Ianto Jones squelched through his front door, dispiritedly divested himself of his fluorescent waterproof and toed off his sodden shoes. Although he loved the old rambling house he had inherited from his parents, one of the downsides of living in the country just outside of Cardiff was the two mile journey to the train station, he mused. His girl friend, Lisa wandered through from their kitchen with a towel draped over her shoulder. 'That bloody bicycle will be the death of you' she said as she threw the towel at Ianto.

'I like my bike.' Ianto muttered as he towelled his hair dry and headed up the stairs to grab a shower

'I'm just saying' Lisa yelled after him and with a sigh Ianto silently mouthed the words that he had heard from her so many times before along with her, ' The senior information technologist from Cardiff University should drive a decent car'

By the time Ianto had emerged from the shower and dressed in the soft cotton sweatpants and long sleeved tee shirt he favoured around the house, Lisa was dishing up their Thai food which had just been delivered. As Ianto wandered into the kitchen, she turned and gave him a brilliant smile, reminding Ianto why he had fallen in love with her in the first place.

'Guess who I finally met today?' smirked Lisa

'I dunno' Ianto shrugged, 'the Queen?'

'No' Lisa paused to give full effect to her pronouncement, 'our new next door neighbour'

The house that Lisa and Ianto occupied was the mirror image of the large L shaped house next door. The houses had been designed, built and lived in by Ianto's father and uncle. After his uncle's recent death, Ianto's cousins had put the house on the market, much to Ianto's distress

'Really? Well I suppose it will be good to have someone living there at last. I was never happy with the place being empty for so long, although I'm sorry it's not in the family any more'

'Is that it?' demanded Lisa, 'God you are turning into your dad. No who is he? What is he like? What does he do for a living?'

'Ok sighed Ianto 'who is he? What is he like? What does he do for a living?'

Lisa grinned, 'His name is Jack, Jack Harkness. As for the rest, you'll find out tomorrow night,' she said, 'I've invited him to dinner.'

'Great' Ianto rolled his eyes. It seemed to him that, recently, Lisa filled their leisure time with dinner parties and nights out with her many friends. Ianto wondered when simply having a quiet night in, just the two of them, had become so abhorrent to her.

Once their meal was over, Lisa leapt to her feet, 'got some work to do' she said, dropping a kiss onto the top of Ianto's head, 'will you clear up babes?'

'Sure' said Ianto resigning himself to another lonely night watching rubbish on TV whilst Lisa, who was employed by Swansea city council as an IT security consultant, worked on god knew what in their small study.

'Thanks, hon' Lisa was already heading out of the door, then she paused, 'Oh shit! I forgot to put the bins out, could you...?'

'Yeah, no problem'

Ianto cleared up the detritus from their meal, washed up their plates and wiped down the kitchen surfaces. Sighing he pushed his bare feet into the shabby old pair or trainers that he kept by the back door and went out to put their recycling bins out on the street.

As he was returning; making his way down the unlit side of the house, a sudden spill of light to the right caught Ianto's attention. Their new next door neighbour had switched on the lights in his large conservatory and was standing by the window, looking across his garden. Ianto froze in the shadows and stared at the man who was so clearly illuminated. Christ he thought, the man is breath-taking then shook himself where had that come from? The man, Jack wasn't it, was clearly taking a break from arranging his furniture. As Ianto watched Jack pulled his tee shirt off revealing a broad smooth chest and a tight, flat abdomen. Ianto swallowed hard, what on earth was the matter with him? Not gay he reminded himself absolutely not attracted to men. Nonetheless there was something about Jack Harkness that commanded all of Ianto's attention and left him with a dry mouth and a pounding heart. Jack had wiped his face and chest with his tee-shirt and discarded it onto the floor. Oblivious of Ianto's observation, Jack ran his hand across his chest and gently rubbed the pads of his thumbs over his nipples, Ianto felt warmth pooling in his groin as his cock twitched, he felt his breathing hitch as Jack slid his hand down his body, fingers dipping below the waistband of his jeans. Ianto cupped the bulge of his own erection and, as Jack unbuttoned his jeans and kicked them to one side, Ianto could not help but lean forward to get a better view. Bloody hell the man was well hung, Ianto could feel his mouth watering and he wondered what the weight and length of his neighbours cock resting on his tongue would feel like.

Totally naked, Jack stood, forehead resting on the conservatory glass wall, and slowly began to stroke himself. With a hastily repressed groan Ianto freed his own cock from the confines of his sweatpants and began to match his neighbour, stroke for stroke, his cock was harder than he could ever remember it being before. Jack was clearly close to orgasm as his manipulations were becoming harder and more frantic. Panting and rubbing, Ianto knew how he felt, he could feel his own orgasm coiling hotly and he was so close, so close. Abruptly, Jack reached behind himself and pushed two fingers into his own arse. Ianto's eyes widened and witnessing Jack's action was enough to send him over the edge. Biting the palm of his hand to stifle his scream, he spurted hard and strong over the concrete pathway. Leaning against the wall of the house Ianto tried to control his breathing, eyes still on Jack who suddenly and deliberately turned his head to lock eyes with him as his come sprayed across the conservatory glass.

Fuck thought Ianto in a panic. No way could he have seen me, no way he could know I'm here. He pushed himself against the wall and tried to fade into the deep shadows surrounding him. His strangely beautiful neighbour sent a blinding smile in Ianto's direction and swiping a gobbet of his own come from the window sucked his fingers into his mouth and wandered back into the main body of the house; leaving Ianto breathless and boneless and more embarrassed than he had ever been before in his entire life.