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Chapter 1

"Give me that phone now or else, 800 dollars who the fuck are you talking to?" My mother asked her face was caked with make-up. She had the nerve to turn all noble on me. Who would have guessed she was a waitress at the old diner on Madison. Lately she had been more of a raving bitch than usual.

"Fuck off" I yell at her my head is already throbbing from last night. Shoving my head under my pillow I hid away from her melodrama.

"One more month and you'll be out on your own, finally I will be on my own" She said getting my attention my birthday was in a month. Than I would be so out of here. A prospect we both look foward to the hag was wearing her most slutty clothes. She vaguely reminded me of Arlene in True Blood atleast that bitch got what was coming to her.

"I could have married Edward Cullen if I had not been pregnant with you" She sneered I woke up this time. Fuck this bitch. I had heard the name Edward Cullen so many times over the years. My mom had been his girlfriend all those years ago she had been a slut even then too. She got pregnant senior year her perfect boyfriend Edward Cullen was the first suspect for being my father back then my father took the high road and saved Edward Cullen from having to marry that poison I called a mother. She was like an incurable disease eating at me since my birth blaming me for shit I could not control. How can an embryo control been born. The bitch did that though. She made my father leave us the one and only person who understood me. But I never blamed him for leaving the bitch did that she turned good milk sour without even trying. I did not really care much for my phone. As I walked to the bus stop and sat on the waiting bench. I was dressed in my last nights clothes a dark blue over sized shirt and shorter than short shirts. Which gave the onlookers the distinct impression I was only wearing a top with some black cowboy boots. My hair was a mess yet I could not give a fuck. School was just as bad as my house. The sky turned black after a shitload of buses went by. I did not go on any because I did not have any money. I guessed my mother would be gone for her shift at the diner. We I got to the flat the door was locked I grimaced. The bitch did it on purpose she loved causing scenes. I sat down on the old doormat folding my legs. Fucking bitch made my life hell. After this month I was never going to come back here, I felt myself smile at the idea. A courier boy stopped in the hall starring at me as if I would bite.

"Whose the envelope for?" I asked giving a pointed look at the brown ugly envelope he held in his arms. That had big red writing on it. Private and confidential.

"Mrs Higginbotham" I laughed the bitch had the most dumb-est name ever like her personality.

"That's my mother" I say pulling it away from him and signing on his Ipad.

To Renee Higginbotham

79 Swamp Rd Brooklyn.

The words Cullen Corp was printed at the bottom. Well this was my last chance to fuck with her.

Ripping the envelope open it contained some kind of hectic looking document.

"What the fuck?" I said out loud as I read the first few lines. The bitch was asking her Ex for a settlement. More interesting he was paying for it.

Settlement of 1 million dollars if she was to forget what had taken place in their relationship. She was lying to him, extorting money from him claiming I was his child. His address was attached to the bottom. This was my last chance to fuck with her and so help me god I would. Taking the subway, to soho square I headed to the empire state building, where the rich ex lived and had his office.

"Hi, I am Renee Higginbotham to See Edward" The secretary raised a brow at me. In that moment of pure inspiration I used the hags name.

"This way miss" She said leading me towards the lift and using her key she pressed number 23 and motioned for me to stay in the lift while she exited. The lift door opened and an exquisitely designed office displayed to me. He sat at his desk just as my mother described him when she was drunk the most fuck-a-ble man on earth. He had mused up bronze hair that complimented his fair never been sun kissed complexion.

"So what do I owe this displeasure?" He asked never lifting his jade green eyes of his laptop.

"I am not Renee, I am Bella" I tell him, he looks up for the first time our eyes meet he stares at me as if reading my every thought.

"So you are Charlie's brat" He says finally smirking his eyes glint darkly as if enjoying some kind of private joke.

"I came to tell you that you should not give the money to her" I say holding up his document.

"And why would you want me to not give your mother money I heard it would improve your lives a great deal" He closes his laptop getting up he pours himself a glass of scotch I see him drain a glass then pour another.

"She is lying to you, if she scandalizes your name I can vouch your are not my father" I tell him, he turns around narrowing in on me. Why would someone so rich, graceful and elegant date the trash I lived with.

"Why would you do that for me" He asks pushing my hair back his fingers are so close to my skin barely touching yet my heart raced like a humming bird.

"I am not yet a legal adult, my mother and I are not close. I need a place to stay and if I stayed with you under the pretence of entrepreneurship then I wouldn't have to deal with my mother" Edward smirked a little at my plan which had dawned upon me only 25 minutes ago.

"And why should I trust you?" He asked me, starring at the bottle of scotch on his table.

"I hate my mother more than anyone, trust me its just a month and I will be gone, I will sign any confidential document or anything just please help me I can't live with that women" I begged. He still stood motionless starring at the bottle of scotch on his table.

"I only do deals were I benefit, call me selfish Bella but its true, I am 36 so you must be 17 which been that scotch is older than you" He says looking at the bottle intently.

"Whats my age got to do with it?" I ask him confused.

"Well I think the only way to resolve my hate for your whore of a mother is to fuck you and I think a month will do, once I am done with you I won't have to deal with the fact that whore broke my heart" I gasped making him turn around to look at me with an empty smile.

"So an eye for and eye" He says softly I gulp.

"But..." I trail off as he looks at me sharply.

"The only way for you to be rid of your mother is to fuck her Ex are you going to do it or shall I show you out" He asked me again. Revenge came at a price was I willing to pay this one?