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Chapter eighth

Three years later.

Edward Cullen sat at his desk, with a bland look upon his beautiful face.

"You have found her?" Mr Davis, had seen many cases with rich men, who searched for their young runaway wives, but never had he seen a man so obsessed. He found her but never approached her. He payed him for pictures everyday. From what he had seen of Isabella Cullen she was enchanting. She lived a humble life, a far cry from the life Edward Cullen lived. She called herself Ella Crayton now.

"Keep the pictures coming, I want reports all the people she sees, when she eats, sleeps, I want everything" He couldn't help but feel uneasy at the look Mr Cullen got when he stared at the photographs of the beautiful young girl. A girl young enough to be his daughter. But who was he to judge the source of his income.

As Mr Davis left Mr Cullen's office with slight stirring in his belly. Isabella had runaway from her husband, who now watched her like a possessed man who lived for the slightest glimpse of her dimpled smile. The question bothered him as he watched her slowly leave her apartment. She jogged down the steps with a slight smile on her face as she threw her keys up and caught it. Why did she leave him?

Why did she marry him?

What did Edward Cullen do, that led Isabella to become Ella. What happened?