself in trouble over and over again until one day, I'm sure, she'll get in so much trouble that nothing will be able to get her out.

And honestly she scares me so much that I'm afraid to talk to her most of the time. If it weren't for the twisted devilish smirk she always wears, she really would look exactly like me. There's never a moment Ami isn't thinking about bringing harm to something. Anything. But what really scares me is that all the hatred she feels toward everything and the burning passion to hurt something is only aimed at everything else because she can't aim it all at me.

Everything she feels, it's all toward me.

She hates the fact I'm alive, living and breathing, walking the earth because I didn't have a choice. And one day she'll burst and all that hatred will cut me into little tiny pieces until I think I won't be able to take it anymore.

"It's not my fault you were yelling. If it weren't for your stupid chocolate fetish-"

"I don't have a chocolate fetish," I snapped.

"-then we wouldn't be in this situation," Ami finished as if I had never interrupted her.

"Yeah, well maybe you should have thought about that before you ate it all," I said, not kindly. The boiling hot rage was settling down as sarcasticness took over, but I was still mad at her. How could she even think that eating my birthday present was a good idea? She got her own birthday presents. Just because I'm five hours older doesn't mean anything.

She looked at the ceiling and made an annoyed noise, low in her throat before saying, "Oh my god." She drew each word out to emphasize her annoyance. "Just stop talking already."

"I hate you," I growled, softly though.

"Oh, like I haven't heard that one before. "Ami, I hate you! Leave me alone! Go away!"" She mimicked my words from long ago. The hot rage was rising up like a tide again, a tide that was too big to suppress. That devilish smirk was back on her face. "You don't think I remember what you said when we were little? The way you used to fall to the ground, practically cower in fear at my presence-"

"Shut up," I said. It was low, and barely audible as I ducked my head so hide my face. My hands were clenched at my sides, trembling with anger and also remembrance.

She went on. "The way you used to scream when nobody was home, when it was just you and me, when I would raise my hand and you would try and block me, screaming "No! Please, don't! Don't hit me!"" She laughed a small, creepy laugh that made me shiver.

"Stop." My voice shook.

I didn't want to remember. I hated remembering. I wanted her to shut up, but more importantly I wanted to make her do it. My legs trembled, and all my mind was thinking about was turning around and shooting through the door like a rocket, on my way to nowhere except away from here.

"Do you remember what I said? When nobody came to your side, to help you?" Her voice lowered.

"Don't," I said, my eyes racing the floor so fast I felt dizzy. The anger that was building inside of my made my heart pound against my rib-cage.

"I said," she began in almost a whisper, "It's always you. It was always your fault. Nobody cares about you, nobody loves you. Nobody will ever love you. You are alone-"

"Ami, shut your mouth," I said in a shaky voice.

Her evil smirk only spread wider. She crossed the room within a matter of seconds, then before I knew it she was standing right in front of me, close enough so that if she moved we would touch.

Her head got closer to mine as she said, "And that's how you'll stay. Until the day you die." Her head leaned forward and her mouth was by my ear. "You will always be alone," she whispered.

Don't say that! Shut up, shut up, shut up!

"Get away from me!" I yelled.

Before I could even stop myself my hands were up, pushing Ami back with the force of a bull. Her eyes widened in surprise and anger. She stumbled back and fell, her back hitting the bed so hard her head flailed back and she screamed.

I was already moving forward, hands outstretched, ready to feel her shoulders as I shook them and slammed them into the bed again. Everything I had tried forgetting, everything that had made me afraid and alone up until this point, she was just bringing it back. All the pain and confusion, it was all rushing back like the tide of an ocean. It was too big to stop.

"How could you?!" My voice rose with anger and desperation and sadness as the tears burst forth.

I raised my hand, high and strong, ready to bring it down so hard I'd smack that stupid smirk right off her face. I brought my hand down and-

And there was a knock at the door. So loud I jumped at the noise and my hand stopped inches from Ami's face. Her eyes were wide with horror, which only made me feel suddenly guilty.

But who the hell was at the door? Room service? Because I was pretty sure the service I was about to do would have been way better than some high-class hotel's blanket deliverers.

I sat there, un-moving, hoping that if I didn't answer then whoever it was would go away. There was a long silence.

For a moment I thought they actually left.

Then the knock resounded, hard beats on the wooden door.

I made an annoyed noise then stood up.

This had better be good.

I tried pushing all that anger back down as I neared the door, shoveling it out of my body so I didn't lash out at the first thing this person said. A deep breath in, then a long exhale out and I reached for the knob and twisted it, opening the door to reveal-

To reveal a familiar figure, tall and lean. At first I didn't believe my eyes, and I tried blinking them into focus as my head tilted up to look into the person's eyes.

I knew those eyes. So well it scared me.

Unless Ikuto Tsukiyomi was one of the hotel's workers, I had been expecting the wrong person.

Ah, hell.

Memories rushed back in, replacing the anger and awareness that had filled me previously. Ikuto, chasing me around the pool like a mad-man. Ikuto, shutting the door behind him in the sauna. Ikuto, putting his arms on either side of my head, effectively caging me in. Ikuto, leaning closer so our lips touched and sparks flew.

As I looked at him now, hand still up in a position ready to knock yet again, I couldn't help but think that whatever had just been going on had launched itself into his eardrums and he had heard us.

"Hey," he breathed, obviously still shocked I'd answered when I did.

Before any words could possibly tumble out of my mouth, Ami's voice was echoing like a nightmare in my ears.

"Who's that? Your boyfriend?"

Oh my god.

My head whipped around. "Shut up."

Ami put her hands up in defense. "It was just a question. What did you expect me to think? A hottie like him just happened to knock on our door by chance? You obviously know him, so who is he?"

I wanted to rip the door off it's hinges and throw it at her, but that was obviously so rational.

"He's just a boy from my school," I replied, trying to sound as cool and collected as my entire being would let me.

Ami didn't look convinced. "He's totally your boyfriend."

I turned to give Ikuto an apologetic look, only to see him staring confused at Ami.

Of course.

I was standing right in front of him, being me. Ami was standing back there, being Ami but looking exactly like me.

Well, this is awkward.

"Who-" Ikuto began, but before he could finish my hand was on his wrist and we were out in the hallway, the door slamming behind us quickly.

Once I was situated, I spoke, "Sorry. You-you don't know her. Don't listen to anything she says. It's completely untrue." At least that wasn't a lie.

"Who is she? She looks just like you. Like, seriously. It's scary," he said, still glancing at the door nervously.

"She's my sister." I tried keeping my voice low, hushed.

Ikuto raised an eyebrow. "And you get mad at me for not telling you I had a sister."

I shook my head. "What? I didn't get mad at you. It was just surprising."

Ikuto's hand gestured to the door. "And this isn't?"

No, it's not, is what I wanted to say. But looking at this from Ikuto's perspective...

"Utau goes to our school, you've never even met Ami. So yes, it was more surprising to find out Utau was your sister," I explained as best I could.

"Yeah, she's not my twin. I mean-pff, you and whoever, Amy-"

"Ami," I corrected.

"Whatever," he dismissed the interruption. "Look exactly alike. I think I have a right to be surprised."

I shook my head in confusion and exasperation. Whatever. "Look, enough with the sister crap. What are you doing here? How did you even find this room?" God, don't tell me he turned into one of those stalking spy's that followed you around wherever you went to get information, and carried around a walkie-talkie to report what they saw to whoever the crap was on the other end.

Even though that wasn't even within the boundary of being a possibility, it did skip the merry little path in my mind.

"Basically," he said flatly, "I followed you."



How great is that?

My crush is a stalker...

"What? What do you mean you followed me? Followed me as in, "Hey Amu I was just walking by and saw you walk into your room" or following as in, "I was stalking you all the way up to the top floor"?" I failed so badly at impersonating a male voice I made a mental note to never do it again.

"Following as in I saw you walking down the hall and walked behind you without you turning around and seeing me," he replied blandly.


Because that explained everything.

"And what, I suppose you're knocking on my door to make some light conversation about being a stalker? Can't you just be a normal person and text or something?"

Ikuto looked incredulous, then his mouth twitched into a smirk. "Why, Amu, how ever am I supposed to do that when I don't have your number?"

"Well, the point is you're not," I said.

"I suppose you expected me to say call me for some encouragement," he countered.

"No, and even if you did I wouldn't."

"Amu, that hurts."

"Pain is beauty, sweetheart."

Ikuto chuckled a little and the sound was like music to my ears. Even after all this time, I still couldn't figure out what it was about his voice that made it so melodic. Ugh, this damn boy has got the wheels turning.

"Soo..." I began again, hoping this time he would really give me some practical information instead of the usual crap he spews. "What are you doing here exactly?"

"I thought you would be happy to see me," he said, raking a hand through his perfect hair.

He's one of those window model types, I thought randomly. The kind that makes girls stop and stare until their eyes water. Clearly, he doesn't belong here, with me, talking to me right now.

The mere thought made me all depressed and I suddenly had the urge to dismiss him and crawl back into my room.

"Perhaps our minds are built differently," I suggested.

"I was hoping I was built into your mind," he said.

Damn. Him.

I could feel the blush coming on, hot blood rising to my face and beginning to bloom like bright red roses on my cheeks.

Which is precisely why I turned to the side and tried blocking all view he had of my face with hair. "I'm leaving."

Ikuto was taken aback for the slightest moment, but soon his hand was on my shoulder, turning me sideways and almost causing me to stumble into him. (Wouldn't be the first time.)

"Wait," he said a little more seriously. "I wanted you to come with me."

Well that didn't sound weird or anything.

"Where...?" I eyed him suspiciously, trying to see if there were any flaws, any mistakes that could lead to me figuring out this was all an act.

However, fortunately or unfortunately, there was nothing for me to go off of that would lead to all this being a joke. For some reason, I was hoping it would have been a facade, just so I had somebody to blame for wasting my time. Although whatever time I spent with Ikuto certainly did not go to waste, and the only thing I hoped was that I didn't show it. I've got my own facade to keep up, so I should probably stop trying to see other people's.

With an impossibly gorgeous smirk, Ikuto said, "Trust me, you'll like it."


With the exception of Ikuto continuously poking my sides, asking weird questions about how girls got ready in the morning, the occasional blond joke here and there, and me yelling at him for doing something perverted and him chuckling in the end, we somehow ended up unharmed at the front of Ikuto's hotel room door.

How I would explain to my mom where I went, I had no idea. I had no idea why I even thought coming here was a good idea in the first place. Maybe it was those wheels that were so busy turning in my mind. I was hoping I was built into your mind. The words were on reply in my head as I thought about how much I wanted to say If only you knew.

But, here we were, both un-moving, standing before a heavily decorated and carved door with a DO NOT DISTURB card jammed in the lock. I began wondering (for only about the eight billionth time) why it was Ikuto was so good at convincing me of things yet it took years just to convince myself that going to school wasn't the hellish nightmare I had always imagined it to be.

He had somehow-somehow-made all this seem reasonable. As to how, please do not point your fingers at me because if you expect an answer, I'm sorry to say you've wasted your time and will have better luck searching for the tooth fairy than an answer to that question.

"I have a hard time believing you brought me all the way to your room so we could chat," I said, daring a glance at Ikuto.

From this angle, his chin looked more pointed than usual, which made him look older, and therefore made me feel like I was seven instead of thirteen.

"Your utter lack of confidence in me to not do anything bad is really like shoving toothpicks through my heart," he sighed, exaggerating every word.

"Mhm." I rolled my eyes.

He didn't answer.

Instead his head turned toward mine, attempting to lock gazes. I looked away before the chance came.

"Are we just going to stand out here all day?"

"I was hoping we could go inside eventually," he replied.

I had to resist smacking my forehead.

"You're the one with the key-card. Open the door."

"Can't you see?" He pointed to the card in the lock. "They don't want to be disturbed."

"Oh my god."

I grabbed the key-card out of Ikuto's pocket and not-so-kindly plucked the DO NOT DISTURB card out of the lock. I slid the key-card in, held it breifly, then took it out when the light lit up green. I turned and gestured at the door.

"You're welcome, by the way," I said as Ikuto reached for the handle.

"Thank you, for doing my job."

"My mom always told me if you want something done you gatta do it yourself."

He winked in agreement. "Your mom's a smart woman."

Ikuto pushed the handle down then opened the heavy door, revealing a room similar to mine.

I say similar, because, well, it didn't look like a normal hotel room. It looked as if the place had been ransacked by a bunch of boys (which it had) and a tornado had ripped through the entire space. The bed sheets and blankets and luxurious, soft, pillows were scattered everywhere, strewn about the floor and just about everything else. The nightstand with the one lamp on it was messed up with cards and pieces of paper, all representing some very explicit drawings that an art teacher would not condone.

Cords were snaked around the TV, laying about the floor as if nobody could possibly walk by and kill themselves on them. There was an XBOX among the cords, it's green power light shining brightly in the dark room. The curtains were pulled shut, even though it was already night and the stars and moon were the only possible accessable sources of light.

And then, the most horrific sight of all-three boys scattered on the floor. One lying on his stomach, controller in hand, eyes glued to the TV as if it were a really important driving test and if he looked away he would fail. Another, back propped against one of the beds, holding and moving his fingers vigorously across a controller, eyes also locked on the TV. Then the last boy, who was sitting quite neatly, legs crossed, back bent forward, controller obviously in hand, attention handed away to the TV.

They were all playing a game which involved-from what I could hear-a terribly large amount of screaming and shooting and running and shouting. When my eyes scouted the TV for a name, they landed on an empty disk case, with the words Call Of Duty printed across the middle.

And this, I thought, with a sudden bolt of discomposure, is what boys do in their free time.

I almost winced at the sight.

None of the boys even dared to eye who just entered their room. Even though they all probably just thought it was Ikuto returning from his happy little adventure to scout out the pink haired loser.

That is until one brave soul chanced a peek, and said: "Hey."

It was Tadase, who was the one lying on his stomach. It only took me so long to realize it because it was so freaking dark in there I couldn't even comprehend the fact a new shade of black was being made right in that very room.

"Hey," Ikuto replied cooly, totally un-fazed he was bringing a girl into his room.

Er, their room.

Kukai, who was the one with his back against the bed, eyed me suspiciously. After a few moments his gaze turned from suspicious to incredulous, then curious. He looked back at the TV. "Ikuto," he said, "didn't tell us you were bringing a girl back with ya. You move fast, bro."

The familiarity of heat crawled up my neck.

You move fast? Just what is that supposed to mean? And what's with the 'bro'?

I made a mental note to remember the way boys talked to each other.

Bro: Commonly used noun.

There was a loud BOOM that emanated from the TV, and then Kukai yelled something along the lines of "Aw, come on!"

I looked disbelievingly at Ikuto. "Is this what people do when they go to hotels, or is it just that you're all boys and it seems all boys have some weird fascination with video games that seems to be programmed into their brain before they're even born?" I asked, eyeing the sight once again.

"I think you might have better luck thinking that second thought," he replied.

That's what I was afraid of.

When I stood, un-moving, in the entryway, Ikuto walked deeper into the room, a world I was afraid to enter. "You don't have to stand there, you'know."

I knew all to well. Suddenly I became well aware of my pajama shorts and tight fitting tank top, in which I would have changed if I knew beforehand that I would be coming here. Unfortunately, I wasn't informed in any way, shape or form.

"You're uh..." Nagihiko began, glancing behind his shoulder. "You're Amu, right? Nice outfit." He went back to playing the game.

I blushed and wrapped my arms around myself in a futile attempt to try and hide myself. It wasn't working.

"I know you!" jumped in Tadase, obviously eager to get in on the conversation. "I have science with you, right? I think you sit in like, the middle. I sit across from you at the other table," he explained.

"Really?" I asked, trying to sound air-headed. In reality I knew he was in my Science class.

"Yeah. I remember when you once dropped your beaker and spilled bleach all over the floor."

The boys snickered.

"That was an accident!" I protested to their laughs. I was becoming all too embarrassed all too quickly.

"You guys are embarrassing her," said Ikuto. Although his voice was sincere, he put no effort into refusing to smile.

"Sorry Amu," Tadase apologized. Whether he was being serious or not, it didn't really matter. If the subject changed then I was good with that.

"It's okay," I said.

"Amu-" Ikuto began, then was abruptly cut off by a loud knock on the door. It was the door that connected his room to the room across from it, like the room that was connected to mine.

I turned my head to look at it, wondering who on earth was on the other side. Before Ikuto or anybody had a chance to say "Come in" or something of the sort, the door flew open to reveal the most frighteningly familiar girl. Her long blond hair cast shadows around her slim and petite figure, outlining her pretty face. At first I was extremely confused, but then remembered what Ikuto told me.

Utau, stood in the doorway, posing as Ikuto's sister.

Well...this is a situation...

A sudden unexpected and unwanted fear crept over me, threatening to take over.

She's the girl that was there when Saaya pinned you.

It was true enough, although remembering the incident didn't make me feel a whole lot better, nor did it make me feel like being in the same room as Utau was even within the boundary's of being safe.

She's the one that just stood there, not even attempting to move a muscle. The one that didn't give so much as a glance in your direction as Saaya scratched your face off. She's the one that crossed her arms and refused to participate, but also refused to do anything about it. Like a stubborn child. She's just like a stubborn child.

Thinking of Utau being related to someone as tall, dark haired, alluring-eyed, stubborn, indecisive, childish, strong, out-going, and just completely odd as Ikuto sent a chill up my spine. How were these two even related? It makes absolutely no sense at all.

"Utau," said Ikuto, breaking me out of my reverie. "Did you need something?"

I couldn't stop staring at the blond. Her eyes bore into me, as if she was looking straight into my soul. It was weird, and I wanted to look away but couldn't. Not when I was expecting her to say something.

Without breaking eye contact Utau blurted: "What is she doing here?" It wasn't hard to figure out she meant me.

Ikuto looked stunned, as if he wasn't expecting it. I, however, wasn't expecting anything else.


Maybe I was.

But that's beside the point.

"I just-"

"Get out," Utau growled.

Ikuto's eyes widened. "What?"

"I said, get out!" she yelled.

Suddenly Utau's hand was gripping the mini shampoo bottles off the small complimentary table next to her and chucking them at Ikuto.

Ikuto tried (futally) to block the flying objects. But Utau didn't stop at the shampoo bottles, she kept going. The small dish that held them was soon flying through the air, along with the expensive looking coffee creamers right next to the expensive-looking coffee maker. I was actually surprised when she didn't grab the coffee maker and throw that at him too.

"Utau, stop!"


Suddenly all the boys were up, dropping their controllers, because Utau wasn't just throwing the objects at Ikuto; she was throwing them at Nagihiko, Tadase, and also Kukai.




That was what came out of their mouths.

When there was nothing left on the table, Utau stomped over to Ikuto, grabbed him by his shirt, and drug him over to the door. Then the door was open and the blue-haired whiner was thrown into the hallway.

She sent a menacing glare back at the other boys still located in the room.

"You can either get out now, or I make you."

"This is so not fai-"

One loud step from Utau cut Kukai's sentence short and they were all bursting through the door, joining their best friend in the hallway.

"Utau," Ikuto began, taking a step toward the door. "What are you-"

"If any of you dipsticks even try to enter this room, I will take a baseball bat and practice with your balls," she seethed. The glare that had worked it's way on her face had intensified, and in that moment I was more scared around her than I have ever been around Saaya.

Before any more protests could escape the boy's lips, she slammed the door in all of their faces and locked it.

Utau turned to me, and instantly I froze.

This is it.

I swallowed past the lump in my throat.

She's going to kill you. She's really going to kill you.

She glared at me as if I had done something that had pissed her off to no end. (I hope I hadn't done anything...)

Electric sparks arose in her eyes. The complete intent of killing, I thought.

But then all that anger, all that tenseness, all that rage disappeared and was replaced by a long sigh, and Utau's face softened dramatically.

"They really do get on my nerve sometimes," she said, catching me by surprise.

Wait...what? She was just about to kill you, and now she's saying how much her brother get's on her nerves? What just happened?

I stared at her in confusion, not knowing if I should say something, or if I should, what it would be. Feeling more than a little confused, I shifted uncomfortably to face her, hoping that was the right move. What was she doing? Why did she just throw them out like that? More or less that threat...I gulped. Damn. Utau really knew how to be scary. It was like another version of my mom. Like we needed another one of those.

But then finally Utau looked at me, expression not full of hatred to my greatest relief.

"Sorry, they must be annoying to you too."

I wasn't going to say that but...sure. Whatever.

"Uh...yeah," I tried, really hoping that wasn't the wrong thing to say.

"Anyway, I wanted to talk to you miss Amu," she continued, as if I have never said anything.

Oh, that did not sound good. Not that she said it in a mean way, more of the suspense kind of way. What exactly did she want to talk about? Hopefully not how she was going to decorate the walls with my blood. I shivered.

"What about?" I asked suspiciously, choosing my words carefully.

"You like him, don't you?"

My eyes widened.

Did she mean Ikuto? What the hell?

"Like who?"

"Ikuto," she dead-panned.

I was hoping you wouldn't be so direct...

"Why...would you ask that?" I asked, dragging out the "why".

"Because he's my brother, and you look at him as if he's some kind of God," she explained.

From my perspective, I didn't think I looked at Ikuto that way.

Did I?

"Um...Since when do I look at him like that?"

Utau rolled her eyes and detached herself from the door. "Oh, please. It's written all over your face, even as you're talking right now. You mind as well have "I like Ikuto" written across your forehead." She pointed at her's, just to get the point across.

"I do not look at him any specific way," I protested.

"And yet she still lies," she said, as if I wasn't standing right in front of her.

"I am not lying!"

"Amu," she said, and immediately I shut up. "It's okay, you'know. I'm not going to hurt you."

That is actually very reassuring.

"I thought you and Saaya were friends," I said.

Utau looked taken aback. "What is that supposed to mean?"

"What do you mean "what is that supposed to mean"? It's supposed to mean you're friends with Saaya."

Utau blinked. Obviously she wasn't getting the hint at what I was getting at. What I was actually getting at was that Utau, being friends with Saaya, plus the fact I'm in a room with her right now, plus the fact Saaya hates my every being, plus the fact Saaya is like, in love with Ikuto, plus the fact Utau keeps saying I like Ikuto, equals a short lived life of Amu Hinamori.

Equals death, basically.

So yeah, that's what I was getting at.

"And your point is...?" Utau left the question to linger.

Ugh! Could she really not take the hint?

"My point is that you're supposed to hate me and be mauling me right now, not asking if I like your brother!" I blurted, then immediately realized what I had just said. My eyes widened and I covered my mouth with such fierceness it hurt, and I regretted that. Like I would regret this entire conversation later. No, not this conversation. Coming here. I shouldn't have. I mean, I really shouldn't have. Stupid Ikuto and his persuasive ways.

Utau arched an eyebrow. "You want me to maul you? I wasn't going to, but..."

Oh, God, I've really done it. Way to go! Now you get beat up, so good job.

"No, I didn't mean it like that!" I said as quickly as possible. I even found myself tumbling over my words. "Please don't hurt me."

Oh, wow. That didn't sound stupid or anything.

Please don't hurt me!

God, I sound like a whining little girl.

Oh wait...that was me when I was a whining little girl.

However, now was not the best time to be thinking about that.


My life is so complicated.

Although I think I make it more complicated than it needs to be. I mean, maybe if I had just admitted that I like Ikuto to Utau, I could leave. However if I did do that there was a slight possibly she'll beat the crap out of me since she's friends with Saaya and Ikuto is Saaya's boy.


No, God.

I didn't even want to say that in my head.

Maybe if I rephrased that...Saaya is Ikuto's girl. There. That sounds better.


I wanted to be Ikuto's girl, not Saaya!


I didn't really just think that, did I? Crap. I did, didn't I? Crap. Crap, crap, crap. I thought I promised myself I wouldn't think stuff like that! Wait, when did I promise myself that? Oh, great, no I'm even more confused than I was ten seconds ago.


I definitely made my life more complicated than it needs to be.

Utau's musical giggle stopped my mental train. Which is a good thing. It was going full throttle and didn't seem like it was going to stop anytime soon.

"I'm not going to hurt you, silly."

And again, that is very reassuring.

"Okay," I breathed.

"But, really, do you like my brother? I'm not going to be mad if you do," she inquired. "I could even give you some tips. You'know, about him. What he likes, what music he listens to, what type of girl he's into..."

I at least pretended to listen to the rest of the list. Utau was offering valuable information about Ikuto to me? It's definitely not as if I would pass this sort of thing up, but...why?

"Why would you want to give me advice? Saaya's dating Ikuto..." I didn't want to admit it out loud I realized. Not at all. Not a single part of me wanted to say, "Saaya and Ikuto are completely in love and are dating", and it was only then I realized that I didn't want to say it out loud because I didn't want it to be true. I wanted it to be so false that it hurt.

"Pffft, ha!" Utau blurted. I was once again snapped back to reality. "You think my brother likes Saaya?" she asked, as if it was the most ridiculous thing she'd ever heard. "That's hilarious!"

I was utterly confused. "How is it hilarious?"

Utau couldn't stop her laughter. "Ikuto...and...Saaya...HAHAHA!" She doubled over, and landed on the bed laughing so hard. It was obviously hard for her as she was trying to talk in between laughs while also trying to get breaths of air into her lungs.


Although I never got to say what I was going to next, because the bursting in of boys from the door that connected this room to the other interrupted me.

"What's going on?" Ikuto said, looking around the room. He looked at the still dying Utau, then at me with a curiosity I couldn't answer. I put my hands up in innocence. He looked back over at Utau. "What's so funny?"

I didn't think Utau heard him, but apparently she did.

"I-Ikuto...pfff haha!" She tried speaking in between laughs again. "A-Amu thinks y-you like...HAHAHA!"

Oh God...She's going to say I think he likes Saaya. No! If she says that...ANYTHING could happen. Ikuto could even figure out you like him! Even though that should probably be obvious at this point! But still.

"Sh-she thinks you like-"

"Okay!" I blurted.

Whatever happened next was beyond me because my body moved on it's own, faster than I would have liked.

Grabbing the sleeve of Ikuto's tight black fitted T-shirt, I yanked on it and he tumbled to the side along with me, and I flung the door open, threw him out in the hallway like Utau had done, closed the door, hard and loud, and pulled Ikuto down the hallway, not stopping for anything.

Ikuto kept stumbling on his feet, trying to keep up with my fast pace. I had a sudden sense of deja vu, remembering the time he was in my house and I was pulling him up the stairs into my room.

Yeah, that was thanks to your mom. She just has the greatest ideas in the world, doesn't she?

"Ow...Amu, what are you-?"

We were almost all the way to the end of the hall, and it was about then I decided to stop. Again, I had no control over my actions. My body just sorta moved on it's own without any recommendation from my mind. So I was vaguely aware of the fact that I let go of Ikuto's shirt, spun around, and slammed both my palms into the wall by his shoulder, pinning him against the red and brown wallpaper.

His eyes widened, and I could feel my own turn into little slits of glaring intensity.

Wait...why was I glaring at him again?

No idea.

Just felt like I should.

Even though, you'know...

I was pinning him to a wall.

Something I never thought I would do in my entire life. It was surprising I could even have mustered up the courage to drag him all the way down here.

Ikuto made no attempt to move, just stood there, hands splayed at his sides against the wall.

"Don't listen to your sister," I said. I was definitely going to regret this later. "She was just laughing because she thought something I said was funny." That wasn't technically a lie. "So...don't."

Ikuto just stared at me.

Oh, great. Now I've definitely made him think I'm crazy.

Stupid stupid stupid!

"Um...oka-" Ikuto began.

"Don't," I snapped, not in a mean way though. "Just..." I took a long shaky breath. "I..."

You what? What do you want?

Would it be too much to ask if I asked for what I really wanted? Because right now, doing this, by this I mean pinning my crush to a wall, I felt the dying need to just kiss him.

Right then and there.


I wanted to kiss Ikuto.

What else was new?

Oh, screw it.

"Kiss me," I blurted.

Oh God...I wasn't actually going to say it. But I just did. Oh...why did I have to say it?!

My mind raced, as Ikuto's eyes widened.

You've done it now, you've really asked for it. And I did, sort of. But hell, I didn't mean to!

Suddenly Ikuto's eyes filled with that familiar color of lust, and I had the urge to pull away. I don't know why, but I just did. But I couldn't. And that was kind of the problem. I was frozen, unable to move. And I had probably just said the last thing Ikuto expected me to ever say.


And then, the frozen Ikuto moved, and before I knew what was happening I was in the circle of his arms, and we were backing up and my back hit the wall. I couldn't look into those eyes...those alluring eyes, darker than night, filled with more emotion than I could fathom. I focused on his chest, although his eyes, lips, face, were all so tempting.

"Say it again," he whispered, deeply, seductively.

My breath hitched and my heart ran.

Ikuto was so close, his body flush up against mine, mine up against a wall. My hands, which were on his chest, started getting hot.

"Kiss me," I said, so softly it was barely audible.

This time I knew I wanted it, more than anything. "Kiss me," I said again. I could feel Ikuto's heart pick up under my hand, and that did it. I looked up at him, into his lustful gaze. "Ikuto," I breathed.

"Kiss me-"

I barely finished the sentence before Ikuto's mouth covered mine, and before I knew it we were kissing. In that moment I wanted it more than anything I wanted in my entire life. More of his lips, more of him in general. My hands snaked up, over his chest and into his hair, gripping it tightly. Ikuto's hands were around my waist, tightly, as if I would fly away if he let go.

And then I noticed-in all the times Ikuto and I have kissed, which was only twice, three times including this one, he's been the dominant one. I wanted to know what that felt like.

I detached myself from the wall and backed him up before he could protest. When I was rewarded by the thunk of his back hitting the wall, I leaned up and into him, finally being the one to deepen the kiss.

And then I realized, I wanted more.

More than just a passionate peck on the lips. I didn't want to just kiss him once and have it be over with. No. Not when I knew I could do so much more.

I drew away slowly, giving him a lingering feeling, and then I knew it had worked. He wanted more too, or else he wouldn't have leaned forward when I pulled back, trying to capture my lips again. And he did.

We kissed, and I moved my mouth, pressing into his lips, curling my fingers around the back of Ikuto's neck.

Before I knew it, my mouth opened to gasp, because incidentally I had forgotten to breathe, and Ikuto's mouth opened too.

Well, there we have it.

My first open mouthed kiss.

Oh first open mouthed kiss.

I've never had a kiss like that before! I mean, I've barely had any kisses, but I don't think a sixth grader is supposed to be that acquainted with kissing. I exception. But it's Ikuto's fault! He's the one that kissed me first, on the roof of school. Which isn't the most romantic place, might I add, but now we're in a hotel. I mean, things happen in hotels! Awkward...things, that I would rather not think about right now as-

As if Ikuto felt like he once again needed to be in control, he grabbed my shoulders and flipped us around, so it was my back hitting the wall and his weight leaning into me.

Ikuto-being the impossibly tall person he was-towered over me like a castle against a tent. Literally. That's how I felt.

And then it was Ikuto's hands crawling up my sides, tracing my collar bones and then wrapping around my neck. Not his arms-just his hands. They seemed to either be playing with my hair there, or idly fiddling in the air. Whichever it was, a shiver made my skin crawl. In a good way. Even though I knew this should feel wrong, so incredibly wrong.

Ikuto's mouth drew closed, and I had no choice but to follow in that action. So, open mouthed kiss was closing down. At least it wasn't a french kiss. I don't even want to think about that. I mean, not that I totally wouldn't be up for it, but I have not the slightest little hint of even how to do it.

But then Ikuto's mouth opened again, and for an instant mine did not, for I did not know what he was doing or what I should be doing.

I should be pushing him away like a good little girl, but no, instead I let everything happen as if we were teenagers or something.

Technically, I was.

After the slight moments hesitation my mouth opened again, and the kiss drew out, blasting me into total bliss.

My hands slid down his back, all the way down, until reaching the hem of his black T-shirt and lifting it-

A cold, metallic feeling on my chest made me gasp and immediately I stopped.

Ikuto's mouth drew away, and he opened his eyes at the same time I did. Looking into them, I saw the pure depth of an unknown feeling, something I had never seen in those familiar eyes before. I told myself I was imagining it, that it was simply the lighting, but after what was just happening, I told myself I was lying.

I looked down at my chest where the cold feeling was emanating from. I almost gasped again.

There, laying in the spill of the hotel lights against the pale skin of my chest, was the most beautiful necklace I had ever seen. It was completely made of what looked like four different diamonds, all sparkling as if someone had dumped glitter all over it. It took me almost that long to realize what it really was.

A lock.

My eyes darted so quickly back to Ikuto I felt like fainting. "You got me this?" I breathed, completely and utterly breathless from not only kissing but the sight of the lock.

Ikuto smiled, a fox smile, and then very slowly, kissed me on the lips, the most tender feeling of all. It made my heart turn into soup, my blood rush to my face, my head swirl, my stomach churn.

He doesn't even know what he does to me when he kisses me like that.

He pulled away much too quickly and whispered: "Happy birthday, Amu."

My breathing picked up.


"How did you know?" It was a good question, since I didn't remember ever having told Ikuto this.

He shrugged and gave off the most breath-taking smirk he could manage without even trying. "When you're on the Student Council, you get access to things. One of that is when kid's birthdays are." He winked. "Yours just happened to catch my eye."

I looked back at the necklace, admiring every little bump and detail and crest in the making. "It's beautiful. You didn't have to get me this."

Because I don't deserve it.

"I don't have to do a lot of things, however some things just...happen," he said. Another fox smile.

When I went to look back up at him, Ikuto was holding another necklace in his hand. It had the same pattern as mine, the same glitter and sparkle, except it was in the shape of something different.

A key.

I almost felt like crying.

"We're a pair," Ikuto said, smiling the sweetest smile I had ever seen curve that boy's lips.

Instead of crying yet another gasp escaped my lips. I wasn't going to say anything, not another word. I grabbed his cheeks, too full of joy to even care what I was doing, and brought his face down to mine, kissing him quickly and passtionately-

"There you guys ar-"

As fast as I could I pushed Ikuto away and backed up. However, I was against the wall so all I really did was bang my head against it. "Ow!" The small sound came out before I could stop it.

And then there, standing in all of his glory, in front of God and everybody, and Ikuto, and me, was Nagihiko.

He looked stunned, eyes wide, body freezing to an ice cube.

"Er...I was just...looking for Iku-" He broke off, then started up again. "You know what? I'll just come back later. Sorry. I didn't mean to...interrupt you..." He trailed off.

Before even realizing what the hell was happening, my hand shot up and I smacked my forehead.


"Uh, yeah...sorry 'bout that." And with that Nagihiko drew back like a curtain at the beginning of a show and disappeared into the long hallway.

A small laugh escaped Ikuto's mouth. "Don't worry about him. He won't tell anyone. He's too nice."

"Either that or he's extremely shy," I said, staring after the wall where he crossed. But really I wanted to ask, "Why don't you want anyone to know?" but kept it to myself, feeling that was the smarter and more rational thing to do. Although this whole night has hardly been rational. I couldn't even place it in the boundary's of being technical.

It was...crazy.

Ikuto looked back at me, a smirk creeping upon his face. "Would you like to continue?" he asked.

I wanted to say HELL YES!, however also thought better to keep that to myself. "I should be getting back to my room. It's late," I said before I could convince myself that staying out here and kissing Ikuto was the much better option.

A frown curved his lips. "That's too bad."

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever."

In reality I could hardly even look at the boy without wanting to blush or kiss him again.

"I'll walk you back to your room," he said.


Maybe okay wasn't the best thing to say, but it's what came out.

Whether I liked it or not, because I couldn't take it back.

In the end Ikuto walked me back to my room, then teased me a little before me finally shoving him back on the elevator and being left to walk the hallway alone until I arrived at my room. I couldn't help but fiddle with the necklace he gave me, feeling it up and down so I would have some familiarity of it. I smiled every time I touched it. Smiled because it was now that we had a link, something that bound us together. It made me feel a lot better. I have a lock, Ikuto has a key.

It didn't strike me as shocking when I got to my door I stood there, not wanting to go in but wanting to race back to Ikuto and talk. Just about anything. Just the melodic tune of his voice seeping through my ears. I just wanted that. But I couldn't have it, I knew too well, and walked into my room and found it pitch dark, save for the one blinking green light of the TV's power button. Apparently it was later than I thought when I arrived back, and I flung myself into bed, covered up with the lush blankets, lied my head on the fluffy pillows, and thought. Just thought. About everything.

I wished sleep would have come sooner than it did, because before I did finally let the blackness enclose me more than it already had, I never once got Ikuto, or the lock, out of my mind. And then finally, with my head filled with unanswered questions, wavering feelings, tingling lips, a pounding heart, and everything else possibly wrong with my body, I closed my eyes and fell asleep, praying that tomorrow wouldn't be so hectic.

Although I knew that wasn't happening.

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