OKAY so, as you can tell my inspiration for this was from Big Time Movie, oh and this is in fact a SEQUEL to Huh, Okay Then. UMMM, I'm making this up as I go along, nothin' better than going through life unplanned right? :D

Big Time Rush, Mama Knight, sweet little Katie Knight, Kelly, Gustavo, and Cadence Rocque were all piled into a limo on their way to their hotel in London, England to kick off their summer world tour. Katie and Kendall were busy in an intense game of Mario Kart on their DS. The adults were talking, Cadence was sleeping comfortably nestled into Logan's side, and Carlos was sitting in between James and Logan looking as though he did something bad.

"Carlos…you have that look on your face." Logan said slowly staring on him.

"That look that says, 'guys I dreamed up our doom'." James nodded in agreement. Carlos chewed on his lip and moved around anxiously in his seat. "Dude tell us!"

"But I wasn't allowed to dream but I dreamed anyway!" He whispered harshly, glancing at Gustavo before ducking his head and staring at the ground.

"Fuck another dream? Carlos not every single one of your dreams will come true I hope you know that." Logan sighed staring sideways at his friend.

"TELL THAT TO MY AMAZING SPY DREAM FROM THE LAST WORLD TOUR!" Carlos screamed which made everyone in the limo stare at him.

"YOU BETTER NOT BE HAVING ANY DREAMS BACK THERE DOG!" Gustavo shouted glaring at him.

"NO DREAMS GUSTAVO!" Carlos shouted back in response. "It was a dream you guys." Carlos nodded quickly right after. "So we were all—"

"NO!" Logan said quickly covering his ears. "If you tell us the dream it'll come true, just don't say that!" He looked at James and Carlos, and noticed that James was looking anxious now. "Oh come on James."

"I want to know!" James defended quickly. "Maybe I get to kiss the girl again. OH maybe we bump into Penny Lane."

"Whatever it is, I don't want to hear it." Logan covered his ears and glanced down at Cadence to see her grumbling and pulling away. He removed his hands from his ears and smiled at her, which she did not return. "Oh now what's wrong?"

"Gustavo fucking screaming like a bitch woke me up." Cadence muttered quietly. She yawned, twisted her body until she was more comfortable and went back to sleeping on Logan.

"Okay, so tell me the dream Los." James nodded quietly. The two looked around to make sure no one was listening in on their conversation, and Carlos and James leaned forward to one another to quietly discuss his dream.

"Okay…so the four of us had to bust out of Moon's mansion—"

"Wait, like Atticus Moon's mansion?" James questioned and Carlos nodded.

"Yeah! We were trapped there, but we totally made an explosion and the wall crumbled down. We ran out and me and you had crazy cool motorcycles and Kendall and Logan had sports cars, it was awesome. So we were all racing down the road and we get to this dock where this giant super massive boat—"

"A yacht." James corrected.

"Yeah whatever that thing, a yacht, is …swimming away—"

"Boats swim away?"

"Whatever James you know what I mean!" Carlos grumbled and James chuckled and nodded. "ANYWAY the boat was swimming away, and Atticus was at the very top of the boat and he was holding the damsel hostage and we all drove off of the dock, jumped out of our cars and motorcycles and made it onto the yacht! We kicked everyone's ass but by the time we got to the damsel he had taken her to the end of the yacht and was about to throw her overboard! But I tackled him down and stopped him from trying to run away but the girl fell in and the three of you dove in after her. So we stopped Atticus and saved the girl!" James stared at Carlos like there was something wrong with him.

"So even in your own dreams you don't get the girl?" James questioned.

"….Shut up." Carlos pouted.

"Okay geez, sorry. Wait, so was he trying to take over the world again?"

"Yeah! Well no I think he just wanted revenge on us…I don't know how though I only remember the ending of my dream because that's the coolest part where the heroes win."

"Of course you do…" James shook his head. When the limo stopped everyone grabbed their carry-on bags and left the limo to walk inside the hotel. Since they trashed the hotel they stayed in last time, they were at a completely new hotel and the only reason they had gotten rooms was because they saved the world last time. However Gustavo did not want them to trash the room because even though they were given it after saving the world, they could still get kicked out and then they'd be really fucked over. While Gustavo and Kelly went to check in, the guys, plus Cadence roamed around the lobby. Cadence wandered over to the fireplace and looked above it to see a newspaper article cut out. It was her friends at their concert plus an image of Atticus Moon behind bars. She raised her eyebrow, realizing that they were not lying about all their adventures and shook her head.

"So now you believe me huh?" Logan chuckled standing beside her and curling an arm around her waist.

"Oh yeah call me a believer." She laughed looking up at it. She shook her head and glanced over at Logan. "I don't know how the four of you saved the world, but kudos to you guys."

"Hey what's that supposed to mean?" Logan pretended to be in shock.

"Well Logan let's not forget I spent quite some time calling you a pussy and saying you weren't a man." Cadence laughed. "Carlos is so innocent, James is a flirty guy, I could see Kendall attempting to save the world but still that's way too much."

"Okay all of those may be true, but all together we are pretty kick-ass." Logan nodded proudly.

"Uh huh…sure." Cadence shook her head, but before she could make fun of him more Gustavo screamed at everyone it was time to go to their rooms and unpack. He walked the dogs to their room, then walked Cadence to her room. He wanted to be sure that there would be no problems while taking the short venture to their rooms. The boys all looked at one another nervously before throwing their bags open all at the same time. Each breathed a sigh of relief when Logan saw his books, Carlos saw his boxes of candy and his helmet, James had his hair products, and Kendall, the normal one, found his clothing.

"Alright, so it's not exactly like last time, we're off to a good start." Logan nodded cracking a book open.

"You know what, my dream is going to come true I know it!" Carlos said confidently as he polished his helmet. "I HOPE it comes true because that was SO much fun! Don't any of you agree with me?"

"Actually…it was all pretty fun and crazy until Katie got kidnapped, I had a good time." Kendall shrugged unpacking some of his clothes. "I mean if we can have an adventure where Katie doesn't get kidnapped, I'm fine with that."

"DONE!" Carlos smiled confidently holding his finger up before going back to his helmet.

"Done? What do you mean done?" Logan questioned looking up from his book.

"I don't know…I said done, I just thought really hard that Katie shouldn't be the pretty princess or damsel that gets kidnapped! I don't know if it works but if it does that means I am awesome and I'm an overlord of dreams!" Carlos sighed dreamily thinking about his possible dream powers. The guys all shook their heads until James felt the need to speak up.

"I think Logan's just being a little pussy about it because he was unconscious for most of the adventure!" James laughed as he flopped down on his bed.

"I'm not being a pussy about it! I'd just like a normal tour!"

"You're being a total pussy. I thought you were trying to be a man so Cadence wouldn't leave you for me?" James smirked and Logan growled. Before Logan could throw his heavy book at James' beautiful head there was a knock at the door. Kendall stepped between them and opened the door with a smile.

"Ohhh hey Cadence, we were just talking about Logan being a huge pansy." Cadence laughed while walking into the room and settled on the bed besides Logan.

"Now what did Logan do this time?"

"He doesn't want to go on an adventure." Carlos pouted.

"Ohhh, come on Logan! Live a little, what's life without a little adventure?" Cadence smirked sitting behind him and draping her arms around his shoulders from behind to give him a hug.

"You say that now, but what if you get kidnapped by some crazy wacko that likes cats or something?" Logan retorted tilting his head to the side to glance at her.

"Well then, I'd probably be SO kick ass I'd fight my way out, save the world all by myself…." Cadence shrugged casually then laughed. Carlos stared at her with his jaw open.

"You really think you could do that?"

"God no, I'd kick a dude in the balls and run, that's what I've been taught since childhood, I bet that works." Cadence shrugged and nodded. Logan sighed shaking his head and tossed his book to the side.

"Guys, really I just think we shouldn't think about this whole 'save the world' thing so much. I don't want to jinx it, I just want a normal tour."

"We don't know normal Logan!" James smiled sitting up in bed. "Come on. Maybe we'll find Penny, or I'll find another hot super-spy….mmm…." James drifted off in his mind thinking about sexy spies in tight leather jumpsuits. Cadence raised an eyebrow and slowly climbed off of the bed.

"And that's my cue to go before the four of you start fantasizing about sexy women. I will see you guys later." Cadence leaned down and kissed Logan before scurrying out of the room.

Meanwhile in the hotel across the street from Big Time Rush's hotel there were two telescopes jutting out of an open window staring directly into their room. Two men watched as they unpacked their bags and spoke for a little while before Cadence walked in and nestled behind Logan.

"So it seems the genius has a new love." One man spoke watching them, "This could work out to our advantage."

"Oh yes it could. A new musical talent, plus the boys back in our grasp?" The two watched as Cadence kissed Logan and left the room. The four guys all watched the door close before sitting on the edge of their beds and discussing something unknown to the two men watching them.

"I suppose this partnership will be the ultimate take down for Big Time Rush, do you agree?" One man questioned.

"Oh yes…." The other murmured. "We'll definitely win this time around."