Achilles glared at his opponent, silently challenging him to attack first.

His lips curled up slightly in a deranged grin as he lightly swung his sword at

Hector. Really, The Prince was a formidable opponent, and he wasn't bad with

a bow either. But then again, he was a prince. They just kept circling and

circling, and they weren't really to the attacking part, so he allowed his mind to

wander for the moment he thought of his deceased cousin,Patroclus.

He died a heroes death, a little voice in his head whispered. There is nothing you can do for him now, all you have to do is walk away...

Achilles shook his head violently growling angrily at himself. NO! He died at the hands of this- this COWARD. His death will not go unavenged. He shouted mentally at the little voice. Patroclus was too young to die, and I will kill Hector and all those who stand in my way!

Achilles finally decided he had had enough of Hector's biding, and he charged at his, determined to kill this arrogant bastard as violently as he had killed Achilles's cousin. His eyes clouded as he remembered.

Seeing his cousins body, and how he had been so confused when his right hand man came walking up cautiously. All of Achilles's confusion vanished

instantly when he saw his cousins body, battered and bruised beyond was dripping down Patroclus's chin, and his unseeing eyes stared at the

stars, unblinkingly. He had been so angry, so very angry. In a fit of rage, he had strangled his loyal servant, and his love. He had almost killed them.

Somewhere deep in his mind, Achilles remembered her, but he was too far gone to even notice the faint crying he heard from the tall tower above him, the crying of a newborn baby and an already mourning wife, not able to watch the gore.

As Achilles eyes clouded, he didn't see Hector's sword coming down on his arm, until he suddenly felt a burning pain coming from his arm, and he

heard a sickening squelch and a thump as an appendage hit the ground. Achilles stared in shock at his arm, or what was left of it. All that was left was a bloody stump, and as blood started pouring from the wound, he let out a bellow of anger and pain. "You FOOL!" Everything around him was still. Absolutely

still. The crying had stopped, the wind wasn't blowing anymore. It was as if the gods themselves has stopped to watch what Achilles had to say.

"You fool." He repeated, quieter." First you kill an innocent, young,CHILD, and now you cripple me." You are but a cowardly bastard, and you shall all burn for your foolish mistakes!" With a defiant yell, Achilles charged at Hector. His last mistake. With a gut-wrenching squelch, Hector's sword sank

into Achilles's chest, stabbing through the metal and flesh as if it were butter.

Achilles stared in horrified shock, as the blade retracted, and he clutched at his chest. A horrible rasping sound came from his throat as he convulsed

and blood dribbled down his chin. Hector leaned into Achilles's face, smirking triumphantly. " You were wrong." He whispered simply. As Achilles sank to his knees, still making that terrible choking noise, he looked up into Hector's eyes. For a moment, he thought he saw flicker of regret in his face, a small spark of

mercy. But it was gone as fast as it has come.

Achilles sank to the ground, blood flowing freely from the gaping hole inhis chest. As he closed his eyes, he could only think one thing. Briseis, forgive me. Achilles slipped away, body going limp and mouth still open. One small tear traced a track down his blood-stained cheek.

Achilles was no more.